File Title
1 Hot, dense material surrounds O-type star with largest magnetic field known
2 Radio telescopes could spot stars hidden in the galactic center
3 Comet surface changes before Rosetta's eyes
4 Pairs of supermassive black holes in galaxies may be rarer than previously thought
5 DESI, an ambitious probe of dark energy, achieves its next major milestone
6 Astronomers identify a new mid-size black hole
7 The fact and fiction of Martian dust storms
8 Image: Hubble observes galaxies' evolution in slow motion
9 Researchers propose new way to chart the cosmos in 3D
10 Pluto stuns in spectacular new backlit panorama
11 NASA pushes first flight of Orion spacecraft with crew to 2023
12 New support for converging black holes in Virgo constellation
13 Advanced LIGO to begin operations
14 Advanced alien civilizations rare or absent in the local universe
15 A shy galactic neighbor
16 Watching an exoplanet in motion around a distant star
17 Nearby red dwarfs could reveal planet secrets
18 Solar Observatory discovers its 3,000th comet
19 How to build the world's fastest car
20 Learning language by playing games
21 Researchers present a special gel for touchscreen buttons
22 New cathode material creates possibilities for sodium-ion batteries
23 Millions more government fingerprints deemed stolen (Update)
24 Soldiers crossing with Soft Exosuit tech to lighten fatigue
25 Regular dusting bolsters solar panel performance
26 Sodium-ion batteries are potential power technology of future
27 3-D printing: WASP praises Maker Economy model of home fabrication
28 With iPhone launch, Apple eyes better customer connection
29 Robot revolution sweeps China's factory floors
30 Quadcopter and Quadruped story ends with smooth landing
31 Doppler radar tech device for baseball measures pitching speed
32 Apple revving work on electric car
33 Printing lightweight, flexible, and functional materials
34 4-D technology allows self-folding of complex objects
35 AI system solves SAT geometry questions as well as average human test taker
36 Study says Fukushima disaster was preventable
37 'SafePay': First anti-fraud system to use existing credit card readers
38 Quadrocopter news: Flying machines build a bridge out of rope
39 Fuel savings can pay for green energy shift
40 Human-powered speedbike in Nevada challenge breaks record
41 Ad-blocking on iPhones chips at website money model
42 Apple explores rules of the road for self-driving cars
43 Hacking sends shivers through brave new world of digital cars
44 Researchers isolate compounds and esters given off by dying humans
45 Liquid crystals show potential for detection of neuro-degenerative disease
46 Researchers develop a library of elastin-like proteins to help in creating synthetic designs
47 The world's nitrogen fixation, explained
48 New synthesis method imitates the way molecules were formed at the dawn of life on Earth
49 Chemists create switchable gold catalyst
50 Ultrafast lasers offer 3-D micropatterning of biocompatible silk hydrogels
51 Molecular diagnostics at home: Chemists design rapid, simple, inexpensive tests using DNA
52 Open-science van der Waals interaction calculations enable mesoscale design and assembly
53 Ecofriendly catalyst for a certain type of precious metal-mediated chemical reaction discovered
54 Vertically aligned carbon nanotubes can chemically trap, store greenhouse gases more effectively than typical materials
55 Sophisticated computer simulation shows image of molecular dynamics in cells
56 Study of PEGylated model protein reveals porous structure based on PEG size
57 A fast cell sorter shrinks to cell phone size
58 Digestible batteries needed to power electronic pills
59 Proteins assemble and disassemble on command
60 Team develops method for scaling up production of thin electronic material
61 Researchers redefine the rules of chemistry
62 3-D printed guide helps regrow complex nerves after injury
63 Tuning polymer interpenetration
64 Enzymatic micromotor-driven CO2 sequestration in water
65 A 'home run' approach: Team finds new ways to synthesize HIV inhibitor
66 New method for modifying natural polymers could help bring lifesaving medications to market
67 Inexpensive new catalysts can be fine-tuned
68 Forensic investigation of uranium from German nuclear projects from the 1940s
69 In the dark polar winter, the animals aren't sleeping
70 Researchers uncover genetic basis for kin recognition in mice
71 The life and times of domesticated cheese-making fungi
72 Researchers fail to replicate STAP study; computational analysis reveals genomic inconsistency
73 Physiologists uncover a new code at the heart of biology
74 Mantis shrimp found to spar safely with deadly weapons
75 The hidden evolutionary relationship between pigs and primates revealed by genome-wide study of transposable elements
76 A gene that makes male mosquitoes more fertile could also increase malaria transmission
77 Research uncovers microsopic key to reducing ocean dead zones
78 Love's labors: Study shows male lizards risk becoming lunch for a bird to attract a mate
79 Correlations and imbalances between mother's state and offspring sex ratios
80 New research finds that people emit their own personal microbial cloud
81 Burying beetles: Could being a good father send you to an early grave?
82 AG1 gene controls rice seed sugar availability, survival when underwater
83 Dirty, crusty meals fit for (long-dormant) microbes
84 Is climate change killing American starfish?
85 Building a biofuel-boosting Swiss Army knife
86 Team re-engineers virus to deliver therapies to cells
87 How a frog's molecules 'leaped,' and 'crawled,' to evolve violet vision
88 Species extinction can doom parasites important for ecosystem health
89 Protein-based sensor could detect viral infection or kill cancer cells
90 Study: It's not cheating unless a species gets hurt
91 Symbiosis bacteria produce a variety of toxins that appear to save mussels from being eaten
92 Student tackles labeling RNA without genetic modification
93 Can your sense of smell predict when you'll die?
94 Female genital cutting is based on private values rather than social norms
95 Women's perceptions of professional advancement may influence career outcomes
96 Cold snap: Climate cooling and sea-level changes caused crocodilian retreat
97 Enamel evolved in the skin and colonized the teeth much later
98 Giant killer lizard fossil shines new light on early Australians
99 New duck-billed dinosaur found in Alaska, researchers say (Update)
100 Gender affects awarding of research funding
101 Earliest evidence of ancient North American salmon fishing verified
102 British Egyptologist on quest to find Nefertiti's tomb
103 Israeli archaeologists may have found fabled Maccabees tomb
104 Best of Last Week--Dark matter hiding in stars, a new tree of life and smarter bike pedaling
105 Africa's earliest known coelacanth found in Eastern Cape
106 America's Stonehenge: New Hampshire rocks history or hoax?
107 Researchers determine how groups make decisions
108 Study suggests elite in US favor efficiency over equality
109 'Living fossil' genome decoded
110 Bee stings, research that makes you go 'huh?' win Ig Nobels (Update)