File Title
1 Endoplasmic reticulum stress plays significant role in type 2 diabetes
2 Cell marker enables prognosis about the course of infections
3 UCLA and VA launch program to enhance cancer care for veterans
4 An accessible approach to making a mini-brain
5 New method to predict increased risk of non-familial breast cancer
6 Quick test minimises unnecessary antibiotic prescribing in primary care
7 Larger percentage of bioactive forms of S-equol appear to play role in managing menopausal symptoms
8 Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey is one of two national sites to offer a new vaccine trial for bladder cancer
9 Heavier patients require less blood transfusions in hip, knee replacement surgery
10 Breast cancer: are men the forgotten victims?
11 Is a 'too-clean' environment to blame for childhood asthma?
12 Study uses photos to identify heart health barriers in African American community
13 Babies with drug withdrawal syndrome more likely to be readmitted
14 Research connects specific variations in RNA splicing with breast cancer causation
15 Leading ophthalmologists present real world clinical outcomes on Oraya Therapy for wet AMD
16 Deworming Shows Growth Similar to Placebo in Pre-school Children in Peru
17 Brain chemical may help treat 'tics' in people with Tourette syndrome
18 Taller people face a greater risk of cancer
19 Perceptions of beauty are 50% individual
20 Molecular switch keeps the circadian clock running on time
21 Glutamate, an essential food for the brain
22 Rescuing intestinal stem cells from attack in type 1 diabetes
23 Gene suppression helps form memories
24 Keeping the body ticking
25 New dietary guidelines must be sustainable, regardless of politics
26 Are the blueprints for limbs encoded in the snake genome?
27 Tallness linked to increased risk of premature death for patients on dialysis
28 Enzyme malfunction may be why binge drinking can lead to alcoholism, Stanford study finds
29 Link between height and cancer
30 Study examines scale of gene mutations in human neurons
31 Neuroscientific evidence that motivation promotes recovery after spinal cord injury
32 A natural history of neurons
33 The ecology of microbial invasions
34 Oregon researchers tap fruit flies for insights on the symmetry of movement
35 Rising cancer rates in low and middle income countries threaten economic stability
36 Study shows new 'driver' to assess cancer patient survival and drug sensitivity
37 New study removes cancer doubt for multiple sclerosis drug
38 Genes of colon cancer recurrence differs among blacks, whites and Asians, Mayo Clinic study finds
39 Investors are indifferent to the technology needs of health-care systems
40 Sensory feedback shapes individuality to provide equal space for behavioral excellence
41 The solution to a 50-year-old riddle: Why certain cells repel one another
42 Brain networking
43 Unexplained chronic cough treatment subject of updated evidence-based guideline
44 Preventing cancer: Study finds dramatic benefits of weight-loss surgery
45 How much radioactivity is in infant formula?
46 Research links built characteristics of environment with health of persons with SCI
47 Penn Vet-Temple team characterizes genetic mutations linked to a form of blindness
48 Fatty liver disease and scarring have strong genetic component
49 Scripps Florida scientists identify key neurotransmitter receptor as potential target for individualized treatment of autism spectrum disorder
50 Tissue-engineered colon from human cells develop different types of neurons
51 Gene therapy doubles survival in recurrent glioblastoma
52 Access to palliative care in US hospitals still not universal
53 Musicians' brains listen to music symmetrically--Efficient communication between brain hemispheres may explain the findings
54 Disease free water, a global health challenge, commands an international team effort
55 Online affairs can be addictive, new OU study finds
56 Fruit fly research reveals genetic mechanisms of dietary sugar sensing
57 Novartis launches 'Novartis Access,' a portfolio of affordable medicines to treat chronic diseases in lower-income countries
58 Later bedtimes linked to greater weight gain
59 Innovative 'brain prosthesis' could help with memory loss
60 Researchers identify new molecular marker for killer cells
61 UCD researcher's findings may lead to therapeutic targets for heart diseases associated with obstructive sleep apnoea
62 Improved diagnosis of MPN diseases thanks to new antibody CAL2
63 80% of Mumbai women with a BMI over normal are at risk of heart disease: Saffolalife study 2015
64 7 in 10 students who currently use tobacco used a flavored product
65 Big eyes!
66 International agreement on MRI-scans 'likely to change how we detect prostate cancer'
67 Pneumothorax treatment gets less painful
68 Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute scientists take first up-close look at activity in human breast cancer cells
69 Smartphone distraction can ruin a relationship
70 Pathogen-carrying neotropical ticks ride migratory birds into US
71 The Latest: Research Changed the Course of Particle Physics
72 Physics Nobel Awarded for Work on Neutrinos' Metamorphosis
73 Answering an Appeal by Mao Led Tu Youyou, a Chinese Scientist, to a Nobel Prize
74 In the eerie emptiness of Chernobyl's abandoned towns, wildlife is flourishing
75 Wild mammals 'have returned' to Chernobyl
76 Volcanic Eruptions Reduce Water Flow in the World's Major Rivers
77 Major volcanic eruptions can have effect on flow of biggest rivers: study
78 Sonoran Desert Tortoise No Longer on Endangered Species List
79 Black Pine Snakes Protected Under Endangered Species Act
80 Scientists: 30% of cactus species at risk of extinction
81 Cacti facing extinction, study warns
82 Furry, beaver-like creature thrived after dino-killing asteroid
83 Ancient Tsunami Was Nearly as Tall as the Eiffel Tower, Scientists Say
84 Mathematicians develop new way to weigh star
85 Researchers find a new way to weigh a star
86 Researchers find a new way to weigh stars
87 Major Wildfires May Increase with Global Warming in Colorado
88 Uptick in Huge Wildfires Tied to Warming
89 Research finds that Snakes have DNA crucial to limb development lurking in their genomes
90 'Hog-Nosed Rat' Discovered in Indonesia
91 New 'hog-nosed rat' discovered in Indonesia
92 Hog-nosed rat: Victorian scientists among team to discover new mammal species in remote Indonesia
93 New species of rat with 'curiously long pubic hair' discovered: Hog-nosed shrew's fur may act like whiskers to map terrain
94 Obama just announced the first new marine sanctuaries in 15 years
95 Fact Sheet: Preserving and Protecting Oceans and America's Waterways for Future Generations
96 Chile to create one of world's largest marine parks around Easter Island
97 NASA Releases Never-Before-Seen Photos Taken by Astronauts During Apollo Moon Mission
98 Thousands of images from NASA's Apollo missions make it to Flickr
99 Student's fossil find leads to discovery of new species
100 Exact Planning to Work with USPSTF to Change Recommendation on Cologuard
101 Cologuard Included as Alternative Screening Test under Draft USPSTF Guidelines
102 Light from Universe's First Stars Spotted in Hubble Photos
103 NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Sends Postcard of Mount Sharp
104 Palliative Care in the UK Best in World, Says Study
105 UK has best end-of-life care in world, study finds
106 Morning Break: DOA Pilot, When 'Gluten-Free' Isn't, Schizophrenia Shot
107 FDA approves new injectable drug to treat schizophrenia
108 San Francisco Is Changing Face of AIDS Treatment
109 Doctors anticipate nasty flu season
110 Anti-cancer drug may help treat Alzheimer's, improve memory
111 New use of existing drug could help retrieve memory