File Title
1 Heart CT scans outperform stress tests in spotting clogged arteries
2 HIV care could save lives and billions of dollars, computer model predicts
3 Four microRNAs identified as playing key roles in cholesterol, lipid metabolism
4 WSU researchers develop natural protein cage for improved cancer drug delivery
5 Diabetes patients do better after surgery when their blood sugar is managed by pharmacists
6 New studies show nobel prize-winning drug that knocks out parasitic worms could have second act fighting malaria
7 Acid reflux medications may increase kidney disease risk
8 Drs. Xinzhuan Su and Louis H. Miller write about the discovery of artemisinin and the 2015 Nobel Prize
9 Seeing sound
10 Natural immunity may lead fight against liver disease
11 Intestinal worms 'talk' to gut bacteria to boost immune system
12 Drug for digestive problem can extend survival for many advanced cancer patients
13 Research finds new link between zonulin and two common inflammatory bowel conditions
14 Improving risk profiling is key to preventing many GI cancers
15 Intestine-specific delivery of insulin demonstrates promise with new oral formulation
16 New finding offers clues for blocking cancer gene
17 Study reveals brain mechanism for creating durable memories
18 QMUL Ph.D. student stumbles upon a new way for producing oldest chemical compounds
19 Diabetes identified as a risk factor for surgical site infections
20 Manipulating the antennae on cells promises new treatments for osteoarthritis
21 Researchers explore natural molecule's potential to aid immune response
22 One hundred cancer patients a year in Manchester benefit from new scan technology
23 Rates of mental health problems likely to increase in months after UK troops return from Afghanistan
24 Twitter offers valuable insights into the experience of MRI patients
25 Study finds complete symptom resolution reduces risk of depression recurrence
26 Potential new therapy for triple-negative breast cancer shows promise in lab studies
27 When it comes to children's ability to think, weight and activity level both matter, study finds
28 GW Pharmaceuticals and Otsuka announce results from two remaining Sativex Phase III cancer pain trials
29 Mental maps: Route-learning changes brain tissue
30 Language, immigrant status tied to toxic exposure
31 Clumsy? Ballet might help
32 Drug-device combination opens potential new path to treat stroke
33 Helping kids hear better
34 Reducing strokes may prevent the development of dementia
35 New growth charts developed for US children with Down syndrome
36 Tackling obesity: where you live can make a fat difference
37 3-D pancreatic cancer organoid may help predict clinical responses, personalize treatments
38 Brain imaging can predict the success of large public health campaigns
39 Alerting the immune system's watchmen to improve vaccines
40 Radiotherapeutic bandage shows potential as treatment for skin cancer
41 TV viewing linked to increased risk of death from major causes
42 Married people recover better after heart surgery
43 New treatment option for nonfunctional neuroendocrine tumours of the lung and gastrointestinal tract
44 Zonulin in the spotlight as researchers find new link with non-coeliac gluten sensitivity and irritable bowel syndrome
45 New incretin-based medicines will allow weight and diabetes control with a single weekly dose
46 Testing for secondhand marijuana exposure
47 Learning in your sleep--the right way
48 Scientists use exhaled breath to detect hypoxia
49 Northern climes make a difference with growth hormone treatment
50 Could your job be making you obese?
51 Manipulating cell signaling for better muscle function in muscular dystrophy
52 Signs point to imminent public health workforce exit
53 Synchrony and exertion during dance independently raise pain threshold and encourage social bonding
54 Opioid overdoses linked to higher prescription rates in British Columbia
55 'Virtual Week' brain game has potential to help older adults remain independent longer
56 Sing rather than talk to babies to keep them calm
57 FDA approves first-of-its-kind product for the treatment of melanoma
58 Dry eye disease: OPUS-3 phase 3 trial with lifitegrast meets primary and key secondary endpoints
59 E-cigarettes connected to problematic drinking, study finds
60 Study shows chronic fatigue associated with abnormal brain connectivity at rest
61 Novel association between obesity and diabetes through miRNA is identified
62 IBD: No difference in efficacy or immunogenicity following switch to Remsima (infliximab) from originator
63 Retroviral RNA may play a part in liver cancer
64 Landmark clinical trial shows gene-targeted drug can treat prostate cancer
65 Memory complaints may indicate greater dementia risk decades later
66 The BMJ retracts study after report reveals evidence of scientific misconduct
67 Flu vaccine effectiveness reduced by use of statins
68 Prevent stroke and disability with healthy lifestyle
69 Greater support needed for pregnant transgender men
70 Three-quarters of stroke patients in China have hypertension
71 Prescription painkiller addicts increasingly likely to abuse heroin
72 Can we unconsciously 'hear' distance?
73 Study shows association between breastfeeding and reduced risk of aggressive breast cancer
74 Autophagy works in cell nucleus to guard against start of cancer
75 Do hospitals tell patients about charity care options? Study finds room for improvement
76 The first 'molecular labels' that predict the organs where metastases will form, discovered
77 Scientists call for ambitious program to unlock the power of Earth's microbial communities
78 Researchers find novel way to boost immune response to vaccines
79 Around 60 Americans will die early because of Volkswagen emissions cheat
80 Bacterial hole puncher could be new broad-spectrum antibiotic
81 Mount Sinai scientists deploy data analysis to identify subtypes of common disease
82 New study sheds light on racial differences in trust of physicians
83 Researchers compare 'natural' mosquito repellents to DEET
84 Increasing cigarette taxes shifts consumers to more dangerous products: INFORMS journal study
85 How common is sexting among married couples?
86 Researchers examine how a face comes to represent a whole person in the brain
87 UCI study finds jet lag-like sleep disruptions spur Alzheimer's memory, learning loss
88 Older beats younger when it comes to correcting mistakes
89 Guidelines on sharing individual genomic research findings with family
90 Paper-based test could diagnose hepatitis B and assess male fertility at low cost
91 Increasing soldiers' physical performance: Researchers share updates
92 Bipolar patients' brain cells predict response to lithium
93 Factors in breast milk may play a role in transmission of obesity
94 New finding will help target MS immune response
95 Targeted therapy for gastric cancer possible
96 Commission shows good progress in cancer care in Latin America, but major obstacles remain
97 Survival rates up: but still 'unacceptable' variation in lung cancer care say UK experts
98 NORD publishes guide to promote physician awareness of rare lung disorder
99 Tumor exosome protein signatures predict future organ sites of cancer spread
100 New study bolsters Cologuard's performance in detecting colorectal cancer and ability to improve access to screening
101 Gold nanoparticles boost radiation therapy effectiveness, choke tumors by cutting off blood supply, study suggests
102 Does your coffee contain mycotoxins?
103 Sleep disturbances exacerbate dysfunction in Alzheimer's
104 TSRI study suggests tumors may 'seed' cancer metastases earlier than expected
105 The contribution of the anaesthetist to risk-adjusted mortality after cardiac surgery
106 New study uncovers the underlying causes of Delhi's air pollution problems
107 Aspirin: is it really a 'wonder drug'?
108 New imaging technique reduces risk in gallbladder surgery
109 New framework to support high quality dementia care, UK
110 How we use our smartphones twice as much as we think