File Title
1 Penn study stops vision loss in late-stage canine X-linked retinitis pigmentosa
2 Forecasters look higher for clues to winter weather
3 Farmers' responses to crises key to informing effective food security policy
4 No proof that 85 percent of depression treatment apps accredited by NHS actually work
5 Extreme weight loss tactics among UK cage fighters prompt alarm and call for action
6 Scientists uncover 4 different types of bowel cancer
7 'Beeting' high altitude symptoms with beet juice
8 Global marine analysis suggests food chain collapse
9 Turncoat protein regulates sensitivity of breast cancer cells to drug
10 Acrylamide exposure from smokeless tobacco dwarfed by dietary exposure or smoking
11 Elevated blood-sugar levels in pregnancy tied to baby's heart-defect risk
12 New research discovers that drinking cranberry juice may protect the heart
13 Vines add surprising variable to tropical forest carbon storage
14 Study examines concussion-like symptom reporting in uninjured athletes
15 Study analyzes use of 7 low-value services in Choosing Wisely campaign
16 First comprehensive profile of non-protein-coding RNAs in human cancers
17 Dielectric film has refractive index close to air
18 Ebola treatment beds prevented 57,000 Ebola cases and 40,000 deaths in Sierra Leone
19 Vaccinating children may be cost-effective for tackling flu
20 New study reveals key differences in brain activity in people with anorexia nervosa
21 More extreme weather projected in the Amazon could have global climate consequences
22 Cardiac patients receive comparable care from physicians, advanced practice providers
23 DNA coils, uncoils, and writhes to drive cell activity
24 How hallucinations emerge from trying to make sense of an ambiguous world
25 Children born in the summer more likely to be healthy adults
26 Establishment of systems metabolic engineering strategies to develop microbial strains
27 HIV drugs provide added benefit of protecting against hepatitis B virus
28 Another reason to drink red wine every day
29 Red wine with dinner can improve cardiovascular health of people with type 2 diabetes
30 Tiny thrusters, safer seafood, and novel fungicidal treatments at plasma physics meeting
31 Trends in travel over 5 decades: We're traveling farther but not more often
32 Comprehensive genomic study provides evidence that dengue has become endemic and diverse in China
33 Sight set on tracking threatened species: QUT research
34 Lifestyle factors driving more bowel cancer deaths in European men, trends study shows
35 To reach CO2, energy goals, combine technologies with stable policies: World electricity firms
36 American businesses relied on technology to buoy firms during crisis
37 Higher dose flu shot decreases hospitalization of older nursing home residents
38 Genetic variant shown to influence women's body shape and diabetes risk
39 Hard-to-detect chromosomal anomalies explain neurodevelopmental birth defects
40 New tool expands tracking of personal data on the Web
41 Blood clotting protein triggers immune attack on the brain
42 New study provides key insights into aspirin's disease-fighting abilities
43 Field widens for environments, microbes that produce toxic form of mercury
44 Paleoclimate researchers find connection between carbon cycles, climate trends
45 New paper explores America's obession with Steve Jobs
46 Geothermal energy: Look to the Denver-Julesberg Basin
47 Pressure to 'publish or perish' may discourage innovative research, UCLA study suggests
48 Nurses could help cut smoking rates in China, according to UCLA-led study
49 Scientists produce shortest electron bunches ever by surfing plasma waves
50 Researchers develop deep-learning method to predict daily activities
51 A better way to read the genome
52 Threat posed by 'pollen thief' bees uncovered
53 UV light robots cut c. diff transmissions by 25 percent on cancer patient floors
54 Antiviral compound provides full protection from Ebola virus in nonhuman primates
55 Moffitt researchers develop novel theoretical approach to reduce antibiotic resistance
56 Pain is in the brain
57 Registry data used to examine cardiac rehab participation, remote monitoring
58 Controllable protein gates deliver on-demand permeability in artificial nanovesicles
59 Magnet hospitals better patient experiences may positively enhance reimbursement
60 Novel compound turns off mutant cancer gene in animals with leukemia
61 Could 'The Day After Tomorrow' happen?
62 Floppy but fast
63 A cure for vitamin B6 deficiency
64 3-D image of cancer protein aids quest for new treatments
65 Scientists pave way for diamonds to trace early cancers
66 Scientists paint quantum electronics with beams of light
67 Single atom alloy platinum-copper catalysts cut costs, boost green technology
68 Adoption of streamlined breast cancer treatment has stagnated, study finds
69 Ecotourism can put wild animals at risk, scientists say
70 Antioxidants cause malignant melanoma to metastasize faster
71 Unexpected information about Earth's climate history from Yellow River sediment
72 Greenland's ice sheet plumbing system revealed
73 Immune gene prevents Parkinson's disease and dementia
74 HIV discovery--biomarkers predict virus return when treatment is stopped
75 Carbohydrate-binding proteins mitigate parasitic infection in heart tissue
76 Researchers gauge heritability of childhood-onset autoimmune diseases
77 Chance effect of lab's fluorescent lights leads to discovery
78 Tripped up by a bug: Infection may cause falls, especially in older people, study suggests
79 Antibiotic stewardship reduces C. diff in hospitalized children
80 Vaccines: Don't leave home without them
81 Exercise and stop smoking to improve depression after heart attack
82 Horn of Africa drying ever faster as climate warms
83 Sea turtles face plastic pollution peril
84 Is the eco-tourism boom putting wildlife in a new kind of danger?
85 Geneticists reconstruct population history of New York City
86 Teens value results of genetic tests to inform future life decisions
87 Researchers study costs of integrating genetic sequencing into clinical care
88 Researchers use gut bacteria composition to genetically classify colorectal tumors
89 Knit it, braid it, turn it on and use it!
90 When should pediatric residents consult supervisors on issues that come up after hours?
91 Adult high blood pressure risk identifiable in childhood
92 Opposites don't attract when learning how to use a prosthesis
93 Molecular characteristics of mammalian melanopsins for non-visual photoreception
94 Plant biosensor could help African farmers fight parasitic 'witchweed'
95 UNC-Chapel Hill researchers reveal type of vaginal bacteria that protects women from HIV
96 Presenting options to patients: Menu approach good for patients and physicians
97 Caution: Shrinks when warm
98 FIGO calls for treatment developed at Wayne State to fight worldwide preterm birth
99 D&R: A new adipogenic cocktail that produces functional adipocytes from MSCs
100 Wet paleoclimate of Mars revealed by ancient lakes at Gale Crater
101 Federal truck size and weight study falls short of congressional requirements, says new report
102 'This enormous burden': Controlling cervical cancer in Latin America
103 Menopause diminishes impact of good cholesterol
104 Study ties restless legs syndrome to heart, kidney problems
105 Quantifying the impact of climate on ecosystems worldwide
106 Beetles provide clues about the genetic foundations of parenthood
107 Study sheds light on protecting transgender individuals from suicide
108 Protecting newborn brains using hypothermia
109 Researchers create 'leukemia in a dish' to better study it
110 Ben-Gurion U. and MIT researchers develop rapid method for water, soil pathogen screening