File Title
1 Energy Vampires: Pulling the Plug on Idle Electronics (Op-Ed)
2 Medical Research Subjects Who Lie Can Mess Up Study Results
3 Paralyzed Man Walks Again Using Brain-Wave System
4 Reference: Facts About Lithium
5 Reference: Ears: Facts, Function & Disease
6 Volkswagen Scandal: Why Is It So Hard to Make Clean Diesel Cars?
7 Giraffes Caught Humming in the Midnight Hour
8 No Boys Allowed: Snake Mom Has 'Virgin Birth'
9 Mishka, 1st Sea Otter with Asthma, Learns to Use an Inhaler
10 Pope's Climate Call Misses Population Problem, Scientists Say
11 Sunday's 'Supermoon' Total Lunar Eclipse: When and Where to See It
12 3 Square Meals? People Don't Eat like that, App Reveals
13 'Doomsday' Seed Vault: The Science Behind World's Arctic Storage Cube
14 Sierra Nevada Snowpack Shrinks to Lowest Level in 500 Years
15 10% of Pregnant Women Drink Alcohol, Study Finds
16 Why Being Tall and Slim Sometimes Go Hand in Hand
17 Nectar-Slurping Bat Tongues Move like Human Bowels
18 China Announces World's Largest Cap and Trade Program
19 Man's Heavy Metal Poisoning Leads to Vision Loss, Baldness
20 All Ears! What Human Ancestors' Hearing Was Like
21 Unusual Allergy: Girl Reacts to Food Only After Exercise
22 Aww! Panda Cub Bei Bei Is a 'Precious Treasure'
23 Breast Cancer Risk Linked to Virus Found in Cattle
24 As Privacy Fades, Your Identity Is the New Money (Op-Ed)
25 Bear Fights & Moon Sex: History's Best Lunar Eclipse Myths
26 Apple Watch Credited with Saving Life: What Conditions Can It Detect?
27 Tonight's Dazzling 'Supermoon' Lunar Eclipse: What You'll See
28 Weekend Reading: The Best Science Stories of the Week
29 Why Does the Moon Turn Red During a Total Lunar Eclipse?
30 'Angelina Effect' Is Real: Actress Raised Breast Surgery Awareness
31 Snack Time for Predators! 6 Weird Ways Wildfires Affect the Forest
32 'Supermoon' Total Lunar Eclipse Thrills Skywatchers Around the World
33 Salty Water Flows on Mars Today, Boosting Odds for Life
34 Japanese Paper Art Inspires Sun-Tracking Solar Cell
35 Tiniest Snail Ever Found Could Fit Through Needle's Eye 10 Times
36 7 More People Sick with Legionnaires' Disease in NYC
37 Meat May Not Be So Bad for You After All (But There's a Catch)
38 How to Prevent Injuries from Falling TVs
39 Fit for a God? Ancient Booty Discovered in Transylvania
40 It's Part Tank, Part Salamander, and Ready for Combat
41 Antikythera Wreck Yields More Treasures of Ancient Greece's '1 Percent'
42 Why Is Water So Essential for Life?
43 Strange Designs: 5 Weird Ways Tattoos Affect Your Health
44 1,500-Year-Old Mosaic Shows Map of Ancient Egyptian Settlement
45 Rare Fluorescent Sea Turtle Glows Red and Green
46 Calcium Not as Great for Bones as Once Thought
47 Shell Oil is pulling out of Alaska now
48 Researchers: You're most likely to hit a deer this season
49 Want cleaner burning coal? Just add oat hulls!
50 Fossil pigment reveals color of ancient mammals
51 Well, they discovered another highly venomous snake in Australia
52 New tiny snails break world record and are the cutest ever
53 How climate change is causing low birth weights
54 New Zealand announces huge new marine preserve
55 Could this ancient flea harbor ancestors of the bubonic plague?
56 Was Queen Nefertiti buried in Tut's tomb? Maybe!
57 This car hopes to break land speed records at 1000 MPH
58 Mark Zuckerberg: Let's give everybody internet by 2020
59 Is an ad-free, subscription-based YouTube coming next month?
60 Google to put Wi-Fi in 400 Indian train stations
61 Unfriending coworkers on Facebook is now workplace bullying in Australia
62 US and China agree to cyber attack truce
63 Here's how to keep iOS 9 from gobbling your data
64 Is the new iPhone 6S waterproof?
65 Come on guys: Facebook isn't getting rid of your privacy
66 Twitter troll: Edward Snowden joins Twitter, only follows NSA
67 Why do we Facebook stalk our exes?
68 Do school lunches contain too much BPA?
69 Is there a link between race and obesity?
70 If you're a Millenial, you consume news one of these four ways
71 Yale scientists create a 'healthier' sunscreen that doesn't penetrate skin
72 Mutant lungs keep some smokers healthy, researchers find
73 Potential emergency care problems of transgender people highlighted in case study
74 Gene test determines if breast cancer patients can avoid chemo
75 Cancer wins by being a sugar addict and starving T cells
76 Human trials begin for blindness cure made from stem cells
77 Changefirst Leads the Way in Change Management with New E-learning Course
78 Issues of Virtual Machine Software Licensing Solved with the Release of CrypKey Version 8
79 WANRack Completes Fiber Optic Wide Area Network for the Converse County School District
80 Create Fantastic 3D Animations with the Animator's Modeler (TAM)
81 The Name of the Creator Cannot be Replaced with Titles like God and Lord says Yisrayl Hawkins this Week
82 Komprehensiv Proud to Support Girls who Inspire Volunteer and Empower (GIVE)
83 Prostate Cancer: Know the Risks
84 Mars: The Origin of Megafloods on the Red Planet
85 New Brain Prosthesis May Help People Struggling with Memory Loss
86 Star Wars Lightsaber May be Possible with New Ability to Stick Light Particles Together
87 Heart Disease: Constant Childhood Stress Ups the Risk
88 Gut Bacteria in Infants Decreases Their Asthma Risk
89 Spiky, Prehistoric 'Monster' Lived 500 Million Years Ago in China
90 Pink Salmon at Risk of Acidification in Oceans and Freshwater with CO2 Increases from Climate Change
91 Colon Cancer: New Discovery Leads to Personalized Approach
92 3D Printing: World's First 3D Printed Supercar Is Named Blade
93 Obesity: Grape Seed Oil May Provide Weight-Loss Clue
94 Facebook: Social Network Changes Its News Feed Algorithms to See What Videos You're Watching
95 iPhone 6S: New iPhone Has Already Entered Production
96 Monarch Butterfly Species Faces Critical Decline: 80 Percent in 2 Decades
97 Cats' Kill Count Ignored by Pet Owners, New Study Discovers
98 Mars: Western Rock Findings Reveal Clues to Keep in Mind on Red Planet
99 Monarch Butterflies Begin Migration to Their Winter Homes [INTERACTIVE]
100 Robots: A New 3-Fingered Robotic Hand Feels Better [VIDEO]
101 Captive Breeding: Endangered Snails Recover in New York
102 Antikythera Shipwreck's New Artifacts Shed Light on Time of Caesar
103 Wildlife Refuge Week: October 11-17
104 Microsnails: World's Smallest Land Snails Discovered in China [VIDEO]
105 Nature and Calm: Studies that Back Up the Idea
106 Apes and Memory: They Know What Happens in Jaws?
107 Disease and Fleas: Ancient Flea Fossil Has Plague-Like Bacteria
108 Squid and Jellyfish Activities Read by New Tag
109 Sharks and Dolphins: New Zealand Announces New Marine Preserve
110 Mars and NASA: Water Flowing on Red Planet [BREAKING NEWS] [VIDEO]