File Title
1 Sweden is on track to becoming the first cashless nation
2 Workplace mentors benefit female employees more than men
3 Over half of workers with depression do not recognize need for treatment
4 If relationships are good, any humor by leaders improves job satisfaction
5 Green walls: Red card for office worker health?
6 Investors are indifferent to the technology needs of healthcare systems, study suggests
7 A walk around the office can reverse vascular dysfunction caused by hours at a computer
8 Praise from the boss doesn't always motivate us, study finds
9 Relationships among creative identity, entitlement and dishonesty hinge on perception of creativity as rare
10 What will Volkswagen do? After an apology, companies often silence stakeholders and forget the scandal, study suggests
11 Middle schoolers may benefit academically from extracurricular activities
12 Scholars challenge colleges to reform STEM learning
13 People with higher 'intellectual arrogance' get better grades
14 Math story time at home bolsters achievement in school
15 Frequent school moves hurt low-income childrens' math scores
16 Sobering picture of urban education in the US
17 Training by repetition actually prevents learning for those with autism
18 Youngest students in class 30% more likely to die in suicide than older classmates, Japanese study shows
19 Repeating aloud to another person boosts recall
20 Five recommendations for standardized test designers
21 New genetic discovery advances understanding of prostate cancer
22 Colorado University and Children's Hospital researcher contributes to study on safety of anesthesia
23 New report offers NASA framework for establishing priorities among Earth observations
24 UGA researchers discover mechanism that could lead to better ovarian cancer treatment
25 Study finds how Alzheimer's-associated protein tangles spread through the brain
26 Standard phenotypes will aid in genetic research on neuropathic pain
27 Molecular motor grows cell's microtubules
28 Reduction in Amazon deforestation avoids 1,700 deaths per year
29 Ants: Both solid-like and liquid-like
30 Scientists uncover signal for when a pregnant woman is about to go into labor
31 Military drawdown may hurt service member diversity, study finds
32 Insulin cells determine weight-loss surgery success rate
33 Wives take problems to heart, husbands get frustrated
34 Researchers solve longtime puzzle about how we learn
35 Females more promiscuous in colder climates, says insect study
36 Researchers discover an epilepsy switch
37 DNA test for Down's syndrome on the NHS could save lives
38 Massive screen of drug combinations may find treatment for resistant, BRAF-mutant melanoma
39 The art of maintaining productive sales channel partnerships
40 York U researchers list products expectant mothers should avoid during first trimester
41 Divided opinions on vitamin D enrichment
42 Wanted: Fair players and a climate leader
43 Snake venom helps hydrogels stop the bleeding
44 Siberian jays can recognize unfamiliar, distant relatives
45 Regenerative Medicine gives a much needed update on magnetic tracking in cell therapy
46 Musical activities benefit children with cochlear implants
47 PharmaMarch to present new studies for YONDELIS and PM1183 in ovarian cancer
48 Wood instead of petroleum: Producing chemical substances solely from renewable resources
49 Ionic liquids interesting in extracting molecules from wood
50 Cars must be considerate of the driver when talking
51 Simpler method for measuring viral infections in bees
52 Better business is linked up
53 Use of benzodiazepines and related drugs common around Alzheimer's diagnosis
54 Harmful algal blooms and climate change: Preparing to forecast the future
55 Response to environmental change depends on variation in corals and algae partnerships
56 What was killing the young right whales? New research finds a suspect
57 Two mutations are better than one
58 Fewer antibiotics, better outcomes for complicated appendectomy patients?
59 N/A
60 Pregnant women in Brooklyn have highest levels of certain preservatives used in cosmetics
61 Virginia Tech researchers take cue from spider glue in efforts to create new materials
62 Researchers observe surprising phase transition
63 Three-minute test detects common form of dementia that's hard to diagnose
64 Study: Low-weight, high-repetition exercise increases bone density up to 8 percent in adults
65 New microscope helps scientists see the big picture
66 New study unravels mystery of why deadly tick disease appears to be surging, yet fatalities have not
67 N/A
68 Only 4 percent of the ocean is protected: UBC research
69 Unraveling the complex, intertwined electron phases in a superconductor
70 A 'profound' success in treating children and young adults with rare blood disorders
71 Research backs human role in extinction of mammoths, other mammals
72 Study explores economic impact of cancer diagnoses on families
73 Entanglement at heart of '2-for-1' fission in next-generation solar cells
74 If a major economy takes the lead, warming could be limited to 2íC
75 Sheet music for creating the artificial sense of touch
76 Male mosquitoes lured to traps by sounds of female wing-beats
77 Study examines shaken baby syndrome intervention
78 Treatment outcomes of brain hemorrhage after thrombolysis for stroke
79 Medication deintensification in older patients with low HbA1c or blood pressure
80 Researchers study differences in ischemic stroke in marijuana users
81 Stopping tuberculosis requires new strategy
82 'Love hormone' helps produce 'bliss molecules' to boost pleasure of social interactions
83 Too much, too late: Doctors should cut back on some medicines in seniors, studies suggest
84 Capacity to regenerate body parts may be the primitive state for all 4-legged vertebrates
85 Young women more likely to die in hospital after STEMI
86 Study: Sirolimus is effective, safe for treatment-resistant autoimmune blood conditions
87 Climate change threatens survival of common lizards
88 Young women less likely to be informed of heart disease risk by providers
89 Research explains limits of cancer immunotherapy drugs
90 Scientists produce beneficial natural compounds in tomato--industrial scale-up potential
91 Declines in whales, fish, seabirds and large animals disrupt Earth's nutrient cycle
92 Loss of large land mammals could change landscapes forever
93 N/A
94 N/A
95 New testosterone guideline to help Canadian physicians diagnose and treat patients
96 Elephants boost tree losses in South Africa's largest savanna reserve
97 'Hypercarnivores' kept massive ancient herbivores in check
98 A cancer diagnosis can lead to significant income losses for families
99 NYU researchers find neurological notes that help identify how we process music
100 Ancient babies boost Bering land bridge layover
101 New ASN-GWU report examines key challenges for kidney health workforce
102 American Academy of Pediatrics issues sweeping recommendations on tobacco and e-cigarettes
103 American Academy of Pediatrics links global warming to the health of children
104 A fluorescent dye that survives in live cell STED imaging
105 New model for hepatitis B helps identify potential new therapeutic approach
106 Dartmouth study illustrates how game design can reduce stereotypes and social biases
107 The Lancet: Last 2 decades see rising life expectancy in every province of China but substantial health inequalities remain
108 Blackouts and near drownings may signal sudden death risk
109 Research investigates impact of carbon footprint label
110 Ancient wild ox genome reveals complex cow ancestry