File Title
1 Harnessing genetics to reduce trial and error antidepressant prescribing
2 Scientists publish first complete record of genetic mutations behind rare vascular disease
3 Post diagnosis aspirin improves survival in all gastrointestinal cancers
4 Social deprivation and gender affects incidence of Hodgkin lymphoma in children and young adults
5 A combination of two targeted therapies results in melanoma patients living significantly longer: new results
6 Older women giving up work to care for grandkids, new Australian report finds
7 Fewer, larger radiotherapy doses prove effective for prostate cancer patients
8 Predicting arrhythmias so as to prevent them
9 IKCC (International Kidney Cancer Coalition) launches new website in response to strong demand from patients worldwide
10 New guide published to support transparent and effective engagement between the pharmaceutical industry and charities
11 New hybrid CAD scheme may improve lung nodule detection, help in the early diagnosis of lung cancer, study suggests
12 New research into completers and non-completers of offending behaviour programmes could have implications for practice
13 Study examines impact of global food consumption on heart disease
14 Early intervention improves preschoolers' heart healthy habits
15 Smoking increases hospitalizations, costs of peripheral artery disease
16 Sedentary behavior linked to heart risk in Hispanics
17 HIV patients should be included in early clinical trials of anti-TB drugs
18 12 weeks pregnant: your pregnancy week by week
19 Mediterranean diet best for a healthy gut, study finds
20 Childhood stress may raise risk for diabetes, heart disease in adulthood
21 ACP: Doctors should stratify patients with suspected PE to determine diagnostic strategy
22 Butter is not back: Limiting saturated fat still best for heart health
23 Connecting Alzheimer's disease and the immune system
24 DART protein shows potential as shock-and-kill strategy against HIV
25 New research exposes the health risks of fructose and sugary drinks
26 Saturated fats too often replaced with unhealthy alternatives
27 Self-assembling material that grows and changes shape could lead to artificial arteries
28 Maintaining healthy DNA delays menopause
29 Particular brain connections linked to positive human traits
30 Rather than screen all immigrants for TB, developed countries could be more focused
31 Study finds childhood stress impacts adult health
32 Milestone single-biomolecule imaging technique may advance drug design
33 Novel tool can identify COPD
34 Air pollution and traffic linked to deaths and organ rejection in lung transplant patients
35 First classification of severe asthma
36 Chemical exposure linked to rising diabetes, obesity risk
37 CU Anschutz researchers say hormone might break cycle of obesity
38 Attacking acute myeloid leukemia
39 Flu infection reveals many paths to immune response
40 New tech automatically 'tunes' powered prosthetics while walking
41 Immunotherapy superior to chemotherapy for lung cancer in trial involving UTSW
42 Why is an object's size perceived the same regardless of changes in distance?
43 Early exposure to tobacco as a cause of behavioral problems in children
44 HRT safe and perhaps beneficial in women treated for ovarian cancer, major trial shows
45 Scientists identify promising drug candidate to treat chronic itch & avoid side effects
46 A new single-molecule tool to observe enzymes at work
47 Targeted treatment Perjeta (pertuzumab) gets regulatory green light in UK for use in early HER2-positive breast cancer prior to surgery
48 Doctors should stratify patients with suspected pulmonary embolism to determine diagnostic strategy
49 Which dermal fillers 'stick together' best? New method helps plastic surgeons choose the best product
50 Weight loss surgery offers new hope to children and adolescents with Prader-Willi Syndrome
51 Biomarkers measured in maternal blood can identify pregnant women with lupus at low risk for developing adverse outcome
52 Molecular 'kiss of death' flags pathogens: Pockets of bad bugs marked to summon cleanup crew
53 A walk around the office can reverse vascular dysfunction caused by hours at a computer
54 Scientists to begin trialling unique non-invasive one hour treatment for resistant high blood pressure
55 Bacteria in ancient flea may be ancestor of the Black Death
56 Finding about how water gets into neurons provides new treatment targets for deadly brain swelling
57 New analysis shows Reslizumab reduced asthma exacerbations by 75 percent in patients with late onset asthma and elevated blood eosinophils
58 Targeted cancer treatment: new dual strategy halts cell division
59 Meningitis model shows infection's sci-fi-worthy creep into the brain
60 Falling TVs causing increasing number of severe neck and head injuries in children
61 How more women with earlier caesarean sections can give birth vaginally next time
62 MRI technique could reduce need for breast biopsies
63 Diabetes medication can reduce food intake
64 Positive safety and efficacy data in over 500 DC BeadM1 patients and compelling health economic data for TheraSphere announced
65 Approval of Praluent (alirocumab) for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia in the European Union
66 Humans and monkeys affected by the same malaria parasite in the Amazon region
67 At Obama-Modi meeting in New York, MSF urges India to protect affordable medicines for millions
68 Sugary drinks raise risk of heart attack, heart disease by more than a third
69 UC Davis researcher advocates ending Medicare coverage of controversial mammography tool
70 U.S. cervical cancer screening practices show room for improvement
71 Two evidence reviews assess behavioral interventions for type 1 and type 2 diabetes
72 FDA approves two new drug treatments for diabetes mellitus
73 Don't fear! News from the field of fear and anxiety research
74 Age-related blindness cure steps closer with new stem cell trial
75 Novartis launches 'Novartis Access,' a portfolio of affordable medicines to treat chronic diseases in lower-income countries
76 Latest study looks at alternative therapies to prevent malaria in pregnancy
77 Aspirin may double survival for cancer patients
78 Shopping addiction measurement scale developed
79 5 sleep tips for school-aged children
80 Sleep clinics offer hope to parents of children with intellectual disabilities
81 Doctors warn hikers, other endurance athletes, and medical personnel about the risks of water intoxication
82 Home-based counselling strategies alone may not improve neonatal survival in rural Africa
83 Many non-profit academic leaders and professors serve on for-profit health care company boards, Pitt analysis reveals
84 Educational attainment in children is associated with positive health transitions into adulthood
85 Islamist insurgency strongly influences where polio occurs
86 What is delayed cord clamping?
87 Deep sleep boosts immunological memory
88 Increasing calcium intake 'does not improve bone health of seniors'
89 Could asthma be inherited from grandmothers who smoke?
90 Scientists decode structure at root of muscular disease
91 Low-cost blood test good predictor of increased bleeding risk in pediatric trauma patients
92 Our brain's secrets to success?
93 Kessler researchers link spatial neglect after stroke with poor outcomes
94 Your gut development during infancy can have lifelong implications
95 Scientists control rats' senses of familiarity, novelty
96 Competing mice reveal genetic defects
97 The brain perceives motion the same way through both vision and touch
98 Chimpanzee personality linked to anatomy of brain structures, study finds
99 People with genetic variant increasing vitamin D metabolism improve blood sugar control with high protein weight loss diet
100 New method reveals real-time death risk of Korean MERS outbreak
101 Deaths from heart disease and stroke could rise unless countries address risk factors
102 Children's Mercy researchers achieve 26-hour rapid whole-genome sequencing in critically ill infants
103 Five genetic regions implicated in cystic fibrosis severity
104 Climate change negatively affects birth weight, University of Utah study finds
105 NIH study finds racial, ethnic differences in fetal growth
106 Shining a light on polycystic ovary syndrome
107 Wrangling proteins gone wild
108 Scientists pioneer 3-D-printed drug delivering micro-needles
109 Blood pressure linked to diabetes in major new study
110 Brain activity map reveals how infant vision develops