File Title
1 Nanoparticles could boost effectiveness and reduce side effects of allergy shots
2 The life and times of domesticated cheese-making fungi
3 Molecular diagnostics at home
4 In the dark polar winter, the animals aren't sleeping
5 After 100 years in captivity, a look at the world's last truly wild horses
6 Researchers uncover genetic basis for kin recognition in mice
7 New methodology tracks changes in DNA methylation in real time at single-cell resolution
8 The Micronesia Challenge: Sustainable coral reefs and fisheries
9 Nearly half of U.S. seafood supply is wasted, study shows
10 Curbing short-lived pollutants: A win-win for climate and air quality
11 Shooting lightning out of the sky
12 Icelandic volcano's toxic gas is triple that of Europe's industry
13 Climate change consensus extends beyond climate scientists
14 Tiny plankton can play a major role in carbon dioxide storage in the oceans
15 Blacklists protect the rainforest
16 Cold snap: Climate cooling and sea-level changes caused crocodilian retreat
17 Better trap for greenhouse gases
18 Tiny carbon-capturing motors may help tackle rising carbon dioxide levels
19 Dirty, crusty meals fit for (long-dormant) soil microbes
20 Stem cell research hints at evolution of human brain
21 Enamel evolved in the skin and colonized the teeth much later
22 9,000-year-old ritualized decapitation found in Brazil
23 Giant killer lizard fossil shines new light on early Australians
24 New study highlights valuable tool for studying living and extinct animals
25 How to find out about the human mind through stone
26 New synthesis method imitates the way molecules were formed at the dawn of life on Earth
27 'Lost world' of cold weather dinosaurs discovered
28 Earliest evidence of ancient North American salmon fishing verified
29 How a frog's molecules 'leaped,' and 'crawled,' to evolve violet vision
30 100 years to find a cure: Can the process be accelerated?
31 'Immune camouflage' may explain H7N9 influenza vaccine failure
32 Fewer patients die at fully accredited hospitals
33 Significant differences in frailty found by region, by race among older Americans
34 Calorie consumption: Do numbers or graphics encourage diners to eat less?
35 Culture during childhood shapes family planning
36 Common group identity motivates integration efforts
37 Negative spiritual beliefs associated with more pain and worse physical, mental health
38 Almost one-third of families of children with cancer have unmet basic needs during treatment
39 Possible contributor to the virulence of the 1918 flu pandemic discovered
40 Watch out: If you've got a smart watch, hackers could get your data
41 How to take better workday breaks
42 Squabbles at work may be result of office design
43 How to beat the climate crisis? Start with carrots
44 Scents sell: The sweet smell of success
45 Raising pay can reduce smoking rates
46 Wide-ranging networking boosts employee creativity
47 Working long hours linked to higher risk of stroke
48 Passion for your job? If not, it's attainable
49 Why collaboration may encourage corporate corruption
50 Digital textbook analytics can predict student outcomes, study finds
51 Training more effective teachers through alternative pathways
52 Sex differences in academic faculty rank, institutional support for biomedical research
53 Not all rhythmic skills are related, which may have implications for language ability
54 Choice of college major influences lifetime earnings more than simply getting a degree
55 Additional time spent outdoors by children results in decreased rate of nearsightedness
56 Learning is not a spectator sport
57 Tutoring relieves math anxiety, changes fear circuits in children
58 Snapshot of Americans' knowledge of science
59 Poor motor skills in two-year-olds could indicate slow development in mathematical proficiency
60 New research on attractiveness and mating
61 3-D printed guide helps regrow complex nerves after injury
62 Modern parenting may hinder brain development, research suggests
63 Immune system may be pathway between nature and good health
64 Making 3-D objects disappear: Ultrathin invisibility cloak created
65 Converging black holes in Virgo constellation
66 Quantum teleportation: World record of 100 kilometers
67 'Tree of life' for 2.3 million species released
68 Ocean's wildlife populations down by half
69 Pre-reptile may be earliest known to walk upright on all fours
70 Simulation suits teach medical students empathy
71 Glider backers report successful test in quest for stratosphere
72 Brain-computer link enables paralyzed California man to walk
73 Nobel Prize predictions see honors for gene editing technology
74 Fish scales to fangs: Surprising tale of how teeth got their bite
75 AbbVie scraps Galapagos deal to focus on own arthritis drug
76 Over long term, diet and exercise are best to prevent diabetes
77 'TraumaMan' helps doctors save humans, spares animals
78 Amgen's leukemia drug gets conditional European approval
79 Kenya Airways resumes West Africa flights banned due to Ebola
80 Obama, Xi lay out joint vision for global climate agreement
81 EPA says to take tougher stance on auto emissions tests
82 ADB says to double funds for Asia-Pacific climate mitigation by 2020
83 New China air pollution laws may hit aluminum ingredient
84 China's pilot CO2 markets look to expand as national trading looms
85 New iPhones hit stores, record sales expected in first weekend
86 BlackBerry posts weaker-than-expected results, pledges revenue gain
87 Google faces renewed U.S. antitrust scrutiny, this time over Android
88 New iPhone 6s to hit stores Friday in test for Apple
89 Sprint could be 'formidable' after merger with cable company, CEO says
90 Human Ancestors' Hearing Was Similar to Chimpanzees' 2 Million Years Ago
91 Virtual Body Made from Woman Cut into 5,000 Slices, Most Detailed Reconstruction to Date
92 Przewalski's Horses: Genome of Last Wild Horses on Earth Helps Solve Evolutionary Mysteries
93 Cannabis 'Forest': London Authorities Discover Patch of Cannabis in Isolated Location
94 Arctic Winter Darkness Doesn't Mean the Animals Go to Bed
95 Don Pellmann: Modern Marvel, 100-Year Old Athlete, Contributor to NASA Apollo Program
96 Pluto's 'Snakeskin,' 'Dragon Scales' Captured in New Horizons' Latest Hi-Res Photos
97 Feel Good Songs: 10 All-Time 'Feel Good' Songs, According to Science (VIDEOS)
98 Veil Nebula: Hubble Space Telescope's Tryst with an Exploded Star (VIDEO)
99 Czar Nicholas II: Remains Exhumed, Murder Case Reopened After New Bodies Found
100 Brain-Wave System: Paralyzed Man Walks Thanks to Brain Wave Technology
101 Mona Lisa's Bones Found?
102 Giant Killer Lizards Likely Terrorized Ice Age Australians
103 Defects in Liquid Crystals Could Be Used to Create Incredible Nanostructures and Materials
104 Rosetta Spots Water Cycle on Comet; Weather Pattern Linked to Sunlight
105 Study: Why Babies Smile Researched Using Robot Baby
106 Thermal 'Invisibility Cloak' Redirects Heat
107 Flu Develops in the Roof of Your Mouth, Scientists Say
108 Barrier Reef-Destroying Starfish Could Be Battled with Household Vinegar
109 Tooth Enamel May Have Originated in the Skin Millions of Years Ago
110 Massive Bee Swarm Hospitalizes 4 in Arizona Neighborhood