File Title
1 Confusion afoot--People struggle to tell their toes apart with their eyes closed
2 New technique negotiates neuron jungle to target source of Parkinson's disease
3 What motivates "facebook stalking" after a romantic breakup?
4 Early testing can predict the stroke patients who will develop upper limb spasticity
5 Newly discovered mechanism controls the number of immune cells
6 Increased chances for early detection of Alzheimer's disease using amyloid PET imaging
7 FDA awards 18 grants to stimulate product development for rare diseases
8 Researchers identify possible physiological cause of brain deficits with aging
9 Eating more fruits and non-starchy vegetables is associated with less weight gain
10 Prion disease detected soon after infection and in surprising place in mouse brains
11 Could being a good father send you to an early grave?
12 Gene magnifies the psychological impact of life events, for better and for worse--Depression gene has silver lining
13 FDA approves new oral medication to treat patients with advanced colorectal cancer
14 Around the world, those treated for addiction far more likely to smoke
15 Diagnostics breakthrough brings viral sequencing to doctors' toolkit
16 Baby sleep: which position is best?
17 Brain defects behind tinnitus and chronic pain identified
18 Paralyzed man uses own brain power to walk again
19 Early miscarriage guidelines should be improved, researchers say
20 Latest UK IBD audit report shows further improvement for patients following treatment with biological therapies
21 Dizziness after getting up may indicate a serious health problem, study finds
22 Customizing viruses to fight selected bacteria
23 Researchers create antimicrobial biofilm to protect medical implants from infection
24 Adolescent brain may be especially sensitive to new memories, social stress, and drug use
25 Mental Health Foundation calls for a new way of thinking about dementia
26 Researchers find ticks linked with lyme disease in South London parks
27 Old vaccine trains immune system
28 Pain overlooked in premature infants
29 Team develops strategy to determine how non-coding variants contribute to disease risk
30 Frontline treatments show best results for unexplained infertility
31 Pancreatic cancer: researchers develop a new therapy concept
32 CERN and the JRC to scale up production of alpha-emitters against cancer
33 Researchers publish far-reaching genetic study of 1,000 UK people
34 BMJ investigation questions expert advice underpinning new US dietary guidelines
35 New study questions clinical trial data for kidney cancer drugs
36 Titanium and gold based compound fights kidney cancer cells
37 Calorie consumption: Do numbers or graphics encourage diners to eat less?
38 Lower sperm motility in men exposed to common chemical
39 Understanding self-control: Eating and spending are different public policy issues
40 Liquid crystals show potential for detection of neuro-degenerative disease
41 Many patients prefer online postoperative care to in-person care
42 UT Southwestern physiologists uncover a new code at the heart of biology
43 The final word on STAP--Researchers fail to replicate STAP study; computational analysis reveals genomic inconsistency
44 Trial examines three commonly used medications to treat unexplained infertility
45 In terminally ill patients, some types of delirium are a sign of 'imminent death'
46 Cardiovascular disease is more than a heart problem
47 Researchers find potential source of insulin-producing cells in adult human pancreas
48 Exergaming improves physical and mental fitness in children with autism spectrum disorders
49 New cancer genes identified, opening door to targeted treatments
50 Robot baby helps shed light on the motive behind an infant's smile
51 Stillbirth should be given greater priority on the global health agenda, argue experts
52 Most states don't think ignition interlock is severe enough punishment
53 New Phase IIIb/IV data show switching to once-daily Triumeq maintains HIV viral suppression
54 Over 300,000 people in the UK could be living with familial hypercholesterolaemia
55 New Public Health England survey finds children in special schools are more likely to have teeth removed
56 Blood pressure medication before bed could lower risk of diabetes
57 Molecular 'feedback loop' may explain tamoxifen resistance in patients with breast cancer
58 How flu viruses gain the ability to spread
59 Nanoparticles could boost effectiveness and reduce side effects of allergy shots
60 How the brain encodes time and place
61 Taming hot flashes without hormones: What works, what doesn't
62 Almost one-third of families of children with cancer have unmet basic needs during treatment
63 Vaccination on the horizon for severe viral infection of the brain
64 Study highlights which fruits and vegetables can aid weight loss
65 Viruses join fight against harmful bacteria
66 Drug disarms deadly C. difficile bacteria without destroying healthy gut flora
67 DNA-based nanodevices for molecular medicine
68 Women with moderate beer consumption run lower risk of heart attack
69 Oceans in the brain: How we remember different contexts
70 NIH researchers find role for soft palate in adaptation of transmissible influenza viruses
71 University of Pittsburgh Health Policy Institute releases major report on health needs of aging America
72 Metastatic breast cancer cells turn on stem cell genes
73 Kids are clumsy runners because they are small
74 'Immune Camouflage' may explain H7N9 influenza vaccine failure
75 Like a foreman, brain region keeps us on task
76 Simplified diagnosis of coeliac disease
77 Parasite that causes lymphatic filariasis releases vesicles containing microRNA that may control host
78 Information handling by some health apps not as secure as it should be
79 Malaria in pregnancy leads to cognitive defects in offspring
80 Novel research method reveals eating habits
81 Discovery of significant genetic differences between breast cancers that relapse and those that do not will lead to better treatment
82 Hyperthyroidism could be great cost to countries in disability benefits
83 Exercise, dieting found to improve fertility in women with polycystic ovary syndrome
84 Antidepressants plus blood thinners cause brain cancer cells to eat themselves in mice
85 From brain, to fat, to weight loss: New study reveals neural mechanism responsible for fat breakdown
86 Promising drugs turn immune system on cancer
87 Older Americans who work are healthier than those unemployed or retired
88 New drug trial could help relieve the pain of diabetes
89 European approval for Fexeric (ferric citrate coordination complex) for the treatment of hyperphosphatemia in adults with chronic kidney disease
90 Rapidly assessing the next influenza pandemic
91 Fungi may lead to cheaper cancer treatment: University of Guelph study
92 MS researchers correlate BICAMS and performance of everyday life activities
93 What constitutes good treatment of tennis elbow?
94 Hope against spinal muscular atrophy--Researchers identify molecular changes in genetic ailment, see ties to ALS behavior
95 Scientists make critical step in detecting 'real' signs of bowel cancer
96 Sticky gel helps stem cells heal rat hearts
97 Air pollution in Mexico City has detrimental impact on gene associated with Alzheimer's disease, affecting parents and their children: New study
98 Future of HIV cure research points to combination approach
99 Study shows Actemra more effective then other biologics as a monotherapy treatment for rheumatoid arthritis
100 Diabetes medication could be used to treat alcohol dependence
101 Medicaid study uncovers rise in costly ER visits due to possible gaps in postpartum care
102 Expanded education for women in Malawi does not lead to later childbearing
103 Newly identified mechanism solves enduring mystery of key element of cellular organization in ALS
104 Inflammatory response may fan the flame of dietary fats' role in obesity-related diseases
105 In-flight medical emergencies: What doctors and travelers must know
106 How celebrity suicides change support-seeking practices on social media
107 CDC: 10% of pregnant women drink alcohol
108 Guideline released on minimally invasive procedure, EBUS-TBNA, to diagnose lung diseases
109 Medications to treat opioid use disorders--new guideline from the American Society of Addiction Medicine
110 Tiny mitochondria play outsized role in human evolution and disease