File Title
1 Dead Galaxies: Star-Formation Learnings
2 Synthetic Blood: How Whales May Inspire a Medical Miracle
3 Fossils Suggest Common Hearing Patterns Among Humans and Chimpanzees [VIDEO]
4 Black Hole: Too Big for Its Galaxy
5 Fracking, Water, and Our World
6 Butterfly and Moth Update: 150,000 Known Species on Earth, More to Find
7 Ocean Pollution: 8 Trillion Microbeads a Day from US
8 September Doomsday Asteroid: NASA Wasn't Lying About Our Safety
9 Volcano: Icelandic Volcano Eruption in 2014 3X More Polluting than Industry
10 Great Barrier Reef: Starfish Destructive to Coral Could Be Stopped with Household Vinegar
11 Arctic and Marine Life: In Winter Darkness, Creatures Stirring
12 Wildfires and Santa Ana Fires: Which Will Burn Longest?
13 Gravitational Lenses: Citizen Scientists Rounded Up Super-Sharp Space Views
14 Wildfires: How to Save the Forests
15 Microbes: Source of Huge Iron-Ore Deposits
16 Phytoplankton and Climate: A Decline of Marine Building-Block in Some Oceans
17 Atoms: Seeing 3D Maps of All Atoms in Structure--Aircraft Integrity and More
18 Microbes: Source of Huge Iron-Ore Deposits
19 Phytoplankton and Climate: A Decline of Marine Building-Block in Some Oceans
20 Atoms: Seeing 3D Maps of All Atoms in Structure--Aircraft Integrity and More
21 Ocean Acidification: Algae Floppy in Higher Carbon Dioxide Water
22 Climate Change: Warming Seen in Australia in 1940s, Research Says
23 Google Science Fair: 16-Year-Old Student Scientist Wins Event with Ebola Test [VIDEO]
24 Bee Blitz: Four New Pollinator Species Discovered in Australia
25 Titan and Methane: Wet North Pole Explained?
26 Recession: Environmental Issues Remain Important to Public
27 Permafrost Melt: $43 Trillion Cost of Gas Release
28 Threatened Species: How World's Largest Fish Diets on Tiniest Marine Life
29 Climate Change and Rainfall: New Ways to Mitigate Flooding and Manage Watersheds
30 New Horizons: Changing Weather and Stunning Landscapes on Pluto [PHOTOS]
31 Wasps Turn Caterpillar Victims into GMOs!
32 The Sound of Giraffes? Night 'Humming' is Key
33 Sharks and Seals: Buffet Numbers of Seals on Both Coasts
34 Space and Black Holes: In Virgo Constellation, Collision Coming
35 Evolution and Disease-Tracking: All Life Mapped? [DIGITAL]
36 Pacific and Preservation: Better Fishing Near Calif. Protected Area
37 Earth and Climate: What's Holding It All Together for Us Earthlings
38 Arctic and Climate: Permafrost Sample Contains 4 Giant Viruses
39 Climate and Antarctica: Southern Ocean Sinks More Carbon
40 Arctic and Ice Cap: Down from 1981-2010 Average
41 Canine Cognition Study: Domestication Made Dogs Much Lazier than Their Wild Counterparts
42 Space and Moon: Asteroid Marks Show Solar System History
43 Evolution and Domestication: Human Involvement Altered Development of Some Animals
44 Clams and Conches: World-Builders and Literary Stars?
45 Boreal Forest: Minnesota/Canada's Boundary Waters and Threatened Animals [BOOK]
46 Volcano Chain Recently Discovered in Australia Said to Be Longest Continental Span at 2,000 Kilometers
47 Oysters and Clean Ecosystem: Putting More Filter into Our Water
48 Massive Galaxy Clusters Feed Off Neighboring Gas-Rich Galaxies
49 Nutrition and Science: How to Feed the World
50 Habitable Planets: "Air Conditioning System" Creates Livable Climate
51 Prehistoric and Human: Teeth Show New Diet Details
52 Insects and Disease: Mosquitoes and Their Purpose [IN-DEPTH]
53 Falling in Love Increases Reproductive Success in Birds, Researchers Say
54 Carbon Dioxide and Mangroves: Equivalent to Removing Cars from Road
55 Pollinator Protection: Experts Question EPA's Commitment to Bees [FEATURE]
56 Maternal Stress Affects Baby Elephant Development
57 Photosynthesis: Leaves Create Fall Ambience with Changing Colors
58 Invasive Species: Non-Native Reptiles and Amphibians in Florida
59 Social Status and Birds: Monk Parakeets Establish Rank Based on Aggressive Behaviors
60 Fossil and Cambrian: Ancient Sea Scorpion [IN-DEPTH]
61 Methane and Regulation: EPA's Recent Proposals
62 Drones and Fossils: Citizen Archaeologists Make Discoveries from Home
63 Human and Ape Evolution: Why Our Faces Are Different
64 Climate Change: Organic Waste in Sea Spray Triggers Ice Formation in Clouds
65 [VIDEO] Renewable Energy: New Solar Panels Inspired by Japanese Paper Cutting
66 Strange Fish Found in Methane Seep Off San Diego [VIDEO]
67 [VIDEO] Climate Change and Evolution: Small Changes Can Alter Entire Ecosystems
68 Dogs: Small Extinct Asian Dog Predecessor Declared
69 [VIDEO] Fossils Found in South Africa Belong to a New Human Ancestor
70 Infectious Disease and Bugs: Texas Kissing Bugs Carry Dangerous Disease
71 Ant Populations Are Thriving Among Newly Planted, Non-Native Trees
72 Oats and Prehistoric: Very Early Breakfast?
73 Great Plains and Bison: Will Montana Restore Herds?
74 Salinity and Climate: New Protein Helps Plants Grow
75 Climate and Food Grains: New Wheat Gene Info Will Increase Adaptability
76 Kangaroo Cartilage Could Help Treat Human Arthritis
77 2015 Shark Survey Gives Numbers Behind Atlantic Sightings
78 Orchid Family Tree Explains Widespread Diversity
79 Sea Levels Might Not Rise as Fast as Previously Estimated, Researchers Say
80 Earth Core Instability: Is North America's Core Less Solid than We Thought?
81 Infectious Diseases: Wildlife Disease Reporting System Launched
82 Endangered Species' Genetic Diversity Explains their Decline
83 Biodiversity and Tree Population: More Intense Farming is Better, Researchers Say
84 Renewable Energy: Splitting Water Molecules from Sunlight
85 Climate Change: Mountain Ponds Dried Up in the Heat Leaves Amphibians Starving for Water
86 Bats: Researchers 'See' in Echolocation for the First Time
87 Hubble Images Provide Insight on Star Birth in a Neighboring Galaxy
88 [VIDEO] Fossil Link Found for Turtle Evolution
89 TNT Soon to Be Remedied from Plant Roots
90 Extinct Monkey Fossils Found in Dominican Republic
91 Soil Health: Crop Rotation Alone Can Stir Helpful Microbes, Researchers Say
92 [VIDEO] Green Sea Turtles Make a Comeback in Florida, Researchers Say
93 Growing Up on Farms May Help You Fight Asthma
94 Antarctic Lake: Key to Oxygen's Past
95 New Planets: Learnings on the Minerals in Their Mantles
96 Climate Change: Wind Turbines and Atmospheric Energy
97 Boreal Forests and Climate: 3 Trillion Trees in World
98 Seal Pups Find Moms in Crowded Spaces
99 Marine Waste: Cleanser Can Release 100,000 Micro-Beads
100 Air Pollution: Radioactive Ash in 3 Coal-Plant Basins
101 Used Coffee Grounds Have a New Purpose
102 Termites' Massive Mounds Ventilate like Lungs, Researchers Say
103 Geckos Act like Springs, Researchers Say
104 Human and Male Seahorse Pregnancies are Surprisingly Similar
105 Wasp Venom Tears through Cancer Cells
106 From Wyoming to Current-Day Tropics: How Prehistoric Crocodiles Survived
107 Algal Blooms More Luscious than Ever, Researchers Say
108 Male Orangutans Attract More Females by Having Padded Cheeks
109 Climate Change and Tropical Storms: Sheltered Cities Could Be Hit
110 Geology and Ancient Site: China's Huge Plateau's Wind Formation
111 [VIDEO] Multi-Jet Swimming Machine: A Rare Marine Species