File Title
1 Identifying the 'dimmer switch' of diabetes
2 Scientists identify DNA alterations as among earliest to occur in lung cancer development
3 Van Andel Research Institute, University of Toledo find way to combat brain cancer
4 Scientists sequence genome of worm that can regrow body parts, seeking stem cell insights
5 Study looks at whether daily limb compressions reduce dementia
6 Digestible batteries needed to power electronic pills
7 Task Force recommends behavioral interventions and medication to help smokers quit
8 Pill shown to improve asthma control and reduce exacerbations in placebo trials
9 How clean is that duodenoscope, really?
10 Study examines gun control policies and effect on youth gun carrying
11 Pioneer ACO program sees modest reduction in low-value services
12 Risk of stroke at time of carotid occlusion
13 Immigrants come to resemble native-born Americans over time, but integration not always link
14 How different types of nurses impact the health of patients with diabetes
15 Many diabetics don't know they have serious liver disease
16 Chronic diseases may increase risk of dementia
17 Childhood epilepsy not linked with later psychiatric disorders
18 Brentuximab vedotin effective, safe in elderly Hodgkin lymphoma patients
19 Many babies in clinical trials experience unnecessary pain
20 Experts offer perspectives on cheating in mutually beneficial relationships
21 How mercury contamination affects reptiles in the Amazon basin
22 Bordetella parapertussis outbreak in southeastern Minnesota in 2014
23 Shortage of nurses not as dire as predicted, but challenges remain to meet nation's needs
24 Mind your manners, robot: How social cues influence human-robot interaction
25 Tumor suppressor LRIG1 controls breast cancer aggression and invasion
26 Role of cancer-suppressing WWOX gene uncovered
27 Unexpected link between choroid plexus and chronic pain
28 Superbug study reveals how E. coli strain acquired deadly powers
29 The use of bisphosphonate drugs is associated with an increased risk of atypical hip fractures
30 Obesity in the US highest in Midwestern and Southern states
31 New smart robot accelerates cancer treatment research
32 Researchers use neuroimaging to measure early cognitive improvement after mild TBI
33 Exercise reduces suicide attempts by 23 percent among bullied teens
34 Mice exposed to environmental chemicals may show decreased physical activity in offspring
35 New report sheds light on top hospital complaints investigated by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman
36 Researchers find novel signature in the brains of children with cerebral malaria--disease exacerbated by HIV
37 Targeting DNA--Protein-based sensor could detect viral infection or kill cancer cells
38 New virus identified in blood supply
39 Almost a fifth of children's fruit intake comes from apples
40 New research finds that people emit their own personal microbial cloud
41 'Delayed remembering': Kids can remember tomorrow what they forgot today
42 Millennials, Gen. Y need to eat less, work out more to stave off obesity: York U study
43 Obamacare saps enthusiasm for government health-care spending
44 Social responsibility promotes conservative risk behavior
45 Brain consolidates memory with three-step brainwave
46 Blood pressure drug could get new life as treatment for Toxoplasma parasites
47 Existing arthritis drug bodes well for Alzheimer's
48 Childhood kidney stones associated with atherosclerosis, study shows
49 Unemployment takes its toll on young people's mental health
50 Research finds surgical marker helps cut cost of breast cancer treatment
51 Study demonstrates T2candida panel is more sensitive and rapid than blood culture at identifying invasive infections
52 ACO model associated with reduction in use of low-value services
53 Study finds violence among young black men associated with sense of powerlessness
54 Study finds targeting exercise is not the best way to reduce prolonged sitting
55 Malaria: Multi-drug resistance more alarming than ever
56 Old drug offers new hope to treat Alzheimer's disease
57 Combination drug therapy shrinks pancreatic tumors in mice, Stanford researchers say
58 Ontario shift to family health teams leads to improved diabetes care for patients
59 BMC reduces emergency wait time, improves care for pediatric sickle cell disease patients
60 UMMS researchers identify new pathway to regenerate insulin-producing cells
61 Coffee consumption 'does not raise risk for common form of irregular heartbeat'
62 Blocking access to 'suicide hotspots' could reduce suicide numbers by over 90%
63 DNA sequencing improved by slowing down
64 TBI triggers liver to produce protein tied to inflammation; hypertension drug blocks it
65 Low dose beta-blockers as effective as high dose after a heart attack
66 Cattle disease spread by vets, not cows, suggests new study
67 Alzheimer's drug could prevent bone fractures
68 A high fat diet leads to overeating because of faulty brain signaling
69 Probiotic formula may hold key to cow's milk allergy
70 Gene may amplify impact of life events on mental health
71 New cell type may help explain why some people have dangerous food allergies
72 New research suggests not all trans fatty acids are bad for you
73 New clues on the history of the smallpox vaccine virus
74 Multi-tasking in the ER: More is not better
75 Increased chances for early detection of Alzheimer's disease
76 FAU researcher to develop new technology to test for sickle cell disease using a smart phone
77 Two-drug combination shows promise against one type of pancreatic cancer
78 Age, not post-op infection, more important for kidney transplant success, study finds
79 Matricellular proteins are promising new therapeutic targets for ocular diseases
80 Scripps Florida scientists identify a key morphine regulator that may reduce risk of pain-killer abuse and addiction
81 UCLA researchers discover new method to measure artery stiffness in the human brain
82 Do women experience negative emotions differently than men?
83 Dangerous swelling in babies linked to mutated gene
84 Germany: East-West divide in life expectancy almost overcome
85 'Mind-reading' kids are more discriminating learners
86 National school-based mental health intervention improves outcomes for at-risk students
87 Increased activity in older brains may point to new avenues for treating memory loss
88 New report examines regulation of federally funded research
89 UCI researchers find biomarker for autism that may aid diagnostics
90 Genetic analysis supports prediction that spontaneous rare mutations cause half of autism cases
91 Scientists map Parkinson's spread in brain
92 Combination drug treatment reduces agitation for patients with probable Alzheimer disease
93 Cartilage regeneration possibilities may improve with fetal cartilage cell transplantation
94 Urgent change needed to improve diagnosis in health care or diagnostic errors will likely worsen
95 Lifestyle focused text messaging results in improvement in LDL cholesterol and other cardiovascular risk factors
96 Feeling anxious? Check your orbitofrontal cortex and cultivate your optimism
97 Molecular diagnostics at home: Chemists design rapid, simple, inexpensive tests using DNA
98 New method for testing iPSC differentiation potential could lead to safer and more potent treatments
99 ICU admission for older, low-risk patients with pneumonia associated with improved survival, with little difference in costs
100 New graphene oxide biosensors may accelerate research of HIV and cancer drugs
101 Study shows potential benefit of telehealth visits for postoperative care
102 Fidgeting may be good for health
103 CPAP therapy reduces symptoms of depression in adults with sleep apnea
104 Overweight firefighters more likely to attempt weight loss if advised by doctor
105 Do-not-resuscitate (DNR) orders often do not align with poor prognosis
106 Study highlights how former problem drinkers navigate social drinking situations
107 Study raises questions about androgen deprivation therapy for certain prostate cancer cases
108 European Prevention of Alzheimer's Dementia Consortium (EPAD) launches new website
109 Europeans are living longer, but can it last? European health report 2015
110 Sleep apnea 'could be misdiagnosed as depression'