File Title
1 Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2015
2 Clues on how giraffe neck evolved
3 Chimpanzees shed light on origins of human walking
4 Extremely active rats become lazy when they artificially receive 'runners' high'
5 Ancient rocks record first evidence for photosynthesis that made oxygen
6 Understanding others' thoughts enables young kids to lie
7 From trees to power: Engineers build better energy storage device
8 Tiny ancient fossil from Spain shows birds flew over the heads of dinosaurs
9 Hog-nose rat discovered
10 Foot fossils of human relative illustrate evolutionary 'messiness' of bipedal walking
11 Brain cooling lessens chances of head injury recovery, study finds
12 Blood cancers: Half-matched donor bone marrow transplant may be as good as full match
13 Training by repetition actually prevents learning for those with autism
14 Groundbreaking computer program diagnoses cancer in two days
15 Wastewater treatment plants not responsible for spreading antimicrobial resistance
16 When 8-year olds look like 80: Researchers describe mechanism behind premature aging disease
17 Smoking cessation drug proves initially more effective for women
18 Single mastectomy is a more cost-effective treatment for nonhereditary cancer in one breast than removing both breasts
19 Bowel screening kit with extras could help save more lives
20 Testosterone therapy does not increase aggressive prostate cancer risk
21 Youngest students in class 30% more likely to die in suicide than older classmates, Japanese study shows
22 Should women consume alcohol during pregnancy?
23 Repeating aloud to another person boosts recall
24 American placebo: New analysis of chronic pain drug trials shows increasing placebo responses over time, in the US only
25 Mutation involved in neurodegeneration discovered
26 Scientists identify how normally protective immune responses kill neurons
27 Benzodiazepines ineffective in treating anxiety disorders may increase dementia risk
28 Risk profiling is key to managing pain in era of opioid abuse
29 Flu shot reduces risk of stroke, study suggests
30 Predicting which soldiers will commit severe, violent crimes
31 Nutritional needs for skeletal health change as you age, says new scientific review
32 More women may have option to get IUD minutes after giving birth
33 Expert opinion: Are CT scans safe?
34 Packaged food purchases at non-grocery stores are up but nutritional quality is down
35 Happy head, happy heart: Positive emotions may promote heart-healthy behaviors
36 Battling obesity in the classroom with exercise
37 Compulsive texting associated with poorer school performance among adolescent girls, study finds
38 Stimulant medication safe, effective for children with ADHD and congenital heart disease
39 Zipline-related injuries are rapidly increasing
40 Online e-cigarette vendors engage customers using popular internet tools
41 Exploring cost-effective, non-polluting enhanced geothermal systems
42 Candle soot can power the lithium batteries in electric cars
43 Superconductivity trained to promote magnetization
44 Nanoscale photodetector shows promise to improve the capacity of photonic circuits
45 New artificial cells mimic nature's tiny reactors
46 Back to the future: Science fiction turns science fact
47 A large-area detector for fundamental neutron science
48 The Majorana Demonstrator: First module of germanium detectors comes online
49 Double the (quantum) fun
50 Even if imprisoned inside a crystal, molecules can still move
51 Nobel Prize in Physics for 2015
52 Where to look for life? Astronomers devise 'habitability index' to guide future search
53 New way to weigh a star
54 Signals from empty space
55 Rock samples from Western US teach how to hunt for life on Mars
56 Walk the line: NASA studies physical performance after spaceflight
57 Mechanism of explosions and plasma jets associated with sunspot formation revealed
58 Asteroids found to be the moon's main 'water supply'
59 Dawn team shares new maps and insights about Ceres
60 Mars: New hypothesis on the origin of the megafloods
61 Simple detection of magnetic skyrmions
62 Organic semiconductors get weird at the edge
63 Liquid cooling moves onto the chip for denser electronics
64 Fraudulent views of videos impact advertising industry and society widely
65 Light-based memory chip is the first ever to store data permanently
66 What types of video games improve brain function?
67 Tweets from mobile devices are more likely to be egocentric
68 Online affairs can be addictive, new study finds
69 Cellphones can damage romantic relationships, lead to depression, say researchers
70 More-flexible machine learning
71 Embrace the chaos: Predictable ecosystems may be more fragile
72 Mad cow disease changed the diet of the Galician wolf
73 High-arctic butterflies shrink with rising temperatures
74 Knee-deep in spider leg evolution
75 Marijuana extract doesn't reduce postoperative nausea, vomiting
76 Researchers uncover new genetic markers for wheat improvement
77 Novel cybercatalog of flower-loving flies suggests the digital future of taxonomy
78 Genetic differences among monkeys in Tanzania show troubling pattern
79 Magnetic contraption tricks migrating songbirds into changing direction
80 Saucer-like shields protect two new 'door head' ant species from Africa and their nests
81 Global climate agreements could be counterproductive
82 Wheat choice has lasting effect on soil health and yield
83 The predator survives--but the ecosystem crashes
84 'Greener' way to assemble materials for solar applications
85 Ancient alga knew how to survive on land before it left water and evolved into the first plant
86 Volcanic eruptions affect flow of world's major rivers
87 Bacteria in the world's oceans produce millions of tons of hydrocarbons each year
88 Chernobyl: At site of world's worst nuclear disaster, the animals have returned
89 Cryptic invasions by ecological engineers conceal profound changes in nature
90 Efficiency from larger perovskite solar cells improved
91 New fossils intensify mystery of short-lived, toothy mammal found in ancient North Pacific
92 True colors: Using molecular analysis to clarify dino color claims
93 Signs of ancient mega-tsunami could portend modern hazard
94 Largest dinosaur population growth study ever shows how Maiasaura lived and died
95 Ancient ecosystem response to 'big five' mass extinction
96 Asteroid impact, volcanism were one-two punch for dinosaurs
97 Rare early Jurassic corals of North America
98 Bacteria in ancient flea may be ancestor of the Black Death
99 Pigment from fossils identified, revealing color of extinct animals
100 The origin and spread of 'Emperor's rice'
101 Unconscious bias among physicians results in low quality care for LGBT, disabled patients
102 Illegal trade contributes to placing cacti among world's most threatened species
103 Study examines antibullying policies, bullying in 25 states
104 Investors are indifferent to the technology needs of healthcare systems, study suggests
105 Does knowing high-status people help or hurt?
106 Four types of non-vaccinators profiled
107 Fusion reactors 'economically viable' say experts
108 Resilient personality of cities could help in a recession
109 Rising cancer rates in low, middle income countries threaten economic stability
110 Languages less arbitrary than long assumed