File Title
1 Research reveals new clues about how humans become tool users
2 Faster design--better catalysts
3 Machines have nothing on mum when it comes to listening
4 Seeing in a new light
5 Surgeons restore hand, arm movement to quadriplegic patients
6 Renewables and consumer choices key to sustainable energy use in EU's food sector
7 Long-term opioid therapy relieves chronic pain in only 20 percent of women
8 Poor infant sleep may predict problematic toddler behavior
9 High dose chemo & stem cell transplantation results in long-term survival for amyloid patients
10 Learning from the MDGs: Improved sanitation and drainage in cities
11 Researchers create inside-out plants to watch how cellulose forms
12 Mysterious disease may be tied to climate change, says CU Anschutz researcher
13 How small is the smallest? New record of the tiniest free-living insect provides precision
14 Study: Fracking industry wells associated with premature birth
15 EpiPens save lives but can cut like a knife
16 Thousands of older adults and persons with disabilities transitioning home
17 Perceptions of fetal size influence interventions in pregnancy, BU study finds
18 Emergency department CT scans can change physicians' diagnoses and management decisions
19 Older tobacco users pay more for health insurance under Affordable Care Act
20 Sex change hormonal treatments alter brain chemistry
21 University of Manchester-led research shows treatment for bleeding disorder is effective
22 Low awareness of DVLA safe driving guidelines among hospital doctors
23 make ocean conservation work we should keep the noise down
24 Waste water treatment plants fail to completely eliminate new chemical compounds
25 Difficulty processing speech may be an effect of dyslexia, not a cause
26 Key studies from Nottingham central to major flu drug report
27 Expanded AGS Beers Criteria offer new info, tools for safer medication use in older adults
28 Kazan researchers compare direct gene vs. blood cell-mediated therapy of spinal cord injury
29 Protein research uncovers potential new diagnosis and therapy for breast cancer
30 A multilaminar model explains the structure of chromosomal aberrations in cancer cells
31 New study suggests hallucinations, alone, do not predict onset of schizophrenia
32 125-million-year-old wing sheds new light on the evolution of flight
33 IQWiG publishes English translation of the new version of its General Methods
34 A quantum simulator of impossible physics
35 Breakthrough for electrode implants in the brain
36 Don't look at me like that or I'll swerve
37 Living in fear: Mental disorders as risk factors for chronic pain in teenagers
38 Identified an 'alarm clock' of a leukemia-causing oncogene
39 Researchers discover new information on the spread of cancer
40 Professor Janet Hemingway, outlines 15 years of malaria interventions in Africa
41 Unexpected connections: Calcium refill mechanisms in nerve cells affects gene expression
42 Tropical ants in Europe
43 Room temperature magnetic skyrmions, a new type of digital memory?
44 Researchers unlock secrets of troublesome Tribble protein
45 'Blind analysis' could reduce bias in social science, biology research
46 Popular crime shows may help reduce sexual assault
47 A convergence of deadly signals
48 New study shows that varying walking pace burns more calories
49 Study examines cancer-care outcomes among US hospitals
50 College labor market still in high gear
51 Frequent school moves hurt low-income childrens' math scores
52 Bio-inspired robotic finger looks, feels and works like the real thing
53 New protein cleanup factors found to control bacterial growth
54 The father effect
55 Evidence for functional redundancy in nature
56 NOAA declares third ever global coral bleaching event
57 87 percent of Americans say candidates should have basic understanding of science informing public policy
58 New way to watch plant-cell walls assemble
59 The Lancet: Smoking set to kill 1 in 3 young men in China
60 Women and men react differently to infidelity
61 NIST, UC Davis scientists float new approach to creating computer memory
62 On soft ground? Tread lightly to stay fast...
63 Genetic variation is key to fighting viruses
64 Evolution of kangaroo-like jerboas sheds light on limb development
65 One in 8 children at risk for measles, analysis shows
66 Examining contemporary occupational carcinogen exposure, bladder cancer
67 Affordable Care Act helps Virginia improve HIV outcomes
68 Researchers build a digital piece of brain
69 Surgery on melanoma that has spread into abdomen more than doubles patient survival time
70 Dying at home leads to more peace and less grief, but requires wider support
71 Why elephants rarely get cancer
72 Up to 1 billion people at risk of blindness by 2050
73 Salmonella unmasked as major killer of young children in Africa
74 Urban runoff killing coho salmon, but simple solution within reach
75 Math story time at home bolsters achievement in school
76 Gut microorganisms cause gluten-induced pathology in mouse model of celiac disease
77 Mapping the genes that increase lifespan
78 The law of the landscape for glaciers?
79 Evidence for long-lasting lakes on Mars
80 Math app adds up for families anxious about math
81 New genome reveals higher Eurasian migration into ancient Africa
82 Proteins with ALS, cancer role do not assume a regular shape
83 Ancient genome from Africa sequenced for the first time
84 Scientists discover essential amino acid sensor in key growth-regulating metabolic pathway
85 Severity of skin psoriasis linked to blood vessel inflammation, cardiovascular risk
86 Diet supplement keeps circadian clock from slowing down in aging mice
87 Aged neurons can now be generated using stem cell technology
88 Researchers learn how to grow old brain cells
89 Immune studies suggest remedies for parathyroid hormone-driven bone loss
90 Certain blood markers may indicate early signs of kidney disease
91 Surgical resection prolongs survival for patients whose melanoma has spread to the abdomen
92 Helmeted bicycle riders have significantly reduced severity of injury after an accident
93 Many colonoscopy patients do not accurately recall important exam details as time lapses
94 Role of breast cell infection in flu transmission between mothers and breast-feeding ferrets
95 Risks and benefits of hysterectomy with electric power morcellation vary with age
96 In the sex lives of male worms in the lab, 1 gene makes a big difference
97 A long look back at fishes' extendable jaws
98 Epigenetic algorithm accurately predicts male sexual orientation
99 Common gene variant linked to chromosome errors and early pregnancy loss
100 Smoking and heavy alcohol use are associated with epigenetic signs of aging
101 MacGyver this! New dyi experiment shows students the physics of climate change
102 Lab-grown 3-D intestine regenerates gut lining in dogs
103 Therapy reduces the risk of fragility fractures by 40 percent
104 NASA measuring the pulsating aurora
105 Mysterious ripples found racing through planet-forming disk
106 Student collaboration leads to first results describing sick sea star immune response
107 Johns Hopkins biologist leads research shedding light on stem cells
108 Sex is more likely on days college students use marijuana or binge drink
109 Research points to possible fungal control for leaf-cutter ants
110 Treating aortic aneurysms through virtual reality