File Title
1 Hero Giant Rats of APOPO Sniff Out Landmines and Tuberculosis
2 Brain Slice Digitally Recreated for the First Time, Solving Mysteries of the Neocortex (VIDEO)
3 Fracking Linked to Premature Birth and High-Risk Pregnancies, Johns Hopkins Study Finds
4 California Bans Orca Breeding, Approves SeaWorld Habitat Expansion (VIDEO)
5 Genome of 4,500-Year-Old Ethiopian Skull Reveals Surprising Significance of Massive Eurasian Migration
6 First Born Children Are 20 Percent More Likely to Be Severely Nearsighted
7 'The Day After Tomorrow' Ice Age Scenario Could Be Possible, Study Warns
8 Fish Might Be the Best Athletes on Earth, Study Finds
9 Ecotourism Could Change Wild Animals' Behavior, Leaving Them Vulnerable to Predators
10 Cancer and Diamonds: They Can Detect Disease in Early Stages, Study Shows
11 NOAA: Coral Bleaching Event Threatens World's Oceans for Third Time in History
12 NASA Testing Effects of Zero Gravity on Astronauts' Brains
13 Smallest Free-Living Insect Breaks Records at Shocking 0.325 Millimeter Length
14 Oklahoma Used Unauthorized Drug to Execute Prisoner, Autopsy Shows After Exhumation
15 'Vampire Drones': Pentagon Planning Design of Disappearing Drones
16 Reconstructed Brain: Scientist Reconstruct Rat Brain Digitally
17 Paris Climate Talks: Biggest Polluters Prepared
18 Cloning Has Brought Back One Couple's Dog (VIDEO)
19 Jersey Devil Sighting: Is It Real?
20 Baking Mistakes: Biggest Baking Fails and How to Turn Them into Success
21 Holly Blue Butterfly: Insect Population Makes a Comeback After Cyclical Decline
22 Ancient Rocks Demystify Earth's Inner Core, Provide a Dateline
23 Alien Life Signs: China Making Largest Telescope to Search for Intelligent Life
24 Billy the Kid Photo Authenticated? Coin Company Makes a Determination (PHOTO)
25 Boeing Showcases Microlattice, World's Lightest Material Ever Made (VIDEO)
26 Henry V Ship Found: River Hamble Buried the 'Great Ship,' the Holigost
27 Earth's Gravitational Pull Creates Cracks on the Moon, Researchers Say
28 'Orgasm Mushroom': Hawaiian Mushroom Causes Instantaneous Orgasm in Females
29 Pew Research Study: Do Teenagers Have a Texting Problem?
30 'Supercoiled' DNA Is Far More Dynamic than Double-Helix, Study Finds (VIDEO)
31 Dinosaurs Were Not Warm-Blooded or Cold-Blooded, but Somewhere in Between
32 Global Warming Will Likely Cause Ocean's Food Chain to Collapse, Research Shows
33 Vines Are Choking Out Forests' Ability to Store Carbon, Fight Climate Change
34 Planned Parenthood: Fetal Tissue Reimbursement No Longer Accepted
35 Hubble Captures Stunning Jupiter Images, Revealing Changes in Great Red Spot (VIDEO)
36 Longest Winter Predicted by Early Migration? Huddersfield Weather Expert States Such Talk Is Alarmist
37 Alien Abduction: Woman Claims She Was Kidnapped, Taken to the Moon and Raped by Alien Reptiles
38 Pebbles on Mars Suggest Planet Once Has Rivers
39 Stonehenge Builders Enjoyed Giant Pig Roasts, Hated Salad
40 Global Warming Could Make Spring Come 3 Weeks Early in the United States, Study Predicts
41 Religious and Political Beliefs Can Be Changed by Magnetic Stimulation, Study Says
42 'Brainprints': Scientists Develop Method of Distinguishing Individuals Based on Brain Activity
43 Alien Megastructures: Scientists Find Possible Link to Star Activity and Alien Life
44 Earliest Mammal Fur Reveals Ancient Critter Suffered from Fungal Infections Seen Today
45 Amazing Discovery: VLA Reveals Surprising Images of 'Halos' of Spiral Galaxies
46 Science of Cake Cutting: There's a Perfect Way to Do It, According to Science (VIDEO)
47 Exxon Mobil Won't Face Additional $92 Million Fine for Valdez Spill
48 Coffee Psychopaths: People Who like Black Coffee or Dark Chocolate More Likely to Be Psychopaths, Study Suggests
49 Climate Change: French Weatherman Philipe Verdier Suspended Over Controversial Book (VIDEO)
50 Albino Southern Right Whale Visits Australia Coast (VIDEO)
51 White Ligers, Born to White Tiger and White Lion, Are a First
52 Quantum Physics and Genetic Engineering's Love Child Could Lead to Improved Solar Cells (VIDEO)
53 Bees Love Caffeine, Throw a Dance Party to Show Their Friends Where It Is
54 Bikini Cleans the Ocean While You Swim (VIDEO)
55 Cancer Cure: Malaria Protein Accidentally Found to Have Cancer-Killing Capacity, Study Finds
56 Mental Health Facility Buries Time Capsule in 1950s, Includes Video of Medical Predictions
57 Jeb Bush: Moon Colony Idea 'Pretty Cool'
58 Oldest King James Bible Draft Discovered in Cambridge by American Scholar
59 Methane Plumes Off the U.S. Coast: Should We Worry?
60 China Mulls Moon Base, Robotic Ants for Exploring Space
61 Human Migration History Set to Be Rewritten Thanks to Ancient Chinese Teeth
62 Seaside Heights: Artifact from 10,000 Years Ago Discovered on New Jersey Shore
63 'Floating City' Recoded High Above China Leads to Theories of Parallel Universe
64 MIT: Unique 'Big Data' System Could One Day Replace Humans
65 Deleting Genes Could Increase Human Life Span, Study Finds
66 DNA's 'Sun Protection' Observed for the First Time
67 Seal Whiskers' Incredible Ability to Sense Prey Could Help Underwater Vehicles Track Pollution (VIDEO)
68 Carbon Dioxide Could Be Absorbed by Crystals to Fight Climate Change
69 Solar Storms Sometimes Evade Detection, Potentially Putting Earth at Risk
70 Researchers Plan to Make World's First Lab-Grown Meat Commercially Available in Five Years
71 Scott Kelly: Breaks U.S. Record for Longest Time in Space (TWEETS)
72 Brookfield Zoo Introduces 4-Month-Old Snow Leopard Cubs
73 Alien Megastructures: Scientists Investigate Possible Civilization with Dyson Sphere Theory
74 Earliest Evidence of Life on Earth Found in 4.1 Billion-Year-Old Crystal
75 Hot Jupiter 'Companions' Could Shed Light on Planet Formation
76 Pluto's Pits Revealed in Incredible NASA New Horizons Photo
77 Fossils from Bahamas Suggest Humans Have Been a Greater Danger to Wildlife than Climate Change
78 Obama: Invites Ahmed Mohamed to Astronomy Night at the White House
79 Sudoku: Seizures Suffered by Patient After Solving Puzzle
80 Dogs Could Have Been Domesticated First in Central Asia, New Study Finds
81 N/A
82 ExoMars rover: Landing preference is for Oxia Planum
83 Hinkley Point nuclear agreement reached
84 YouTube to launch subscription service
85 Apple tells US judge iPhones are 'impossible' to unlock
86 Kiosk that turns foreign coins into pounds opens in London
87 US Army IT system 'down' during Afghan hospital strike
88 Online pharmacy fined for selling customer data
89 US undercover agent jailed for six years for Silk Road Bitcoin theft
90 'Urgent' call for US drone register
91 Sony pays up to $8 million over employees' hacked data
92 Back to the Future II: What did it get right and wrong?
93 eBay hosts moth-naming auction
94 ISPs asked to block more pirate sites
95 Facebook: Irish data watchdog to probe data transfers to US
96 Ben Nevis recreated for Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard
97 Russia shrugs off US anxiety over military satellite
98 Are productivity apps more hype than help?
99 Would you tell Apple when you've had sex?
100 Digital India: Did Modi get it wrong in Silicon Valley?
101 Letter from Africa: Tanzania's cybercrime law
102 The cars chasing the Sun
103 More than 12 million fall into UK digital skills gap
104 School term-time holiday fines 'unworkable,' says LGA
105 'Trojan Horse' boys 'not taught safe sex'
106 Per pupil spending 'to fall by 8%'
107 Students report sexual harassment--survey
108 One-fifth of youngsters suffer from 'high anxiety'
109 Sexist banter 'should be tackled' in schools
110 Private school heads attack exam appeals 'smokescreen'