File Title
1 Tools for illuminating brain function make their own light
2 Cooperation advances Alzheimer's disease prevention research
3 Primary care doctors are ill-prepared to deal with growing demand for cancer care
4 Risk factors for prostate cancer
5 'Housing First' approach for homeless people doesn't help obesity
6 Purdue's dog-breeding standards to enter testing phase
7 Brain FM: Purkinje cells sing different tunes
8 Launch of first UK charity dedicated to 36,000 women living with advanced breast cancer
9 Intratumor morphological heterogeneity of cancer is not related to chromosome aberrations
10 Chapman University explores how number of sex partners differ by height and body mass
11 Novartis drug Afinitor significantly improves progression-free survival in advanced nonfunctional gastrointestinal and lung NET
12 Study lays groundwork for blood test to aid in the detection and monitoring of myeloma
13 Study finds more education is needed on hepatitis B testing among Asian Americans
14 Researchers develop effective program targeting first-degree relatives of colorectal cancer survivors
15 Womb transplantation approved for 10 British women
16 Positive data from RPL554 clinical study in COPD patients
17 Disruption of brain-blood barrier might influence progression of Alzheimer's
18 Canadian multicentre study examines safety of medical cannabis in the treatment of chronic pain
19 Baylor study: Cellphones can damage romantic relationships, lead to depression
20 Study finds that discrimination is linked with worse health among transgender Americans
21 Monteris Medical announces data reinforcing clinical efficacy of NeuroBlate laser ablation in patients with brain lesions
22 Identifying youth as 'at risk' for mental problems may be less a stigma than the symptoms
23 Disguising drugs as platelets could make them more effective against cancer
24 Primary care-based addiction treatment lowers substance dependence in people with HIV
25 Primary care-based addiction treatment lowers substance dependence in people with or at high risk of HIV
26 How the retina marches to the beat of its own drum
27 New prostate cancer treatments could target metabolism
28 Scientists reveal brain network for observed social threat interactions
29 Vitamin D3 supplementation helps women build muscle even after menopause
30 Sniffing out cancer with improved 'electronic nose' sensors
31 Arsenic found in many US red wines, but health risks depend on total diet
32 Among South Asians, risk of developing diabetes begins at birth, says research
33 Scientists sequence genomes of microscopic worms beneficial to agriculture
34 Treatment-free intervals in ovarian cancer not linked to initial response
35 Among South Asians, risk of developing diabetes begins at birth, says research
36 Walk the line: NASA studies physical performance after spaceflight
37 Primary healthcare providers urged to screen teens for depression and suicide risk
38 Stress causes infants to resort to habits
39 Eight big questions in cancer research
40 Underdetection, not overdiagnosis, is the real problem in breast cancer screening
41 New Emergency Nurses Association study examines moral distress in emergency nurses
42 Study lays groundwork for blood test to aid in the detection and monitoring of myeloma
43 A single test could detect almost any virus
44 Researchers show that genetic background regulates tumour differences
45 New study proves link between recent abuse and menopause-related symptoms
46 Impact of menopausal hormone therapy on heart disease depends on timing of initiation
47 Use of local estrogens for genitourinary menopausal symptoms remains low
48 More obesity among the less educated in rich countries
49 UK dental regulator launches confidential helpline for dental professionals
50 One-third of hormone users at menopause take unapproved, untested compounded drugs
51 Screening test predicts poor treatment response in metastatic kidney cancer
52 High-volume facilities better for nursing hip fractures
53 Human visual cortex holds neurons that selectively respond to intermediate colors
54 Memory is greater threat to romantic relationships than Facebook
55 Researchers show that genetic background regulates tumor differences
56 Antipsychotics increase risk of death in people with Parkinson's disease psychosis
57 Short, intense exercise bursts can reduce heart risk to teens
58 Study's message to recovering alcoholics: Quit smoking to stay sober
59 Canadian magazines miss the mark on skin cancer messages
60 Injuries cost the US $671 billion in 2013
61 Colds, flu linked to increased stroke risk for children
62 'Golden hour' saves US servicemen's lives
63 Psoriasis patients at increased risk for depression
64 Can reducing nicotine curtail smoking?
65 Experimental cancer drug shows therapeutic promise in mouse models of multiple sclerosis
66 Aspects of patient/physician interaction may help alleviate heartburn symptoms
67 Four gut bacteria decrease asthma risk in infants
68 Antibody treatment efficacious in psoriasis
69 Penn Dental Medicine study blocks inflammatory bone loss in gum disease
70 Scientific literature overstates psychotherapy's effectiveness in treating depression
71 Children with severe obesity may be at higher risk for heart disease and diabetes
72 'Avatars' reveal new genetic sources of drug response in late-stage colorectal therapy
73 Scientists create insulin-producing cells that may treat diabetes
74 Scientists discover how to trap cancer cells before they spread
75 Finding links and missing genes
76 Genes that protect African children from developing malaria identified
77 The flaws of HIV
78 Latest technology could help curb repeat Ebola crisis, experts say
79 Doctors trained to be confidantes for risk-taking teenagers
80 Relationship quality affects siblings' mental health, risky behaviors
81 Study offers insight on how a new class of antidepressants works
82 Scientists create world's largest catalog of human genomic variation
83 Scientists refine model to predict dangerous errors in cell division
84 Penn Dental Medicine study is proof-of-concept for low-cost drug made in lettuce
85 UMMS researchers find genes that shut down HIV-1
86 Menopausal women experiencing distressing pain during sex
87 Major study finds 5 new genetic variants linked to brain cancer
88 Screening for mental health issues in a pediatric ED
89 International team of researchers co-led by Penn aims to revolutionize understanding of how gene variants affect organ transplant outcomes
90 Investigational KW-0761 efficiently depletes immune system-suppressing Treg cells
91 Opioid misuse continues to dominate for treatment use, spread of disease & drug-related deaths
92 Scientists identify key receptor as potential target for treatment of autism
93 New predictor of health complications can identify high-risk preemies
94 Doctors often overtreat with radiation in late-stage lung cancer
95 What types of video games improve brain function?
96 Researchers profile 4 types of non-vaccinators
97 International OB-GYN group urges greater efforts to prevent toxic chemical exposure
98 'Giant step' in research on paralysis--leg muscle contractions triggered by a simple pill
99 Lung cancer screening programs do not increase rates of unnecessary surgeries
100 Insulin-producing cells offer hope for people with type 1 diabetes
101 Use of explosive weapons in Syria has disproportionately lethal effects on women and children
102 Alternative strategy for gene replacement shows promise in Duchenne muscular dystrophy
103 1m more people in England living with life-threatening conditions within a decade, forecasts RCGP
104 New portable device counts leukocytes through the skin
105 Breakthrough in understanding sugar uptake
106 Infrared thermography can detect joint inflammation and help improving work ergonomics
107 What is the cost of lung cancer in Germany?
108 Benefits of psychotherapy for depression 'overstated'
109 New data shows OFEV (nintedanib) efficacy is sustained long-term with no new safety signals in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF)
110 New Roche Esbriet data show clinical benefits of continued and long-term treatment in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF)