File Title
1 Nanodiamonds might prevent tooth loss after root canals
2 Premature birth appears to weaken brain connections
3 Daytime naps, rewards help cement memory, boost learning
4 Mechanism that 'melts' protein clumps may lead to new Parkinson's treatments
5 DNA sun protection
6 New UK study to recruit thousands of parkrunners
7 Rugby League needs to improve the welfare provision for its players, according to a new report
8 Preterm birth may weaken babies' brain connections
9 FDA approves Praxbind, the first reversal agent for the anticoagulant Pradaxa
10 New evidence on how deep brain stimulation works
11 New guidelines for physicians on transgender healthcare
12 Leadership needed on prison needle and syringe programs, Australia
13 Affimers shown to improve disease resistance in plants
14 People in vegetative state may be able to respond
15 Cancer-causing asbestos found in children's crayons
16 Study reveals a key role your gut bacteria play in body's self-defense
17 Better communication about sex is just as effective as "Female Viagra"
18 Stress in pregnancy can impact future generations
19 Praluent (alirocumab) now available for the treatment of adults with hypercholesterolaemia in the UK
20 Food allergy prevention: should we give infants peanuts?
21 Tualang honey supplements found to reduce harmful side effects of smoking
22 Good neighbours turn bad: Helper cells in the brain could hold the clue to Motor Neuron Disease
23 Leading researchers call for action on inhaled corticosteroid overuse in patients with COPD
24 Young babies don't experience tickles in the way you think they do
25 Nanotechnology inspires next-generation dental materials
26 Antiplatelet therapy with blood thinners reduces mortality for angioplasty patients
27 Low household income can increase risk of death after heart surgery
28 The smell of death can trigger fight or flight in humans
29 Medical profession urged to do more on physicians' ill health
30 Trial results show that "health risk assessment" benefits non-disabled elderly people
31 15 weeks pregnant: your pregnancy week by week
32 Leukemia cells can kill each other, study finds
33 Number of moles on right arm could predict risk of deadly skin cancer
34 NHS Blood and Transplant growing stem cells for ground breaking diabetes treatment
35 Research on 377,000 people worldwide highlights the role of genes in eczema
36 AAP: abstain from alcohol during pregnancy
37 Risks of LDCT LC screenings need to be assessed in 20- to 29-pack-year smokers
38 Active deformations of cell nuclei contribute to intra-nuclear architecture formations
39 Researchers learn how to steer the heart--with light
40 Team at Baylor College of Medicine successfully performs surgery on a human genome, changing how it is folded inside the cell nucleus
41 Diesel exhaust alters half of flower scents honey bees use to find food
42 Hearts age differently in men and women
43 High-fat diet may cause changes in the brain that lead to anxiety and depression
44 Hearing aids may help keep hearing-impaired older adults mentally sharp
45 Boosting levels of a key growth factor may help prevent cardiovascular disease
46 Low quality of life and depression may contribute to erectile dysfunction in men with sleep apnea
47 Gout risk high in patients with sleep apnea
48 Study examines the effects of childhood trauma on later sexual well-being
49 Studies address psychological and behavioral aspects of cancer care
50 Monkey model discovery could spur CMV vaccine development
51 Building and breaking synapses
52 The 20 lb. cereal box--how food on your counter can predict your weight
53 L.A.'s CicLAvia significantly improves air quality in host neighborhoods
54 Invasive staphylococcus aureus infections in hospitalized infants
55 Study reveals new, potent way to boost immunity and fight viruses
56 Seizures from solving Sudoku puzzles
57 Penn: Stressed dads affect offspring brain development through sperm microRNA
58 Physician-hospital financial integration associated with higher prices
59 Heavy drinkers and drugs users underestimate their levels of consumption compared to others'
60 Many parents unaware of plans for emergencies at preschools and child care centers
61 Gene could hold key to treating Parkinson's disease
62 ASTRO: Penn Medicine studies point to clinical advantages of proton therapy
63 Chronic abdominal pain: When bowels and brain are out of sorts
64 Study shows outreach increases completion of HPV vaccination series by adolescent girls
65 For low-risk prostate cancer a shortened RT schedule has similar benefit
66 Study of pregnancy complications finds refugee women in Ontario have higher rates of HIV
67 Porn: is it different for girls?
68 24 months of ATT improves survival for men with cancer recurrence after prostatectomy
69 Gene on-off switch works like backpack strap
70 Genomic ancestry linked to mate selection, study shows
71 Orange lichens are potential source for anticancer drugs
72 How mechanical stretching forces impact human vascular cells
73 Towards a safer epidural anaesthesia for dogs
74 Mapping the folding process of a single membrane protein
75 Revolutionary microscopic imaging technology reveals origins of leukaemia
76 How chickens walk holds clues to how they spread disease
77 IVF breakthrough: novel DNA test could more than double success rates
78 Deciding to not eat wheat could mask other digestive problems
79 Largest worldwide study on eczema
80 Yellow Alert app to promote early diagnosis of infant liver disease
81 EU Regulation on Medical Devices still poses dangers to patients' interests, says ESHG
82 New study provides insights into potential treatment of severe pain in Parkinson's disease with prolonged-release oxycodone/naloxone
83 Annual vs. biennial mammography and breast tumor prognostic characteristics
84 Muscle relaxant or opioid combined with NSAID does not improve low back pain
85 Preeclampsia associated with increased risk of heart defects in infants
86 Tdap vaccination during pregnancy following other recent tetanus-containing vaccine not associated with adverse outcomes
87 No association found between duration of storage of red blood cells transfused for cardiac surgery and risk of death
88 New guidelines for breast cancer screening age
89 The Canadian experience on pediatric liver disease: Early diagnosis is critical
90 Watching the inflammation process in real time
91 Biosimilars--clinical perspectives in rheumatology
92 New way to fix a broken heart?
93 Drug residues in wastewater: Private households mainly responsible
94 Side stream emissions from 'heated tobacco' products similar to secondhand cigarette smoke
95 Powerful plastic microscope brings better diagnostic care for world's rural poor
96 Major deficit in funding for heart and circulatory disease research
97 Biomarker finder adjusts on the fly
98 Clinical pathways based on latest clinical evidence can influence patterns of care for bone metastases
99 X-citing X chromosome discovery could aid research on many sex-linked disorders
100 3-D printing provides low-cost alternative in bronchoscopy simulation training
101 Social media usage at critical care conferences helps broaden reach
102 Sepsis and shock response team in the ED reduces mortality
103 Restrictive approach to chest X-rays provides positive outcomes for ICU
104 Stored blood transfusion 'safe' after heart surgery
105 Dietary fat impacts autoimmune flare-ups in mice
106 QI program reduced use of indwelling urinary catheters in MICU by more than 77 percent
107 Smoking among physicians-in-training linked to duty hours, presence of peers who smoke
108 Patients awaiting lung transplant commonly suffer depression-related symptoms
109 Are cars nanotube factories on wheels?
110 Nearly 77 percent of pulmonary clinical trials failed to report race and ethnicity data