File Title
1 Immune gene prevents Parkinson's disease and dementia
2 Could 'The Day After Tomorrow' happen?
3 Edible love gifts may influence female behavior, suggests cricket study
4 In the sex lives of male worms in the lab, 1 gene makes a big difference
5 Tiny ancient fossil from Spain shows birds flew over the heads of dinosaurs
6 125-million-year-old wing sheds new light on the evolution of flight
7 Scientists paint quantum electronics with beams of light
8 Chance effect of lab's fluorescent lights leads to discovery
9 Greenland's ice sheet plumbing system revealed
10 Ecotourism can put wild animals at risk, scientists say
11 Is the eco-tourism boom putting wildlife in a new kind of danger?
12 Supercoiled DNA is far more dynamic than the 'Watson-Crick' double helix
13 Global marine analysis suggests food chain collapse
14 RNA editing technique treats severe form of muscular dystrophy
15 New research sees zebrafish earn their stripes in the fight against muscular dystrophy
16 UF researchers learn how to keep pathogens, pests from traveling with grain
17 Smithsonian scientists say vines strangle carbon storage in tropical forests
18 Vines add surprising variable to tropical forest carbon storage
19 Climbing plants disturb carbon storage in tropical forests
20 Measurements of dinosaur body temperatures shed new light on 150-year debate
21 Young stars' flickering light reveals remarkable link with matter-eating black holes
22 How the brain controls sleep
23 Feasts and food choices: The culinary habits of the Stonehenge builders
24 Pebbles on Mars likely traveled tens of miles down a riverbed, Penn study finds
25 Prehistoric mammal likely suffered from hair disease
26 Hubble's planetary portrait captures changes in Jupiter's Great Red Spot
27 Researchers find neural switch that turns dreams on and off
28 Developing the tools to find new generation antibiotics
29 Research sheds new light on 150-year-old dinosaur temperature debate
30 New test could help personalize treatment for common childhood cancer
31 Blood test could match cancer patients to best treatments
32 New test to predict relapse of testicular cancers
33 Three months after flyby, New Horizons team publishes first research paper
34 Double enzyme hit may explain common cancer drug side effect
35 The dilemma of screening for prostate cancer
36 Marine mathematics helps to map undiscovered deep-water coral reefs
37 The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Study quantifies threat of rising antibiotic resistance on surgery and chemotherapy
38 Schizophrenia symptoms linked to features of brain's anatomy?
39 Turncoat protein regulates sensitivity of breast cancer cells to drug
40 Study reveals why cancer anemia treatment leads to tumor growth
41 COMPASS method points researchers to protein structures
42 Atlas V Rocket Launch Provides Spectators with Extraordinary Light Show
43 Chelsea Woolly Mammoth: Almost Complete Skeleton Discovered by Michigan Farmer
44 Alien Life Finally Uncovered? Scientists Plan 'Supersized Hubble' to Get Answers (KAVLI HANGOUT)
45 Rosetta Gets First Look at Comet's Dark Side
46 Blue Whales Maintain Their Monstrous Size Through Sophisticated Feeding Strategies
47 Light-Based Memory Chip Could Store Data Permanently, Speed Up Computers
48 Wild Plants' Natural Defense Against Pests Could Be Used as Herbicide Alternative for Crops
49 Queen Nefertiti: Tomb Discovered?
50 'Sofa Shark': Strange Looking False Catshark Makes Rare Appearance Off Scotland Coast
51 Miniature Brains: Researchers Discover Easy, Cheap Way to Create Working Brain (VIDEO)
52 Asthma Medication for Infants Stunts Growth in Later Years, Study Finds
53 Baby Koala Gets Surrogate Mother After Biological Mother Dies
54 'Prehistoric Beaver' Survived Dinosaur Extinction, but Was No Match for Modern Rodents
55 Nanoscale 'Clutch' Could Help Drive Microscopic Machines
56 Mindfulness Meditation Technique Linked to False Memories
57 Cacti Face Extinction, Study Warns
58 New Way to Weigh Stars by Thinking About Them as 'Bowls of Soup' Could Further Our Understanding of the Universe
59 Scotland Yard's Notorious 'Black Museum' Opens Friday
60 Chernobyl Disaster Site Isn't Abandoned After All: Populations of Wild Animals Are on the Rise in the Region
61 Quantum Breakthrough: First Silicon Two-Qubit Logic Gate Could Be Final Piece in Quantum Computing Puzzle (VIDEO)
62 Story of 'Good Mother Lizard' Dinosaur's Life Revealed in Amazing Detail
63 Invasive Plants Could Be Bought with the Click of a Mouse on Sites like eBay
64 Volcano Eruptions Could Change River Flows, Impact Water Availability
65 AsapScience: Do You See the Glass as Half Empty or Half Full? Video Explains Why
66 Cloning: Giant Pandas Might Be Cloned to Save the Species
67 Eye Treatment Gene Therapy: Clinical Trial Successful; FDA Approval Could Be on the Horizon
68 Nobel Prize in Medicine Awarded to Three Scientists
69 Chile Marine Reserve to Be the Largest in the Americas
70 Facebook: Inititative Will Beam Free Internet to Africa from Space
71 The Martian: NASA Images Show Real Locations Mentioned in Movie (PHOTOS)
72 'Exercise Pill' Mimics the Effect of Workout; Can It Replace Actual Exercise?
73 Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded, Two Scientists to Share $960,000
74 Asteroid: JAXA Names Asteroid 1993 JU3 'Ryugu'
75 Medical Breakthrough: Sterilization of Mice with One Shot Could Be a Game Changer to Animal Overpopulation Problems
76 Depression: Face-To-Face Interactions Lower Risk for Depression, Says Study
77 Breast Cancer Awareness Month: 5 Crucial Things Your Doctor Might Not Tell You About Breast Cancer
78 Delta Flume: World's Largest Wave-Making Machine Unveiled in Netherlands (VIDEO)
79 Google Lunar XPRIZE: Space IL, Israel Clinches Contract for First Private Lunar Mission Race
80 Poisonous Caterpillar Makes Its Way into Pennsylvania
81 Scientists Shed Light on Evolution of Giraffe Neck
82 Ripples in Star's Dusty Disc Baffle Scientists (VIDEO)
83 Homo Naledi Hominid Was Bipedal like a Human but Could Climb like a Monkey
84 Fire Ants: Flood in South Carolina Forces Insects to Create Rafts for Survival
85 Phone Making You Sick? Study Says Blue Light Disrupts Sleep and Causes Disease
86 Earth's Inner Core Formed About 1 Billion Years Ago, Study Finds
87 Bat Bites Wyoming Woman: First Human Rabies Case in State Proves Fatal
88 Climate Change: New Gene Could Solve Future Food Crisis Amid Global Warming
89 Heart Health: 30 Minutes of Exercise Not Enough for a Healthy Heart
90 CRISPR: New Gene-Editing Research Says Pigs Could Be Suitable Non-Human Donors
91 Pet Therapy Not Just for Dogs Anymore: Animal Species and the Role They Play Improving Our Lives
92 TALOS Armor: U.S. Department of Defense to Unveil Own 'Ironman' Suit by 2018 (VIDEO)
93 Lab-Grown Mini-Brains, Mini-Kidneys Could Help Test Drugs, Cure Diseases
94 'Tree of Life' Study Tells Almost Complete Story of Birds' Evolutionary History
95 Nobel Prize for Chemistry: Tomas Lindahl, Paul Modrich, Aziz Sancar Share Award for DNA Repair Project (VIDEO)
96 $108 Million Impossible Foods Investment: Bill Gates Backs Meat-Free Startup
97 World Octopus Day: See the Bizarre, Intelligent Sea Creature in All of Its Glory (VIDEOS)
98 Pluto Has Clear Blue Skies and Patches of Water Ice, NASA Reveals
99 Homosexuality and DNA: Genome-Analyzing Algorithm Predicts Sexual Orientation with Incredible Accuracy
100 Elephants: Cancer Fighting Gene Gives Clues for Human Cancer Treatment
101 NASA's Curiosity Rover Confirms Ancient Lakes on Mars (PHOTOS)
102 Psychic Robot: Researchers Discover Algorithm that Predicts Human Intentions
103 Runners, Potheads Have Similar High? Runner's High a Lot like Marijuana High, Study Finds
104 Saliva Test that Can Tell if Man Is Gay or Straight Is 67% Accurate
105 Near-Earth Asteroid: NASA Confirms Asteroid Will Pass Close to Earth (ANIMATION)
106 Heart Attack Prevention Breakthrough: New Blood Test Can Predict Heart Attacks, Say Scientists
107 Third Global Coral Bleaching Event Underway, Could Kill 38 Percent of World's Corals
108 Nanoscale Crystals Could Be Used to Detect Early-Stage Cancer
109 125-Million-Year-Old Wing Reveals Ancient Birds Likely Flew Over Heads of Dinosaurs
110 Highway Runoff Kills Endangered Coho Salmon Within 24 Hours, but Simple Filtration System Could Save Them (VIDEO)