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1 Climate pledges falling dangerously short, say experts
2 Mars water discovery: What does it mean for future explorers
3 Hurricane Joaquin: Where's it headed?
4 The Serengeti to the Masai Mara: How to watch the wildest show on Earth
5 We assumed fish didn't care about each other. We were wrong.
6 Rare corpse flower blooms unexpectedly in Chicago
7 Will China's carbon-trading plan help curb climate change?
8 Glow-in-dark sea turtle discovered: Mutant, maybe, but definitely not a ninja
9 Can monarchs make a comeback?
10 Why is liquid water on Mars necessary for life?
11 Scientists discover tiniest-ever land snail
12 Does liquid water on Mars make things easier for visitors from Earth? (+video)
13 What color were dinosaurs really? Bat fossils reveal clues.
14 Water on Mars: Does it make life more likely?
15 Color-coded fossils: Scientists can now find ancient creatures' true colors
16 How climate change is making Antarctica royally crabby (+video)
17 Signs of salt water on Mars: Could it boost possibility of life? (+video)
18 India's space telescope: Is it a big deal?
19 Mars has liquid water, says NASA. Could there be life? (+video)
20 'All quiet on the cosmic front': Was Einstein's theory wrong?
21 Salt water flows on Mars, say scientists (+video)
22 Rosetta finds clues about mysterious origins of comet 67P
23 Antikythera shipwreck shows how ancient world's one percent lived
24 Lunar eclipse bedazzles skywatchers
25 Countdown to NASA's big Mars reveal: Will it live up to the hype?
26 Big announcement: Did NASA just find liquid water on Mars?
27 Blood Moon 'apocalypse': Why superstitions persist
28 Why was a Florida woman arrested for riding a sea turtle? (+video)
29 Wait, the blood moon supermoon total lunar eclipse is a Harvest Moon too?!
30 Spectacular Veil Nebula images reveal celestial masterpiece
31 Did our ancestors have better hearing than we do?
32 NASA Mars probe anniversary: A look back over one year at the Red Planet
33 SEE Pluto's scaly surface in the latest dazzling images from New Horizons
34 Wild horse genome reveals hidden costs of domestication
35 Could you fight off prehistoric 20-foot lizards? Early Aborigines likely did.
36 Tomb discovered in Pompeii is window into world scientists know little about
37 Stunning new Pluto images: Could we have imagined this 50 years ago?
38 Bees' tongues are shrinking, and now scientists know why (+video)
39 How a water cycle keeps a comet 'alive'
40 Scientists find an easier way to kill coral-eating starfish. An improvement?
41 The six biggest myths about the moon (+video)
42 Scientists discover earliest known ritual decapitation in Americas
43 California drought: Why a fire might be good for giant sequoias (+video)
44 Three reasons Sunday's lunar eclipse will be so special (+video)
45 What do fish scales have to do with tooth enamel? More than you would think.
46 Messier 17: Could a massive cosmic rose smell as sweet by any other name?
47 Was this 9,000-year-old American decapitated out of kindness?
48 Comet's water blasts tied to sunlight, say scientists
49 Why Sunday's 'blood moon' eclipse will mark the end of an era (+video)
50 How tiny, underwater creatures are slowing climate change
51 Did our tooth enamel evolve from scales?
52 Why have humpback whales returned to Long Island Sound? (+video)
53 War in Syria prompts first opening of global doomsday seed vault
54 Americans dumping twice the trash previously estimated
55 What's the No. 1 feel-good song of all time?
56 Quantum teleportation record broken: Can life imitate Star Trek?
57 Could sustainable logging in the Amazon help slow global warming?
58 Remind me: What's the autumnal equinox? (+video)
59 Is 'The Martian' accurate? How 500 days in space would affect you. (+video)
60 White House won't protect sage grouse: Good news?
61 Federal investigators take on walrus murder mystery
62 You probably didn't expect giraffes to sound like this
63 Why melting permafrost could cost $43 trillion
64 How did duck-billed dinosaurs survive in Alaska?
65 This snake gave birth without a male: How common is parthenogenesis?
66 Future Mars habitats could build themselves
67 Scientists in Alaska unearth new kind of dinosaur
68 Coriander: Health Benefits and Nutritional Information
69 Breast cancer: Angelina Jolie boosted public awareness of reconstructive surgery
70 Smoking and lung disease found to have genetic links
71 New drug combo could help older adults with clinical depression
72 Chip-based technology enables reliable direct detection of Ebola virus
73 Breaking the anxiety cycle
74 Study adds to evidence that viruses are alive
75 Tick spit protein may trigger allergic reactions
76 Tumor necrosis factor in colitis--bad actor or hero?
77 Workplace exposure to metalworking fluid may cause irreversible lung disease
78 What powers the pumping heart?
79 Should I stay or should I go? On the importance of aversive memories and the endogenous cannabinoid
80 Bravo to biomass
81 Reproducible neuroscience with real tango
82 2-million-year-old fossils reveal hearing abilities of early humans
83 A mutated gene found in families with multiple tumors, including cardiac angiosarcoma
84 COPD heightens deadly lung cancer risk in smokers
85 Deep-diving whales could hold answer for synthetic blood
86 Walking quieter routes to work can avoid peaks in air pollution
87 Migrants and refugees: Nationality and social status affect cancer care quality
88 Kolltan Pharmaceuticals announces KTN0158 preclinical data at ESMO 2015
89 Health hazards of occupational exposure to talc
90 Atezolizumab set to change refractory lung cancer treatment
91 New article identifies issues for transgender treatment in emergency departments
92 Legal drinking age of 18 tied to high school dropout rate
93 Blocking light improves preemies' survival rates
94 Drug combination improves progression-free survival in melanoma patients
95 Hormonal therapy may prevent ovarian failure and preserve fertility in breast cancer
96 Over three-quarters of people with cancer worldwide have no access to safe surgery
97 Dried plums may help lower colon cancer risk
98 Genetic test identifies which breast cancer patients can avoid chemotherapy
99 The citizen and the embryo: Birth weight affects social trust, Danish study shows
100 Analysis of blood parameters helps to establish prognosis for patients with brain metastases
101 Scientists use microchip approach to visualize human breast cancer proteins
102 Cancer diagnosis while pregnant should not lead to treatment delay or end of pregnancy
103 Children with ADHD and their mothers may live less than average population
104 First 'targeted' treatment for small cell lung cancer shows promise
105 Prototype lab in a needle could make real-time, mobile laboratory testing a reality
106 Study finds drug improves survival for patients with non-small cell lung cancer
107 Early life infections may be a risk factor for coeliac disease in childhood
108 NICE recommends Zydelig (idelalisib) for the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
109 Universal TB screening of immigrants to Canada costly and inefficient
110 New guideline aims to help physicians manage deep vein blood clots in patients