File Title
1 'Trojan Horse' pupils had to 'stare at bushes as punishment'
2 Kent grammar legal guidance unlikely to be published
3 Children's centre cuts will hit families, says charity
4 Apprenticeships expansion 'devaluing brand'
5 More than 12 million fall into UK digital skills gap
6 Snake 'not guilty of killing Cleopatra'
7 Teaching farming in the Bronx
8 Ebola caused meningitis in nurse Pauline Cafferkey
9 Junior doctors to vote on strike action--British Medical Association
10 Sugar tax backed by health chiefs
11 Heart disease gene 'found in women'
12 Hospitals in England to get individual savings targets
13 One million older people in need 'struggle alone'
14 NHS spending 'to fall as share of GDP by 2020'
15 Drug-resistant malaria can infect African mosquitoes
16 NHS starts 'stem cell factory' for diabetes
17 One-fifth of youngsters suffer from 'high anxiety'
18 Be bold on sugar tax, Jamie Oliver says
19 Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey's condition 'has improved'
20 Ancestors 'had less sleep' than we do
21 'Postcode lottery for mental health talking therapies'
22 When Ebola lingers: A survivor's story
23 The controversy over the chronic form of Lyme disease
24 Easing winter pressures: Bringing healthcare to homes
25 Does immune activity affect schizophrenia?
26 Gene may predict recurrence of bowel cancer
27 New guidelines for managing thyroid nodules and differentiated thyroid cancer in adults
28 Hospital treatments severely threatened by antibiotic resistance
29 Don't stop at 'Don't do that again!'
30 Nobel Laureate Robert J. Lefkowitz presents research findings in Montreal
31 Doctors call on hospitals to oppose the overuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture
32 US neuroscientists call for creation of 'brain observatories'
33 Statins help prevent acute kidney injury through key cellular protein
34 Updated Pap smear test guidelines lead to decreased STI screening, study finds
35 Researchers link organ transplant drug to rise in rare lymphoma
36 Dementia with Lewy bodies may one day be treatable with stem cells
37 Newly identified biomarker may help predict colon cancer progression, personalize therapy
38 Synthesis of disease-related molecule could accelerate health research
39 Introducing the mighty Panoramix--defender of genomes!
40 Scientists find potential epilepsy drug
41 Cancer-driving signals cause high-risk neuroblastoma
42 Infection with two species of schistosome does not affect treatment efficacy
43 Screen of human genome reveals set of genes essential for cellular viability
44 Study reveals why cancer anemia treatment leads to tumor growth
45 The shape of a pipe dramatically affects how pollutants will spread; major implications for drug delivery and managing pollutants spilled in waterways
46 Laser-based imaging tool could increase accuracy, safety of brain tumor surgery
47 Mini DNA sequencer tests true
48 New consensus statements target controversial trial results on intracranial pressure monitoring in severe traumatic brain injury
49 Team describes rapid, sensitive test for HIV mutations
50 Penn presents favorable one-year clinical outcomes for catheter-based aortic valve replacement with latest generation of device
51 Is the first commercial gene therapy product within sight?
52 Green public housing may reduce health risks from environmental pollutants
53 New synthetic offers a better glimpse into diabetes and the aging process
54 Sendai virus defends against a threat
55 Anaesthesia Societies around the world to help launch global health campaign
56 FDA approves first focused ultrasound system for treating the prostate
57 Structured scrutiny could reduce drug side effects for people with dementia
58 New Scottish charity puts end of life care in hospitals on national agenda
59 NICE issues positive guidance for AbbVie's VIEKIRAX + EXVIERA for the treatment of adults with chronic hepatitis C
60 New technology uses smartphones and paper to analyze samples
61 Young Latinos experience discrimination when obtaining health care, research shows
62 EKF's PointMan used in successful liquid biopsy research
63 COMPASS method points researchers to protein structures
64 Excessive alcohol use continues to be drain on American economy
65 Researchers propose novel solution to HIV prevention
66 Computers help dental implants look natural
67 N/A
68 Catalyst combining reactivity and selectivity could speed drug development
69 FSU researchers find weight discrimination is linked to increased risk of mortality
70 Scientists produce clearest-ever images of enzyme that plays key roles in aging, cancer
71 Alcohol and first sexual experience: Risks for young women
72 Suppression of epigenetic brain proteins induces autism-like syndrome
73 NICE recommends Daklinza (daclatasvir) for use in some patients with the most difficult-to-treat type of chronic hepatitis C
74 Birmingham scientists find evidence of how incurable cancer develops
75 New drug screening tool reduces need for animal testing
76 New 'artificial skin' steps toward touch feedback for artificial limbs
77 Lenvatinib Phase II results show significant improvement in progression-free survival when used with everolimus in metastatic renal cell carcinoma
78 The end is in sight for reading glasses
79 'Natural killer cells' breakthrough could 'double' the effect of a lifesaving cord blood transplant
80 Scientists identify neural switch for dreaming
81 Pilot study finds mechanisms of early insulin treatment for type 2 diabetes may produce better outcomes for patients
82 Pacemakers identify atrial fibrillation and enable initiation of stroke prevention
83 Danger of listeria in caramel apples
84 Magnetic brain stimulation 'reduces belief in God, prejudice toward immigrants'
85 Sniffing and gasping can prevent fainting
86 Antibody test could detect Alzheimer's at preventable stage
87 Watching movies could help treat children with lazy eye
88 Genetic similarity suggests Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis form a continuum of subtypes in the bowel
89 Could childhood infections increase early heart attack risk?
90 Man walks again as cancer drug is trialled for Parkinson's
91 The CNIO discovers a link between a rare form of anemia and cancer
92 Brief interventions in primary care clinics could curb patients' drug use
93 Discovery about protein structure opens window on basic life process
94 Camels test positive for respiratory virus in Kenya
95 Scientists find evidence of how incurable cancer develops
96 Genes involved in schizophrenia and obesity highlighted
97 Marshall University research team publishes work focused on cell signaling mechanism linked to obesity
98 New Jersey researchers use neuroimaging to explore reading deficits after left stroke
99 Investigators create complex kidney structures from human stem cells derived from adults
100 New test could make chemo unnecessary for many with testicular cancer
101 Huntington's disease protein controls movement of precious cargo inside cells, study finds
102 College students say prescription stimulants easy to find on campus
103 What can we learn from nutrigenomics testing?
104 Nicotine gives brain more codeine relief, risk of addiction
105 Temple finds app facilitates early detection and treatment of COPD exacerbation symptoms
106 Researchers close in on a blood test for Alzheimer's disease
107 Study finds mechanisms of early insulin treatment for diabetes may produce better outcomes
108 Discovery opens door to new strategy for cancer immunotherapy
109 For lung cancer patients, IMRT associated with lesser side effects, better tolerance of chemotherapy, compared to conventional radiation therapy
110 Nuclear transport problems linked to ALS and FTD