File Title
1 Potential security hole in genomic data sharing network
2 Paget's disease: Gene study pinpoints process that triggers painful bone disease
3 People with MS may be more physically fit than tests indicate, study finds
4 'Tummy tuck' complications--Study looks at rates and risk factors
5 No need to stop antidepressants before plastic surgery, evidence suggests
6 Computer-based modeling improves outcomes for infants in drug withdrawal
7 Achilles tendon ruptures missed in one of four cases, but surgery not needed for most
8 FDA takes enforcement action against retailers who have repeatedly sold tobacco products to minors
9 Towards a safe and efficient SARS-coronavirus vaccine: mechanism and prevention of genetic instability of a live attenuated virus
10 Allergy is the price we pay for our immunity to parasites
11 Exercise to maintain a healthy brain while aging
12 Respiratory Syncytial Virus: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments
13 Reproductive factors may lower women's risk of early death
14 Antibiotic use during pregnancy no longer a cause for concern
15 Treatment of severe acne hampered by antibiotic overuse and delays in prescribing more potent medication
16 Newly developed cell transplantation delivery method could treat traumatic brain injury
17 Key findings to develop a vaccine against Toxoplasma
18 Early life stress and adolescent depression cause impaired development of reward circuits
19 Regular physical activity protects against depression after heart attack
20 Single-agent phototherapy system offers significant new tool to fight cancer
21 Study: Count your bites; count down the pounds
22 Wistar scientists show how frequently mutated prostate cancer gene suppresses tumors
23 'Superhero' microbiome bacteria protect against deadly symptoms during infection
24 Rates of kidney failure due to blood cancer are declining
25 Predicting the human genome using evolution
26 Immunotherapy for pancreatic cancer boosts survival by more than 75 percent in mice
27 Breast cancer becoming as common among African-American women as among white women
28 Stanford researchers identify potential security hole in genomic data sharing network
29 Splicing alterations that cause resistance to CD19 CAR T-cell therapy identified
30 Scientists discover new way that ALS kills nerve cells
31 Toxoplasma vaccine steps closer with new cell molecule discovery
32 New enzyme therapy shows proof of concept as treatment for cocaine overdose
33 Novel nanoparticles for image-guided phototherapy could improve ovarian cancer treatments
34 To scratch an itch is a hairy problem
35 Reptile pets: Food insects shuttle allergens into homes
36 What blocks pro-vaccine beliefs?
37 Cleveland Clinic researchers discover new thyroid cancer gene
38 Breakthrough technology may accelerate biomarker discovery and therapeutic development
39 Researchers identify association between reproductive factors and risk of death
40 Taking cholesterol medication before aneurysm repair improves outcomes
41 Kids and parents in families created with the help of donors, doing just fine
42 Low testosterone, men's empathy can determine parenting skills
43 At African Union-India meeting in Delhi, African leaders and India should work together to protect access to affordable medicines
44 Molecular switch generates calorie-burning brown fat
45 Study led by Temple researchers showcases potential new oral treatment for IBD
46 Breaking the mold: Untangling the jelly-like properties of diseased proteins
47 Akili pilot study shows digital intervention improved attention and memory in children with ADHD
48 Male/female brain differences? Big data says not so much
49 Child health research at 'worryingly low' level as over 80% of paediatricians say they have no time allocated for research work
50 NIH researchers link single gene variation to obesity
51 New insight into how neurons regulate their activity
52 Exercise could give margin of safety to women who want to delay preventive mastectomy
53 Possible new explanation for ALS
54 Transplanted human umbilical cord blood cells may offer therapy for Alzheimer's sufferers
55 HIV/AIDS deaths are down in South Africa--But most are still unacknowledged
56 Virginia Tech study of basic cell processes may inform health, synthetic biology efforts
57 Diet high in soluble fiber may prevent weight gain
58 Low-fat diets are not the best way to achieve weight loss
59 Genetics of cancer cells: Computational models to sort out the chaos
60 Clinical trial of cancer illuminator to increase surgical accuracy for breast cancer starts at UCSF
61 BCCDC study shows 8-fold increase of Enterovirus D68 in 2014
62 Adverts for kid's meals with toys draw children
63 Working memory: Underlying processes are more complex than we thought
64 Kids meals, toys, and TV advertising: A triple threat to child health
65 Researchers discover new way to measure if a person is pre-diabetic
66 Novel antibacterial glasses prevent the infections associated with surgical implants
67 UTMB study finds obese pregnant women who lose weight save money, have healthier newborns
68 UTMB researchers help discover simple, affordable diagnostic kit for chikungunya
69 Patients with psychosis and addiction: disorder-specific treatment can help
70 Factor found to balance medically useful stem cell qualities
71 Dartmouth researchers shed light on protein-related diseases
72 New class of DNA repair enzyme discovered
73 Nuclear membrane repairs the 'dark matter' of DNA
74 Hair-GEL online tool gives bird's eye view of hair follicle formation
75 Gut bacteria could be blamed for obesity and diabetes
76 ACE launches new walking toolkits
77 Pulse oximetry screening in newborns: Hint of benefit for critical congenital heart defect
78 New technique could prevent biofilms on catheters and medical implants
79 UT study: Lack of ZZZZs may zap cell growth, brain activity
80 Forget counting sheep--therapy could help chronic pain sufferers get a good night's sleep
81 Heat-activated 'grenade' to target cancer
82 Does insulin influence what we choose to eat?
83 Can your pet ward off evil spirits?
84 Emotional support through marital problems frustrates husbands, study finds
85 Airtight buildings threaten cognitive function
86 N/A
87 Eating processed meats can cause colorectal cancer, WHO
88 Stroke in marijuana users linked to arterial stenosis
89 New Health Warning Explained: How Processed Meat Is Linked to Cancer
90 Reference: Amino Acids to Zinc: A Glossary of Nutrition Terms
91 What Would an Alien Megastructure Look Like? Sci-Fi Authors Weigh In
92 Why Do Supermassive Black Holes Erupt?
93 Reference: Facts About Raccoons
94 Fall Back? Why Daylight Saving Time Is So Confusing
95 Space Travel and a Futurist's Thoughts on Trash (Op-Ed)
96 Weekend Reading: The Best Science Stories of the Week
97 Why Do Sand Dune Avalanches Boom, Burp and Sing?
98 No Digital Divide: Mobile Media Plentiful in Low-Income Families
99 Tomb Tells Tale of Family Executed by China's 1st Female Emperor
100 Codswallop! Ancient British 'Sea Monster' Mislabeled for 200 Years
101 Physiology Pioneer's Nobel Prize Sells for Nearly $800,000
102 Cannibal Tyrannosaurs: Proof May Be in a Gnawed Bone
103 The Active Sun: US Unveils Plan to Deal with Space Weather
104 Hypersonic Jet Could Cross the Atlantic in 30 Minutes (Someday)
105 How a Family Dog May Lower a Child's Asthma Risk
106 Micro Mollusk Breaks Record for World's Tiniest Snail
107 Are Americans Eating Healthier? Take this Study with a Grain of Salt
108 Reference: Facts About Alpacas
109 Revolt in the Hive: Why Worker Wasps Sometimes Kill Their Queens
110 Alan Alda's Challenge: Can you Explain Sound to an 11-Year-Old?