File Title
1 Taking dinosaur temperatures with eggshells
2 Spring to come 3 weeks earlier to the United States
3 Latest experiment at Large Hadron Collider reports first results
4 Developing Saurolophus dino found at 'Dragon's Tomb'
5 The CNIO discovers a link between a rare form of anemia and cancer
6 Scientists produce clearest-ever images of enzyme that plays key roles in aging, cancer
7 Could contaminated land actually be good for trees?
8 125-million-year-old mammal fossil reveals the early evolution of hair and spines
9 Quantum physics meets genetic engineering
10 Updated Pap smear test guidelines lead to decreased STI screening, study finds
11 Hubble's planetary portrait captures new changes in Jupiter's Great Red Spot
12 Sexual transmission of Ebola virus in Liberia confirmed using genomic analysis
13 Genes involved in schizophrenia and obesity highlighted
14 Scientists find evidence of how incurable cancer develops
15 Artificial whisker reveals source of harbor seal's uncanny prey-sensing ability
16 New Horizons reveals Pluto's striking surface variations and unique moon rotations
17 New crystal captures carbon from humid gas
18 Bubble plumes off Washington, Oregon suggest warmer ocean may be releasing frozen methane
19 Automating big-data analysis
20 Stanford engineers create artificial skin that can send pressure sensation to brain cell
21 Study questions dates for cataclysms on early moon, Earth
22 Discovery about protein structure opens window on basic life process
23 Math and me: Children who identify with math get higher scores
24 Making batteries with portabella mushrooms
25 Twitter behavior can predict users' income level, new Penn research shows
26 Portable device can quickly test for sickness-causing toxins in shellfish
27 New study explores how millennials consume paid media content
28 Study: Ancestral background can be determined by fingerprints
29 A natural light switch
30 Goods manufactured in China not good for the environment, study finds
31 Blocking light improves preemies' survival rates
32 Earth-like planets around small stars likely have magnetic fields, aiding chance for life
33 Biomimetic dental prosthesis
34 Offshore wind farms could be more risky for gannets than previously thought, study shows
35 COPD heightens deadly lung cancer risk in smokers
36 Differences found between smokers and non-smokers who develop lung cancer
37 Novel tool can identify COPD
38 Bacteria in ancient flea may be ancestor of the Black Death
39 Climate change negatively affects birth weight, University of Utah study finds
40 Researchers disguise drugs as platelets to target cancer
41 US has fallen behind in offshore wind power, researchers say
42 Researchers discover key link in understanding billion-dollar pests in agriculture
43 Plant pest reprograms the roots
44 Discovery of genetic differences between relapsing/non-relapsing breast cancers
45 Treatment of elderly breast cancer patients varies between different European countries
46 Hormonal therapy may prevent ovarian failure and preserve fertility in breast cancer
47 Multi-gene test enables some breast cancer patients to safely avoid chemotherapy
48 Monkeys and humans see visual illusions in similar way, study finds
49 Why is an object's size perceived the same regardless of changes in distance?
50 New tech automatically 'tunes' powered prosthetics while walking
51 New study questions clinical trial data for kidney cancer drugs
52 Promising drugs turn immune system on cancer
53 New drug improves outcome in treatment resistant kidney cancer
54 Scientists determine color of ancient mammals
55 Researchers ID pigment from fossils, revealing color of extinct animals
56 King crabs threaten Antarctic ecosystem due to warming ocean
57 Portable, rapid DNA test can detect Ebola and other pathogens
58 Wearable electronic health patches may now be cheaper and easier to make
59 Extending a battery's lifetime with heat
60 More-flexible machine learning
61 Asteroid impact, volcanism were one-two punch for dinosaurs
62 New dietary guidelines must be sustainable, regardless of politics
63 New polymer creates safer fuels
64 Sleep may strengthen long-term memories in the immune system
65 Player's performance in video games can steer attitudes about brands
66 What types of video games improve brain function?
67 UD researcher: Players object to extreme physique of video game characters
68 Researchers probe the physical forces involved in creating the mitotic spindle
69 To breathe or to eat: Blue whales forage efficiently to maintain massive body size
70 Signs of ancient megatsunami could portend modern hazard
71 Exercise is good for everyone--but some struggle more than others
72 Can exercise be replaced with a pill?
73 Electron tomography with 3487 images in 3.5 seconds
74 Observing the unobservable: Researchers measure electron orbitals of molecules in 3-D
75 At site of world's worst nuclear disaster, the animals have returned
76 International research team finds thriving wildlife populations in Chernobyl
77 Southampton researchers find a new way to weigh a star
78 A simpler way to estimate the feedback between permafrost carbon and climate
79 Volcanic eruptions affect flow of world's major rivers, study finds
80 New fossils intensify mystery of short-lived, toothy mammal found in ancient North Pacific
81 Protein reactions identified with subatomic resolution
82 The hand and foot of Homo naledi
83 Foot fossils of human relative illustrate evolutionary 'messiness' of bipedal walking
84 Back to the future: Science fiction turns science fact
85 New species discovered: Hog-nose rat
86 Ancient rocks record first evidence for photosynthesis that made oxygen
87 Could candle soot power electric vehicles?
88 Researchers discover clues on how giraffe neck evolved
89 Mysterious ripples found racing through planet-forming disc
90 New human ancestor's feet resemble our own, Dartmouth scientist finds
91 'Psychic robot' will know what you really meant to do
92 Researchers uncover new genetic markers for wheat improvement
93 Mysterious ripples found racing through planet-forming disk
94 New study indicates Earth's inner core was formed 1-1.5 billion years ago
95 NIST, UC Davis scientists float new approach to creating computer memory
96 Room temperature magnetic skyrmions, a new type of digital memory?
97 NOAA declares third ever global coral bleaching event
98 Bio-inspired robotic finger looks, feels and works like the real thing
99 Why elephants rarely get cancer
100 Frequent school moves hurt low-income childrens' math scores
101 Math story time at home bolsters achievement in school
102 Ancient genome from Africa sequenced for the first time
103 Spay, neuter, or shot? How an injection could be the future of animal control
104 Long-term contraception in a single shot
105 Wet paleoclimate of Mars revealed by ancient lakes at Gale Crater
106 Flame retardant breakthrough is naturally derived and nontoxic
107 Faster design--better catalysts
108 48-million-year-old horse-like fetus discovered in Germany
109 Researchers identify new gene linked to amyloid beta plaque buildup in Alzheimer's disease
110 Researchers learn how to grow old brain cells