File Title
1 Why Apple might launch a new 4-inch iPhone in early 2016
2 Johns Hopkins epileptic seizure-symptom app is latest Apple medical research tool
3 How to rid your Mac of the scourge: Uninstall Flash Player
4 How to uninstall Flash Player from your Mac
5 Apple updates Pages, Keynote, and Numbers for iOS + OS X with Split View, 3D Touch, and more
6 WSJ reviews Apple's new Magic peripherals: 'All three are improvements over their predecessors'
7 Apple's iWork for iCloud now out of beta, gets new features
8 Apple's newest courtroom foe is a taxpayer-funded public university
9 Analyst: Apple Car will cost an average of $55,000
10 Move over HealthKit: Why Apple's ResearchKit is proving the real hit with doctors
11 How to disable OS X El Capitan's System Integrity Protection
12 Judge: University cannot get triple damages in patent fight with Apple
13 Ad-blockers prompt IAB to admit 'we messed up'; launch L.E.A.N. Ads program
14 OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 release imminent with fixes for Office 2016, Mail, and more
15 Why Danny Boyle filmed 'Steve Jobs' in three different formats
16 iPhone 6s and 6s Plus adoption by country
17 Jony Ive and Taylor Swift to cohost next Met Gala star-studded fashion event
18 Japan's largest AEC firms going 'all iPad,' standardizing on Apple's iOS
19 AliveCor Apple Watch ultrasonic ECG heart monitoring band planned for 2016 launch
20 Apple ordered to pay $234 million judgement over WARF patent
21 More than half of Apple's iOS device users are already running iOS 9
22 Can DNA evidence fill gaps in our history books?
23 Frankfurt archaeologists discover 'Roman Village' in Gernsheim
24 18th Century Ottoman Turkish Inscription, Byzantine Coins Found in Bulgaria's Zimovina
25 200-Year-Old Shipwreck Survivors' Camp Found on Alaska Island
26 DNA evidence from massive trove of bones shakes up human evolution
27 Lower Silesia/ Archaeologists have discovered a large burial ground from the Bronze Age
28 5,000-Year-Old Throne Found in Turkey
29 Archaeologist says he has found actual Mountain Meadows Massacre graves; it's not on LDS-owned land
30 Intact 2,700-Year-Old Tomb Found in Northern Peru
31 Skeletons of 200 Napoleonic troops found in Germany
32 Pre-Roman tomb unearthed in Pompeii
33 Archaeologists Discover Satyr Mask in Ancient Greek Emporium Pistiros in Thracians' Odrysian Kingdom near Bulgaria's Vetren
34 Archaeology: Book about America's discovery gets it all wrong
35 America's Largest Earthwork, Cahokia's Monks Mound, May Have Been Built in Only 20 Years, Study Says
36 Board Game Pieces Found in Settlement Built on Roman Military Fort
37 Website walks visitors on virtual tour of biblical archaeological sites
38 Earliest evidence of ancient North American salmon fishing verified
39 Archaeologists Discover 6,500-Year-Old Prehistoric Necropolis underneath School Yard in Bulgaria's Kamenovo
40 'Witchcraft' Island Reveals Evidence of Stone Age Rituals
41 Egypt approves Radar for Nefertiti Tomb Quest
42 Antiquities Authority attempts to solve mystery of Tomb of the Maccabees
43 9,000 year-old ritualized decapitation found in Brazil
44 Long-Lost Tomb of Jewish Rebels Possibly Found
45 Bronze age burial site discovered in Azerbaijan
46 Archaeologists Unearth Moscow's Oldest Road
47 Archaeologists Find 6,300-Year-Old Gold Jewel in Solnitsata ('The Salt Pit') Prehistoric Town in Bulgaria's Provadiya
48 Stem cell research hints at evolution of human brain
49 Archaeologists recover cannon from sunken Confederate ship
50 Archaeologists find bone fragments in hunt for 'real' Mona Lisa
51 Franklin expedition: New photos of HMS Erebus artifacts, but still no sign of HMS Terror
52 New archaeological work at Sissi examines Minoan complex
53 Russia exhumes bones of murdered Tsar Nicholas and wife
54 The World's Oldest Papyrus and What It Can Tell Us About the Great Pyramids
55 Possible site of ancient Sodom yields more finds
56 Fossilized ear bones reveal human ancestors heard higher frequencies
57 Rare 3,000-year-old King David era seal discovered by Temple Mount Sifting Project
58 Unique items from ancient times found in Rusovce
59 Marine Archaeologists Excavate Greek Antikythera Shipwreck
60 1st Century AD Inscription Found in Ancient Thracian Tomb in Bulgaria's Tatarevo Turns Out to Be Verse from Solon's 'Prayer to the Muses'
61 Ancient artifacts, statues discovered in Pakistan
62 Ancient carving stolen decades ago in Mexico found in France
63 Archaeologists uncover Bronze Age sauna house at Links of Notland
64 Archeologists uncover secrets of Revolutionary War site
65 2200 year old walrus bones suggest the most famous medieval chess set might be Icelandic in origin
66 A Rare 1,500 Year Old Mosaic was Discovered that Depicts Ancient Streets and Buildings in Egypt
67 Archaeologists Discover Marble Gladiator Head, Decipher Newly Found Inscription from Ancient Roman City Augusta Traiana in Bulgaria's Stara Zagora
68 Scans show Pompeii victims 'in good health'
69 Builders in Omsk stumble across Bronze Age burial site
70 Fit for a God? Ancient Booty Discovered in Transylvania
71 Jamestown Unearthed: Archaeologists Confirm Indoor Well Found Near Fort
72 Bronze Age log boat discovered in Kent
73 Viking symbols of travel, prestige and adventure
74 Archeologists unearth ancient Mataram Hindu temple
75 Amphipolis tomb was dedicated to companion of Alexander, experts say
76 Search for Nefertiti's burial chamber in Tutankhamun tomb
77 Bone clue to Skye's ancient hunter-gatherers
78 Using ancient DNA, researchers unravel the mystery of Machu Picchu
79 Mummification was commonplace in Bronze Age Britain
80 Ancient human remains found in dirt pile in Haines
81 Could Cramond hold the secret of Scotland during Dark Ages?
82 Archaeologists uncover Bronze Age 'sauna house' in Orkney
83 The Iceman Cameth
84 Mass Grave Found in California Reveals Prehistoric Violence Against 'Outsiders'
85 'Gospel of Jesus's Wife': Records Hint at Improbable Journey of Controversial Papyrus
86 Washtenaw County mammoth find hints at role of early humans
87 Ruins of ancient Egyptian temple unearthed under modern Cairo
88 Islamic State: Militants blow up ancient Arch of Triumph in Palmyra, antiquities chief says
89 Petroglyph in Spain Marks when Atlantic and Mediterranean Cultures Met
90 Ancient gladiator ring where warriors fought wild animals found in south Turkey
91 Rare ancient tomb found in North China
92 INTERVIEW: Egypt's antiquities minister speaks on the search for Nefertiti in Tutankhamun's tomb
93 Ancient Roman Mosaic Found in Tuscany
94 Polish archaeologists discovered a unique Germanic burial in the Czech Republic
95 Pigs Unearth Hunter-Gatherer Civilization
96 A Neolithic causewayed enclosure and other exciting discoveries at Thame, Oxfordshire
97 Mysterious Archaeological Site with Rock Carved Animal Heads Found near Bulgaria's Sliven
98 Human Ancestor Candidate Sported Hands and Feet Much like Modern Humans
99 Archaeologist Discovers Early Byzantine Basilica in 'Frankish Quarter' of Medieval Bulgarian Capital Tarnovgrad (Veliko Tarnovo)
100 Battle field of gladiators found in Anavarza
101 From a very old skeleton, new insights on ancient migrations
102 Archaeologists to uncover secrets of Viking fortress
103 New research shows Scotland inhabited 3000 years earlier than previously thought
104 Skeletons Found in Chalcolithic Necropolis in Bulgaria's Kamenovo Belonged to Women and Children of 'Mediterranean Anthropological Type'
105 Mysterious Ancient Maya Mural Keeps Its Secrets
106 Woolly mammoth skin found 'well preserved in permafrost' gives new hope for cloning
107 Archeological site in Mexico yields new details of sacrifice of Spaniards
108 Spear injuries show worker life in ancient Egypt
109 One of Henry V's Ships Likely Found
110 Ancient "casket in casket" found in China