File Title
1 If relationships are good, any humor by leaders improves job satisfaction
2 Green walls: Red card for office worker health?
3 A walk around the office can reverse vascular dysfunction caused by hours at a computer
4 Praise from the boss doesn't always motivate us, study finds
5 Relationships among creative identity, entitlement and dishonesty hinge on perception of creativity as rare
6 What will Volkswagen do? After an apology, companies often silence stakeholders and forget the scandal, study suggests
7 Telecommuting works best in moderation, science shows
8 Watch out: If you've got a smart watch, hackers could get your data
9 How to take better workday breaks
10 Squabbles at work may be result of office design
11 Five recommendations for standardized test designers
12 New system helps teachers gain back valuable instruction time
13 Are American schools making inequality worse?
14 'No Child Left Behind' leaves some voters behind
15 Digital textbook analytics can predict student outcomes, study finds
16 Training more effective teachers through alternative pathways
17 Sex differences in academic faculty rank, institutional support for biomedical research
18 Not all rhythmic skills are related, which may have implications for language ability
19 Choice of college major influences lifetime earnings more than simply getting a degree
20 Additional time spent outdoors by children results in decreased rate of nearsightedness
21 Exercise in a bottle could become a reality
22 Modern parenting may hinder brain development, research suggests
23 Scientists to bypass brain damage by re-encoding memories
24 Particular brain connections linked to positive human traits
25 Liquid water flows on today's Mars: NASA confirms evidence
26 Making batteries with portabella mushrooms
27 Exposure to toxic chemicals threatening human reproduction and health
28 Arsenic found in many American red wines, but health risks depend on total diet
29 Chore or stress reliever: Study suggests that washing dishes decreases stress
30 Laser-wielding physicists seize control of atoms' behavior
31 Wild plants call to carnivores to get rid of pests; could crops do the same?
32 DNA research deployed in war on cancer scoops Nobel prize
33 Nobel prize for solving puzzle of ghostly neutrino particles
34 Newly identified human ancestor was handy with tools
35 Pentagon sees decision soon on Russian rocket engine waiver
36 Nature thrives in Chernobyl, site of worst nuclear disaster
37 Weight-loss surgery linked to increased suicide risk
38 Brain scans could predict patients at risk of major depression
39 Breastfed infants may get enough vitamin D in mothers' milk
40 Goth teens more likely to self-harm and be depressed
41 Electronic health records software often written without doctors' input
42 Two missing as floodwaters persist in South Carolina
43 Volkswagen plays down hopes of quick answers over emissions cheating
44 Joaquin now a tropical storm, to weaken further: forecaster
45 U.S. investigators begin probe into freighter's sinking
46 Glencore calls on Paris climate summit to adopt coal policy
47 GE combines technologies into energy efficiency company
48 Alphabet launches code for fast loading of heavy mobile content
49 FAA says it will test ways to track rogue drone flights
50 Nokia's bosses to dominate leadership team after Alcatel dea
51 AppDirect raises $140 mln in latest funding
52 Ecology and Manhattan: Mapping What Henry Hudson Saw
53 Clean Energy? Coal Burned with Oat Hulls Reduces CO2 Emissions
54 Endangered Tasmanian Devils Return to the Wild in Test of New Cancer Vaccine
55 Endangered Species? Retiring Midwest Snake Targeted for Conservation
56 Blue Whale and Endangered: Rare Whale Seen Off Maine
57 Moths and Bees Steal Nectar from Rare Orchids, Researchers Say
58 Dinosaurs Were Killed by Asteroid Impact and Volcanism, New Study Shows
59 Amphibians and Marine Reptiles: Fall Migration, Rain, Road Crossings
60 Climate Change May Seal Our Omega-3 Away
61 Rare Shorebird: Book Profile of Great Journey and Crab Relationship
62 Megatsunami: Evidence of 800-Foot Wave Worries Experts
63 Chimps: Brain Structure May Dictate Personality
64 Agriculture and Diversity: Students Grow 800-Year-Old Squash Thought to Be Extinct
65 Robots and Gulf Stream: Looking at Continental Shelf Meets Gulf Stream
66 eBay Aiding Invasive Plants? It's Worse than We Thought
67 Flying Over Charon: A Battered but Beautiful Moon [VIDEO]
68 Butterfly and Solar: Wings Collect Warmth; Model for Solar
69 Memory Chip: Using Light to Make a Permanent Memory Chip?
70 Illegal Trade Threatens Wild Cacti Populations, Researchers Say
71 Paul Walker and Marine Biology: Foundation Presents Marine Awards
72 Rare Animal: Humboldt Marten Said to Be Seen on New Bigfoot Film [VIDEO]
73 Volcanic Eruptions Reduce Flow of Major Rivers, New Study Shows
74 Cloning Could Save Endangered Giant Pandas, Researchers Say
75 Galaxy EGS8p7: 13.2 Billion Years Old and Revolutionary
76 Songbirds Rely on Earth's Geomagnetism During Spring Migration, Researchers Say
77 Eel: Slipping by the Endangered Species List this Time, Says FWS [VIDEO]
78 Hunter-Gatherer Findings: Pigs Found Reindeer-Eaters in Scotland
79 Early Human Foot Bones Shed Light on Walking and Tree Climbing Abilities
80 Dramatic worldwide coral bleaching event on October 8
81 NASA consults US Navy for mission to Mars
82 Homo Naledi, ancient human, was handy with tools
83 This is how snake embryos grow a phallus
84 Two rare macaws offered protection under Endangered species act
85 31 percent of cactus species are threatened
86 New method of weighing a star developed by mathematicians
87 Farmer finds bones of woolly mammoth in Michigan
88 The measure of beauty depends on personal experiences
89 Presence of liquid water on Mars announced by NASA
90 How are Blue Whales so massive
91 Race to land privately on Moon begins
92 Watch the annual African wildebeest migration online
93 Charon's mysteries unveiled by latest images by New Horizons (+Video)
94 Styrofoam-eating mealworms might eradicate plastic problem
95 A colorful map of the dwarf planet Ceres unveiled by NASA
96 NASA selects possible top five missions for 2020
97 Chicago corpse flower bloom attracts thousands
98 Magnetic fields that protect life probably shield exoplanets
99 Watch how El Nino can affect regional sea level variability
100 (Watch) New York faces risk of flooding as a result of climate change
101 Liquid water flows intermittently on present-day Mars
102 NASA's, Google's quantum computer stronger than before
103 Pigments from fossil can reveal a dinosaur's color
104 No Barrier for King Crabs to invade Antarctic Shelf
105 Was Einstein wrong on his theory about black holes? Find out
106 Pluto's new 'Snakeskin' image is still confusing
107 Antikythera shipwreck is an incredible piece of Greek history
108 RabbitFish are very friendly say scientists who thought fishes aren't friendly
109 Of Mars and 'The Martian'
110 Scientists 30 times bigger black hole than theories suggest
111 2 million year old fossils give clue about hearing in human ancestors
112 Precise genome engineering possible with Cpf1
113 Rare bison herd released in Minnesota State Park
114 Arctic marine ecosystems thrive in winter
115 Pluto had colors; NASA images state
116 Rosetta discovers weather cycle on Comet 67P
117 A versatile method of fabrication that can lead to nanomaterials
118 Reef-eating starfish menace might end with 'vinegar'