File Title
1 Blocking enzymes in hair follicles promotes hair growth
2 Researchers hack off-the-shelf 3-D printer towards rebuilding the heart
3 Researchers catch Comet Lovejoy giving away alcohol
4 Alzheimer risk impairs 'satnav' function of the brain
5 What dreams may come: End of life dreams may be comforting
6 Light exposure linked to weight gain in children
7 New methane-metabolizing organisms discovered 600 meters below sea surface
8 Toxins remain in your clothes
9 Basic understanding of plants: Cellular damage control system helps plants tough it out
10 Astronomers peer inside stars, finding giant magnets
11 DNA research reveals new function of histones
12 Bacteriophage treatment decontaminates infant formula
13 A new algorithm to predict the dynamic language of proteins
14 Optical scanner shows potential for real-time 3-D breast cancer screening
15 ACL injuries increase among school-aged children and adolescents
16 Roadblocks to mental health services for adolescents affected by bullying
17 Gap in awareness of return-to-play practices following youth sport head hits
18 Do as I say, not as I show: Ads in parenting magazines don't always illustrate safe practices
19 Birth tourism in the United States delivers complex medical cases in neonatal units
20 More than 25 percent of women giving birth who test positive for marijuana also using other drugs
21 Most parents form vaccination preferences before becoming pregnant
22 Injuries from nonpowder guns severe among children
23 A longer look at treatments for leg length discrepancies
24 New rule that limits tackling during football practices knocks down concussions
25 Skin-to-skin contact with baby in neonatal unit decreases maternal stress levels
26 Toddler's rare disease identified and treated using precision medicine
27 Exposure to secondhand smoke linked to increased risk of tooth decay in young children
28 People can raise their pain threshold by altering brain chemistry, study in arthritis patients shows
29 Protein successfully targets Alzheimer's in mice
30 Depression too often reduced to a checklist of symptoms
31 More than one in five anaphylactic reactions occur in students with no known allergies
32 Splitting human embryos to produce twins for IVF may not be viable
33 Drivers, don't smile for the camera when sleepy
34 Feeling emotionally attached to work leads to improved well-being
35 New insights into REM sleep crack an enduring mystery
36 Unhealthy pregnancy weight gain tips the scales for mothers seven years later
37 Babies' babbles reflect their own involvement in language development
38 Study combats 'anxiety' as barrier to breast cancer screening
39 Up to 27 seconds of inattention after talking to your car or smartphone
40 When queuing in a supermarket, who do you let go first?
41 Failing to account for climate change in mining land reclamation may cost billions
42 Canadian researchers find geothermal heat pumps most feasible in Halifax, Nova Scotia
43 Halloysite: Finally a promising natural nanomaterial?
44 Manipulating wrinkles could lead to graphene semiconductors
45 Wood-based alternatives in chemistry
46 Physicists learn how to control the movement of electrons in a molecule
47 Sensing small molecules may revolutionize drug design
48 Scalable quantum computer design
49 Capacitor breakthrough
50 Cooling the air with sunlight
51 Hubble spies Big Bang frontiers
52 Scientists predict cool new phase of superionic ice
53 Magneticum Pathfinder: Evolution of the universe in unmatched precision
54 Astronomers catch a black hole shredding a star to pieces
55 Cosmic 'Death Star' is destroying a planet
56 Anammox synthesizes 'rocket fuel' hydrazine with special protein
57 Milky Way photo with 46 billion pixels: researchers compile the largest astronomical image of all time
58 Final kiss of two stars heading for catastrophe
59 You too can learn to farm on Mars
60 First movie of stellar-surface evolution beyond our Solar System
61 Cyberattacks studied through the lens of EEG and eye tracking
62 Faster optimization of computer algorithms
63 A friendly robot: Robot adjusts path to keep out of the way of people
64 Scientists gain insight into origin of tungsten-ditelluride's magnetoresistance
65 Mathematically modeling the mind
66 Slow emitters transformed into fast light sources
67 Robot adapts voice and gestures just to get attention from you
68 For young patients with spina bifida, smartphone app improves self-management
69 Virtual K-pop dance teacher developed to make dance learning easier
70 Subliminal effect of facial color on fearful faces
71 Scientists urge policymakers to plant more trees to save Britain's rivers from climate change
72 Deadly fish virus still present in Wisconsin lake
73 How parasites take a bigger bite
74 Growing up without parents makes endangered birds more flexible
75 Advances in genetic studies of birds are changing ornithology research
76 Secret nocturnal lives of wood thrushes
77 Bats important to survival of rare frog, other species
78 Prawns reveal the secrets of innovation
79 Effects of federal recommendations on cartilage repair studies in large animal models
80 Field to fork, potato harvest reduced by half
81 Is freshwater supply more dependent on good governance than geography?
82 Concrete innovation makes Seattle skyscraper stable
83 Is climate change responsible for more salt in the North Atlantic?
84 Japanese sea defense guidelines could assist other tsunami-prone nations, study suggests
85 Formation of coastal sea ice in North Pacific drives ocean circulation, climate
86 Carbon canopy: Study shows that tree planting alone may not significantly offset urban carbon emissions
87 First field observations of rare Omura's whales
88 Deep-sea bacteria could help neutralize greenhouse gas
89 'Green' buildings bring in more green
90 Evaporation takes place differently than previously thought: Implications for global warming
91 Plague in humans 'twice as old' but didn't begin as flea-borne, ancient DNA reveals
92 Being rich in the Middle Ages led to an unhealthy life
93 New giant tortoise species found in Galapagos
94 Tiny DNA building block is identical regardless of species
95 Surprising source for ancient life biomarker
96 Oxygen levels and the rise of fire
97 76-million-year-old extinct species of pig-snouted turtle unearthed in Utah
98 New 'geospeedometer' confirms super-eruptions have short fuses
99 New species find in Central Otago confirms link between Australian and South American shorebirds
100 Fossils reveal humans were greater threat than climate change to Caribbean wildlife
101 Health food stores recommend teens try performance supplement not recommended under 18
102 Leprosy and elephantiasis: New cases could be prevented in 10 years
103 Study reveals poor levels of use, availability, affordability of vital heart medicines
104 New study characterizes pediatric ED visits attributed to contact with law enforcement
105 Study provides more precise estimates of cancer risks associated with low level radiation
106 Study reveals why malaria vaccine only partially protected children, infants
107 Advocating for raising the smoking age to 21
108 Research points way to more bat-friendly roads and railways
109 Plastic litter taints the sea surface, even in the Arctic
110 National contributions provide entry point for the low-carbon transformation