File Title
1 Dielectric film has refractive index close to air
2 Have your drug nano-delivered via microbubble
3 Knit it, braid it, turn it on and use it: New technology from old-school methods
4 Gold nanomembranes resist bending in new experiment
5 Smaller silver nanoparticles more likely to be absorbed by aquatic life, study finds
6 Newly discovered 'design rule' brings nature-inspired nanostructures one step closer
7 New research shows candle soot can power the lithium batteries in electric cars
8 From trees to power: Engineers build better energy storage device
9 Researchers find 'greener' way to assemble materials for solar applications
10 Like biological channels, graphene pores are selective for certain types of ions
11 Nanoscale photodetector shows promise to improve the capacity of photonic circuits
12 Developing a nanoscale 'clutch'
13 High-speed march through a layer of graphene
14 Brightness-equalized quantum dots improve biological imaging
15 Scientists grow organic semiconductor crystals vertically for first time
16 New computational approach allows researchers to design cellulose nanocomposites with optimal properties
17 Printable electronics thanks to contactless liquid deposition
18 Breakthrough paves way for post-silicon future with carbon nanotube electronics
19 Fractals aid efforts to understand heat transport at nanoscale
20 Touchless displays superseding touchscreens?
21 Molecular nanoribbons as electronic highways
22 Scientists' discovery could have powerful effect on electronics
23 New research puts us closer to DIY spray-on solar cell technology
24 Disappearing carbon circuits on graphene could have security, biomedical uses
25 Porous structure of portabella mushrooms is key to making efficient batteries
26 What is quantum in quantum thermodynamics?
27 Physicists trace origin of electromagnetic interaction to Dirac equation
28 Scientists paint quantum electronics with beams of light
29 Scientists produce shortest electron bunches ever by surfing plasma waves
30 How the neutrino could solve great cosmic mysteries and win its next Nobel Prize
31 Researchers settle long-standing debate about fundamental behavior of shaking particles
32 Using optical fiber to generate a two-micron laser
33 MacGyver this! New DIY experiment shows students the physics of climate change
34 New programming approach seeks to make large-scale computation more reliable
35 Scientists float new approach to creating computer memory
36 Professor solves 140-year fluid mechanics enigma
37 Perfectly accurate clocks turn out to be impossible
38 The topolariton, a new half-matter, half-light particle
39 Scandium trifluoride shrinks when warm, lends understanding of volume-changing materials
40 New surfaces delay ice formation
41 Team reports detailed analysis of electrical characteristics of a tiny transistor made from two quantum dots
42 200-terawatt laser brings new extremes in heat, pressure to X-ray experiments
43 Researchers design material that more effectively slows light
44 Superconductivity trained to promote magnetization
45 Physicists turn toward heat to study electron spin
46 Nobel Prize for missing piece in neutrino mass puzzle (Update)
47 Slow and fast, but not furious: Researchers trace how birds, fish go with the flow
48 Team shrinks particle accelerator: Prototype demonstrates feasibility of building terahertz accelerators
49 Laser-wielding physicists seize control of atoms' behavior
50 World's largest atom smashers produce world's smallest droplets
51 Hubble sees an aging star wave goodbye
52 New paper shines light on little-understood process in astronomy
53 A mission to a metal world--The Psyche mission
54 What are white holes?
55 Image: Pluto's blue sky
56 Blue skies, frozen water detected on Pluto
57 Wet paleoclimate of Mars revealed by ancient lakes at Gale Crater
58 Orbiter views Mars surface fractures
59 NASA measuring the pulsating aurora
60 Unique structures spotted around nearby star: Mysterious ripples found racing through planet-forming disc
61 Israeli team advances in contest to send spacecraft to moon
62 Astronomers devise 'habitability index' to guide future search
63 Moon Express, Rocket Lab set for 2017 mission plan
64 Peeking into our galaxy's stellar nursery
65 Curiosity's drill hole and location are picture perfect
66 Researchers find a new way to weigh a star
67 How to prepare for Mars? NASA consults Navy sub force
68 Canadian university head proposed rocket spaceflight in 1861
69 Satellite Internet gets a fresh look, cash infusion
70 Rosetta's first peek at the comet's south pole
71 Pluto's big moon Charon reveals a colorful and violent history
72 Search for Mars life stymied by contamination threat
73 A fresh perspective on an extraordinary cluster of galaxies
74 Dawn team shares new maps and insights about Ceres
75 NASA selects investigations for future key planetary mission
76 Stop that drone: UAV freeze technique readied by British firms
77 Dell buying EMC in a transaction valued at about $67 billion
78 Vehicle fuel economy standards as global climate policy: How much can they deliver and at what cost?
79 Electronics that better mimic natural light promise more vivid, healthy illumination
80 Rear-ending drivers add up in DMV self-driving accident reports
81 DJI Osmo: Videos, stills without the shakes and blur
82 Deep-learning robot shows grasp of different objects
83 Researchers develop deep-learning method to predict daily activities
84 Knit it, braid it, turn it on and use it: New technology from old-school methods
85 Researchers discover "zombie solar cells" that generate power even after electrolyte evaporation
86 Scientists convert harmful algal blooms into high-performance battery electrodes
87 Light introduces multi-aperture computational camera
88 On soft ground? Tread lightly to stay fast
89 Review: Android Pay works well, when you can use it
90 University team's robot inspired by jumping spider
91 Bio-inspired robotic finger looks, feels and works like the real thing (w/ Video)
92 Remote Mexican village uses solar power to purify water
93 Researcher explores cost-effective, non-polluting enhanced geothermal systems
94 IROS 2015: Thermobot feels the heat and walks (and walks)
95 'Psychic robot' will know what you really meant to do
96 Researcher maps human locomotion in detail to improve rehabilitative and assistive robotics
97 A ping pong robot and a mirror that 'doesn't lie' unveiled in Japan
98 AI machine achieves IQ test score of young child
99 Discovery about new battery overturns decades of false assumptions
100 Microsoft unveils Windows 10 smartphones, new laptop (Update)
101 New approach for 'nanohoops' could energize future devices
102 Supercoiled DNA is far more dynamic than the 'Watson-Crick' double helix
103 Single atom alloy platinum-copper catalysts cut costs, boost green technology
104 Water-soluble non-peptide foldamers with tunable higher-order conformations
105 Enhanced-sensitivity NMR could reveal new clues to how proteins fold
106 The universe's most miraculous molecule
107 New method facilitates research on fuel cell catalysts
108 Unraveling the secret of silk that's more alive than dead
109 SLAC experiment finds key to natural detoxifier's reactivity
110 Can a chemical search engine explain how life began on Earth?