File Title
1 Sea Stars: Researchers Study Immune Response to Deadly Disease
2 Paris and Smog: Car-Free Day Decreases Emissions by Nearly 40%
3 Sea Turtles Threatened by Plastic Pollution, Researchers Say
4 Humpback: NOAA Recently Spotted Hawaii's First Humpback of Season
5 Vines Are Strangling Trees and Reducing Carbon Storage, Researchers Say
6 Light Pollution: How It Makes Animals Feel, What to Do
7 Chernobyl: Not the Only Wildlife Spot with a Wild Past (Or Present)
8 Ancient Ethiopian Man's Genome Sheds Light on African Ancestry
9 Journey to Mars: NASA Reveals Next Steps Towards the Red Planet
10 Antarctic Ice Melt Will Double by 2050, Say Experts
11 Anti-Vaxxers: Images of Sick Children Can Change Their Minds
12 Stonehenge Artifacts Shed Light on Ancient Diet of Builders, Researchers Say
13 Mars and Craters: Gale and Eberswalde Craters and More Information
14 Humpback and Aurora Borealis: Rare Norwegian Footage from News Photographer [WATCH]
15 Slime Mold: Documentary Creeping Garden Shows Non-Fungi World [NEW FILM] [VIDEO]
16 Poisoned Fruit: Caramel Apples Can Give You Listeria
17 Ozone-Destroyer: Significant Drop in Harmful Gas
18 Water-Consumption: New Mobile App Shows Maps of World Water Use
19 Jurassic Sprinters: Hot Evidence for Debate on Dino Speed
20 Spring Expected Earlier or Later this Year? Scientists Have Answer Ahead of Groundhogs
21 Moon: Mound on Moon's South Pole Rose Up in Massive Volcanic Impact?
22 Pregnant Chimp Adopts Best Girlfriend's Orphaned Newborn in Australian Zoo [VIDEO]
23 Species Recovery? Puerto Rican Parrots and 'Too Many Eggs'
24 Fossil Teeth Suggest Early Humans Settled in China First, Not Europe, Researchers Say
25 Forests: Protected and 'Intact' Forests Fell at 'Alarming' Rate 2000-2012, Says Study
26 Endangered Mexican Gray Wolf: Up to 10 Will Be Released in New Mexico in 2016
27 Genetically Engineered Virus Could Boost Solar Cell Efficiency, New Study Shows [VIDEO]
28 Woolly Mammoth Extinction: Excess Hunting Killed Them, Not Climate Change [VIDEO]
29 Ancient Environment Modeling Helps Shed Light on Evolution, Researchers Say
30 Moon Tree: A Tree from Seeds Taken to Space Needs Help, in Idaho
31 Fall Migration: How to Save an Injured Bird
32 California Redwood Relocation: Earth's Largest Trees Shift Northward with Climate Change
33 Green Design: New House Raises Tilapia, Monitors Water Use
34 Butterflies: Extinction by 2050? Habitat Pointers, Too.
35 New Coffee Tree Species Discovered Just Two Years Ago Already Endangered, Researchers Say
36 Fossils Show Humans, Not Climate, Affected More Caribbean Island Creatures
37 Marine Preserves: More Must Be Done to Protect Ocean, Say Researchers
38 Coral and Sunscreen: Chemical in 3,500 Products Washes into Ocean, Kills Coral
39 Sea Ice and Circulation: North Pacific Sea Ice Plays Significant Role, New Research Says
40 Big Bang and More: Life on Earth Likely Began 300 Million Years Earlier, Researchers Say
41 Fish and Adaptation: Mangrove Fish Jumps into Air in Warming Water
42 Mass Extinctions Directly Linked to Comet and Asteroid Showers, Say Researchers
43 Maples and the Adirondacks: Searching for Growth Decline Reasons
44 Asteroid and Spacecraft: NASA Craft for Bennu Trip in Testing [VIDEO]
45 New Giant Tortoise Found on the Galapagos Islands; Better Conservation Called for, Researchers Say
46 Hannah Morris Introduces Us to Homo Naledi [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW AND PHOTOS]
47 Endangered Porpoise: Vaquita Survey Launched by Mexico and World Scientists
48 Bees and Social Insects: Highly Complex Chemical Communications
49 Dolphins and Noise Pollution: Using Lots More Energy to 'Holler' Over Ship Noise
50 Cats Have Seven Bitter Taste Receptors that Make Them Picky Eaters, Researchers Say
51 Water Pollution: Orange Peels Can Suck Up Mercury, New Study Shows
52 Rare Tortoise Twins Thrive After Hatching in New Jersey [VIDEO]
53 Crocodiles Keep One Eye Open as They Sleep, New Study Shows
54 Himalaya Mountains Face Water Scarcity from Climate Change, Researchers Say
55 Berlin candy store offers 3D printed sweet treats
56 Lockheed-Boeing rocket firm poised for rare commercial launch
57 Substance found to curb fuel fireballs from air and vehicle crashes
58 Double trouble: asteroid, volcanoes implicated in dinosaur doom
59 Deadly piglet virus may have entered U.S. on 'reusable' feed bags: USDA
60 Moon Express contracts Rocket Lab for launches to land spacecraft on the moon
61 Student-built solar motorbikes hit the road in Kenya
62 General Electric producing science fiction podcast series
63 Egypt's lost Queen Nefertiti may lie concealed in King Tut's tomb
64 Atlas rocket blasts off with Mexican communications satellite
65 ULA needs relief on Russian engines before GPS launch bid: CEO
66 Big gulp: feeding strategy of blue whales revealed
67 Six experts vie for top U.N. climate science job
68 Welsh stem cell firm wins fast-track filing path in Europe
69 Biofuel from whisky byproducts better than ethanol, says maker
70 Post-apocalyptic 'beaver' thrived after dinosaurs died
71 Beating parasites wins three scientists Nobel prize for medicine
72 Heating up hair science
73 Nature thrives in Chernobyl, site of worst nuclear disaster
74 Newly identified human ancestor was handy with tools
75 Nobel prize for solving puzzle of ghostly neutrino particles
76 Israeli team signs first launch deal in Google moon race
77 Ruffling the feathers: scientists formulate bird family tree
78 Brain trauma widespread among high school football players, researchers say
79 El Nino brings welcome rains to Chile's farmers, ski resorts
80 DNA research deployed in war on cancer scoops Nobel prize
81 Nobel discoveries on DNA repair now fueling cancer drug research
82 Atlas rocket blasts off with U.S. spy satellite and 13 mini-satellites
83 NASA Mars rover finds clear evidence for ancient, long-lived lakes
84 Pentagon sees decision soon on Russian rocket engine waiver
85 Ancient Ethiopian man's genome illuminates ancestry of Africans
86 Experts caution on study citing method to predict sexual orientation
87 SpaceX raps ULA bid to get U.S. waiver for Russian engines
88 Nestle spends $70 million on U.S. health science hub
89 Nobel laureate chemist Richard Heck, 84, dies in Manila
90 Florida circus elephants find second career in research
91 Gene editing could pave way for pig organ transplants: U.S. study
92 Chilean scientists create contraceptive vaccine for dogs
93 Astronauts test high definition 4K camera in space
94 Repaired SpaceX rocket to fly by early December, company says
95 Solar plane prepares for Amazon mission
96 Israeli engineer designs grounded drone delivery service
97 Lilly pill trumps Humira in arthritis study
98 'Cute furball' is best-preserved mammal from dinosaur age
99 Bronze Age cemetery unearthed in southwestern Poland
100 What a nightmare: sleep no more plentiful in primitive cultures
101 Teeth from Chinese cave recast history of early human migration
102 Stair-climbing wheelchair offers alternative to lifts and ramps
103 Prawn sex-change boosts male yields, say scientists
104 Solar powered car racers set off in Australian challenge
105 Ancient crystal suggests life on Earth appeared 4.1 billion years ago
106 Obama, budding astronomers look at moon, dream of Mars at White House
107 Sunscreen ingredient toxic to coral, killing off reefs: research
108 One tough bird: vulture's genes help it thrive on rotting flesh
109 Robot builder designed for construction sites
110 Einstein wouldn't like it: New test proves universe is "spooky"
111 Shell game: New species of Galapagos giant tortoise identified
112 Cuba launches initiative to protect sharks
113 'Black Death' germ has afflicted humankind longer than suspected
114 Scientist eats, drinks and paints simultaneously
115 Howl of a good time: Deep monkey roars come with intimate secret