File Title
1 Namaste, yogis: Yoga as effective as traditional pulmonary rehab in patients with COPD
2 First mouse model of spontaneous depression-like episodes shows new candidate brain region
3 How stereotypes hurt
4 Survey results show 83 percent of patients receiving chemotherapy may be unnecessarily suffering from chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting
5 Female rats struggle to find their way in BPA study from MU and the NCTR/FDA
6 Enforcement and communication campaigns key to optimizing results, saving lives through road safety laws
7 Nivolumab in melanoma: Added benefit in certain patients
8 Liver alcoholic cirrhosis: a major genetic advance
9 Cause of viral infection of the brain mapped out
10 Another dimension: 3-D cell growth opens new pathway for spinal cord repair
11 Systematic review examines potential health benefits of pear consumption
12 Team-based treatment is better for first episode psychosis
13 From good to bad with a copper switch: Here's the mechanism that creates prions, the 'bad' proteins
14 Trained medical interpreters can reduce errors in care for patients with limited English proficiency
15 Superbug infection greatest increase in children ages 1-5
16 Growing old can be risky business
17 Family risk of breast cancer does not affect psychosocial adjustment among pre-teen girls
18 A new way to starve lung cancer?
19 Inherent mindfulness linked to lower obesity risk, belly fat
20 UGR scientists patent an effective drug for treating breast, colon, and skin cancers
21 Leptin gene therapy 'may be better than dieting' for weight loss
22 Gene indicates higher risk of heart disease for women
23 Study provides more precise estimates of cancer risks associated with prolonged low level radiation exposure
24 Opt-out system for organ donation is well intentioned but misguided
25 Faecal transplants show promise, but need careful monitoring, say experts
26 Don't smile for the camera when sleepy: C study
27 Histone deacetylase 6 inhibition enhances oncolytic viral therapy
28 People with sedentary lifestyles are at increased risk of developing kidney disease
29 Mathematically modeling the mind
30 A 'hot' new development for ultracold magnetic sensors
31 First synthetic model of a bacterial outer membrane will support antibiotic development
32 Botox prevents heart problems following bypass surgery
33 Bangladesh health successes shift chronic diseases to poor
34 Internal fingerprint sensor peers inside fingertips for more surefire ID
35 Building immune system memory
36 HIV cure research: NIH scientists create 2-headed protein to deplete HIV reservoir
37 New Jersey scientists show brain connectivity changes with working memory after TBI
38 Fly brains reveal the neural pathway by which outside stimuli become behavior
39 Researchers develop drug delivery technique to bypass blood-brain barrier
40 Researchers measure gait to reduce falls from glaucoma
41 More menopause-focused education required for doctors
42 YouTube videos on peripheral nerve pain may misguide patients
43 Africa more at risk from drug-resistant malaria than previously thought
44 Scientists crunch 'big data' to produce new catalog of cancer driver genes
45 Researchers find AKI a predictor of higher mortality rates for stroke patients
46 Two lefts make it right: Cardiac experts find novel approach to treat heart failure
47 Launch of Kavli HUMAN Project--Big Data to provide unprecedented insights on health and behavior
48 Research study validates neuroreader for accurate and fast measurement of brain volumes
49 San Diego team combats memory loss by enhancing brain function
50 76 of Australia's best new research fellows receive funding to fight dementia
51 Cleaner, safer medical equipment with metallic glass coatings
52 Study reveals poor levels of use, availability and affordability of vital heart medicines
53 Advances made against deadly infection complication, sepsis
54 Children's National creates first pediatric medical reserve corps in the United States
55 The vulture's scavenging secrets offer potential for improving human health
56 New research finds significant number of Americans not getting care at right hospitals
57 One in three Brits throw away unused medication, costing the NHS millions every year
58 Study shows Biscayne's GHRH agonists could increase the feasibility of beta cell transplants to treat type 1 diabetes
59 Keep moving to prevent osteoarthritis, say physicists
60 Study: Radiation therapy often underused for common type of non-hodgkin lymphoma, despite recommendations
61 New technique permits cell-specific examination of proteins in Alzheimer's disease brain tissue
62 FDA approves first Factor X concentrate to treat patients with rare hereditary bleeding disorder
63 Tracking down the secret of aging: How proteome analysis can help to slow down aging
64 Radiological method identifies hip patients who may need to be re-operated
65 Different memory resolutions map onto different brain locations
66 Daily aspirin could increase chance of pregnancy
67 Gardening therapy helps women on long-term sick leave return to work
68 Researchers develop virtual training tool to help doctors improve their communication skills
69 Nanoparticles could boost effectiveness and reduce side effects of allergy shots
70 Music proves to be a real hit in dementia project
71 Marijuana use has doubled in the US since 2001
72 Test could predict whether breast cancer will spread to the brain
73 Study reveals how brain multitasks
74 New research paves the way to begin developing a computer you can control with your mind
75 Hunting the Godzilla El Nino
76 Russian secret service to vet research papers
77 Neutrino study made key priority for US nuclear physics
78 Canadian election brings hope for science
79 Poo turns naked mole rats into better babysitters
80 Wellcome Trust unveils budget boost
81 Why biomedical superstars are signing on with Google
82 US astronomers rally to end sexual harassment
83 Success against blindness encourages gene therapy researchers
84 Cuba forges links with United States to save sharks
85 The lab that knows where your time really goes
86 Dead star spotted eating planetary leftovers
87 Genetics probe identifies new Galapagos tortoise species
88 Parasite mismatch explains mediocre performance of leading malaria vaccine
89 Bronze Age skeletons were earliest plague victims
90 Massive pool of US biomedical postdocs starts to shrink
91 Backlash after Frontiers journals added to list of questionable publishers
92 Malaria vaccine cautiously recommended for use in Africa
93 US astronomers stuck in grant-rejection cycle
94 Russian roulette
95 Pick and mix
96 Abstract thoughts
97 Indigenous peoples must benefit from science
98 Ancient civilization: Cracking the Indus script
99 Atmospheric chemistry: China's choking cocktail
100 Cancer: Why Elephants Have an Enhanced Resistance
101 Greenland Ice Sheet Has Unique 'Plumbing' System, New Study Shows
102 Everest: What Happens to Your Body 29,029 Feet Above Sea Level
103 Flatshark Day: Rays, Skates, Sawfish and Who They Are
104 Extinct Hippo-Sized Marine Animals Were Diverse and Ate like Vacuum Cleaners, Say Researchers
105 Rare Shellfish: Restoring Abalone to California
106 New Fish Species Found in the Salish Sea
107 Orca Baby: New Orca Born on West Coast
108 Eco-Tourism: An Unexpected Threat to Nature?
109 Northern Lights: Electrons Have Unexpected Role in Creating Pulsating Auroras, NASA Says
110 Ravens Cooperate with Surprising Intelligence, but Only with Friends