File Title
1 Do patients with age-related macular degeneration have trouble with touch screens?
2 MD Anderson study identifies leukemia tumor suppressor--Protein-coding gene hnRNP K may be culprit in acute myeloid leukemia
3 Study finds significant differences in frailty by region and by race among older Americans
4 Childhood brain tumors affect working memory of adult survivors, study finds
5 Amyloid plaques in Alzheimer's and diabetes: Novel leads for inhibitors
6 Female gamers a new risk group for overweight
7 Why are many women at risk of ovarian cancer not aware of it?
8 How a Big Mac affects your body in 1 hour
9 Study links hearing impairment to increased risk of death
10 Fewer patients die at fully accredited hospitals
11 Arteries better than veins for liquid biopsy when detecting circulating melanoma cells
12 Culture during childhood shapes family planning
13 Kenyan journalists covering life-threatening events at increased risk of psychological harm
14 Of brains and bones: How hunger neurons control bone mass
15 Female genital cutting is based on private values rather than social norms
16 'Remote control' of immune cells opens door to safer, more precise cancer therapies
17 Kids with asthma that are exposed to secondhand smoke have twice as many hospitalizations
18 Pass the salt--using the fly to understand how pregnancy drives food cravings
19 Newly identified biochemical pathway could be target for insulin control
20 Nivolumab improves overall survival in patients with advanced kidney cancer: results from the CheckMate 025 trial
21 Cabozantinib improves survival in patients with advanced kidney cancer: results from the METEOR trial
22 Primary surgery is associated with survival benefit in patients with advanced cancers of the throat
23 EUROCARE results show large variations in survival from blood cancers between European countries
24 Control of immune cells could mean safer, more precise cancer treatment
25 Childhood cancers in Europe: progress has been made, but much remains to be done, says major report
26 Playing '20 questions' through brain-to-brain communication
27 Tackling the global shortfall in radiotherapy could save millions of lives and boost the economy of poorer countries
28 Lung cancer survival rates improve with CT scan follow-up
29 Results of international trial show promise in rare, difficult to treat cancer: results from the RADIANT-4 trial
30 Advanced gastrointestinal neuroendocrine tumours respond unusually well to new treatment: results from the NETTER-1 trial
31 Genetic screening of brain metastases could reveal new targets for treatment
32 Discovery of differences between tumours of younger and older colorectal cancer patients may lead to better treatments
33 Treatment of elderly patients with breast cancer varies between different countries throughout Europe
34 Breastfeeding 'does not improve a child's intelligence'
35 Possible treatment for preeclampsia identified
36 Major differences found in symptoms and prognoses between non-smokers and smokers with the most common form of lung cancer
37 Infections in childhood could provide clues to disease development in later life
38 Climate change may increase risk of erosion, flooding along Pacific coasts
39 Testosterone levels in the womb may determine how masculine your face is as an adult
40 Household vinegar advances the fight against crown of thorns starfish threat on Great Barrier Reef
41 Big arms do not help male quacking frogs win a mate
42 Secrets of the brightest galaxies in the universe may be unlocked by new computer model
43 Sounds of science: A limpet's tongue licks a rock to shreds
44 Aroma and taste of your favourite wine may be influenced by microbes
45 StarStuff space image: Messier 17 is a cosmic rose with many names
46 Evidence of liquid water found on Mars; scientists say 'long way to go' to say whether Red Planet could support life
47 Genes link age of menopause with DNA health, breast cancer and puberty
48 Nobel speculation kicks into high gear
49 Pope Francis pushes US Congress on poverty and climate
50 The science behind the Volkswagen emissions scandal
51 Bee tongues tell a tale of climate change
52 Gender-disparity study faces attack
53 'Snakeskin' Pluto revealed in planetary close-up
54 Social network launches bid to get academics chattering about papers online
55 Alternative CRISPR system could improve genome editing
56 Archimedes' legendary sphere brought to life
57 Bat drinks using 'tongue-pump' trick
58 China to launch cap-and-trade system
59 Maths whizz solves a master's riddle
60 Digital badges aim to clear up politics of authorship
61 India launches its first astronomy satellite
62 'Wiring diagrams' link lifestyle to brain function
63 Why hunting for life in Martian water will be a tricky task
64 Gene-edited 'micropigs' to be sold as pets at Chinese institute
65 German minister accused of plagiarism in medical dissertation
66 The mountain-top battle over the Thirty Meter Telescope
67 Nanowires, stem-cell transplants and wastewater treatment win 2015 MacArthur 'genius grants'
68 NASA drops partnership with private asteroid hunt
69 Power play
70 STAP revisited
71 Testing times
72 Make academic job advertisements fair to all
73 Energy: Reimagine fuel cells
74 Modelling: Build imprecise supercomputers
75 Politics of Refugee Crisis: Why There's No Science to Resettlement
76 What Is Cyberbullying? Parents Disagree
77 Psychology of Immigration: Why Responses to Migrant Crisis Vary
78 How Do Fossils Form?
79 Doctors to FDA: Don't Call Them 'Breakthrough' Drugs
80 Long-Lost Tomb of Jewish 'Maccabee' Rebels Possibly Found
81 Sex After a Heart Attack? Doctors Give the All Clear
82 Walk with Elephants: Explore African Sanctuary on Google Street View
83 'Guevedoces': Rare Medical Condition Hides Child's Sex Until Age 12
84 Rare Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Is Just One Week Away
85 How Plastics-to-Fuel Can Become the Next Green Machine (Op-Ed)
86 Reference: Lungs: Facts, Function and Diseases
87 Common Pregnancy Complications Tied to Heart Disease Deaths Later On
88 Yohimbine Supplements Contain Drug-Like Doses
89 Forget Fingerprints: You Can Be Identified by Your 'Microbial Cloud'
90 'Witchcraft' Island Reveals Evidence of Stone Age Rituals
91 Thermal 'Invisibility Cloak' Could Keep People Cool
92 Holy Dream Team? The Most Notorious Catholic Saints
93 Shades of 'Star Trek'? Quantum Teleportation Sets Distance Record
94 US Dumps Twice as Much Trash as EPA Estimated
95 Health-Promoting Texts Could Help Battle Heart Disease
96 Brrr! Duck-Billed Dinosaur Lived Through Alaska's Snowy Winters
97 Some Fruits & Vegetables Are Better for Your Waistline
98 More Evidence that Coffee Is Safe for Your Heart
99 Cheers! Wild Yeast Could Yield New Kinds of Beer
100 Pope Francis Visit: What Catholics Think of Their Church
101 Map Reveals Ghostly Antineutrinos Lurking Within Earth
102 Tech Art at the Heart of Silicon Valley
103 Bizarre Giant Hexagon on Saturn May Finally Be Explained
104 Boxing Mantis Shrimp Prefer Flurry of Hits Over Knockout Punches
105 God Help Us? How Religion is Good (And Bad) for Mental Health
106 Ringing Ears and Chronic Pain Share Unexpected Link
107 Eavesdropping on Aliens: Why Edward Snowden Got E.T. Wrong
108 Grisly Discovery: 9,000-Year-Old Decapitated Skull Covered in Amputated Hands
109 Fall's Back! Equinox Heralds Colorful Leaves and Bad Weather
110 Can You Exercise Too Much? (Op-Ed)