File Title
1 Your Body Is Surrounded by Clouds of Skin and Fart Bacteria
2 We're all Surrounded by a Personal Cloud of Bacteria
3 New dinosaur species may have left tracks in the snow
4 A 'lost world' of dinosaurs thrived in the snowy dark of Alaska, researchers say
5 Salmon Fishing in North America Dates Back to Last Ice Age, Oldest Instance on Record
6 Ice age Alaskans had salmon on their plates, say researchers
7 Oldest Find of Salmon Remains in North America
8 This snake gave birth without a male: How common is parthenogenesis?
9 Lady snake gives birth after being alone for eight years, doesn't need men
10 Let's Not Move to Mars
11 Many patients prefer online postoperative care to in-person care
12 UT Southwestern physiologists uncover a new code at the heart of biology
13 Earth's oceans show decline in microscopic plant life
14 The final word on STAP
15 Ultrafast lasers offer 3-D micropatterning of biocompatible hydrogels
16 In terminally ill patients, some types of delirium are a sign of 'imminent death'
17 Researchers find potential source of insulin-producing cells in adult human pancreas
18 Exergaming improves physical and mental fitness in children with autism spectrum disorders
19 New cancer genes identified, opening door to targeted treatments
20 What motivates 'Facebook stalking' after a romantic breakup?
21 Most states don't think ignition interlock is severe enough punishment
22 The world's nitrogen fixation, explained
23 ORNL integrated energy demo connects 3-D printed building, vehicle
24 How to find out about the human mind through stone
25 Early testing can predict the stroke patients who will develop upper limb spasticity
26 Gender quotas in academia--challenges and opportunities
27 Color-coding sensor: Nanostructures for contactless control
28 Southampton chemists create switchable gold catalyst
29 New study highlights valuable tool for studying living and extinct animals
30 Physicists find new explanation for key experiment
31 New synthesis method imitates the way molecules were formed at the dawn of life on Earth
32 Antimicrobial film for future implants
33 PolyU develops novel eco high performance energy storage device
34 Giant killer lizard fossil shines new light on early Australians
35 Molecular 'feedback loop' may explain tamoxifen resistance in patients with breast cancer
36 Digital textbook analytics can predict student outcomes, Iowa State study finds
37 Tiny carbon-capturing motors may help tackle rising carbon dioxide levels
38 How flu viruses gain the ability to spread
39 Method could make hydrogen fuel cells more efficient
40 Babies time their smiles to make their moms smile in return
41 Nanoparticles could boost effectiveness and reduce side effects of allergy shots
42 Toward tires that repair themselves (video)
43 How the brain encodes time and place
44 Hot, dense material surrounds O-type star with largest magnetic field known
45 Frustrated magnets point towards new memory
46 Twisting neutrons
47 Taming hot flashes without hormones: What works, what doesn't
48 Almost one-third of families of children with cancer have unmet basic needs during treatment
49 Viruses join fight against harmful bacteria
50 Drug disarms deadly C. difficile bacteria without destroying healthy gut flora
51 Study shows potential benefit of telehealth visits for postoperative care
52 Oceans in the brain: How we remember different contexts
53 NIH researchers find role for soft palate in adaptation of transmissible influenza viruses
54 Enamel evolved in the skin and colonized the teeth much later
55 If you're sitting down, don't sit still, new research suggests
56 A cosmic rose with many names
57 UW team links 2 human brains for question-and-answer experiment
58 Metastatic breast cancer cells turn on stem cell genes
59 Horse owners can manage flies with wasps instead of pesticides
60 9,000-year-old ritualized decapitation found in Brazil
61 Ringing in the ears and chronic pain enter by the same gate
62 Neuroscientists uncover brain abnormalities responsible for tinnitus and chronic pain
63 Like a foreman, brain region keeps us on task
64 Adolescent brain may be especially sensitive to new memories, social stress, and drug use
65 PARSORTIX cell separation system effectively isolates CTCs indicating metastatic cancer
66 New sports technology provides a GPS alternative
67 Researchers isolate human muscle stem cells
68 New Geosphere themed issue: The anatomy of rifting
69 New clues on the history of the smallpox vaccine virus
70 Geolocators used to link breeding and wintering populations of Prothonotary Warblers
71 A whale of a tale
72 Characterizing the forces that hold everything together
73 Open-science van der Waals interaction calculations enable mesoscale design and assembly
74 Benign by design
75 Multi-tasking in the ER: More is not better
76 Germany: East-west divide in life expectancy almost overcome
77 National school-based mental health intervention improves outcomes for at-risk students
78 Increased activity in older brains may point to new avenues for treating memory loss
79 A fast cell sorter shrinks to cell phone size
80 Research uncovers microsopic key to reducing ocean dead zones
81 'Mind-reading' kids are more discriminating learners
82 New report examines regulation of federally funded research
83 UCI researchers find biomarker for autism that may aid diagnostics
84 The Karoo Basin and the end Permian mass extinction
85 Scientists identify key morphine regulator that may reduce risk of pain-killer abuse
86 A new view of the content of Earth's core
87 Genetic analysis supports prediction that spontaneous rare mutations cause half of autism
88 Pioneering research develops new way to capture light--for the computers of tomorrow
89 Death and money in the ICU: Pneumonia findings surprise researchers
90 Cartilage regeneration possibilities may improve with fetal cartilage cell transplantation
91 New resource will help growers manage the olive fruit fly
92 Regenstrief and IU develop innovative ethics-based model for academia-industry collaboration
93 Urgent change needed to improve diagnosis in health care or diagnostic errors will likely worsen
94 Hell hath no fury like a female superhero scorned (by fans)
95 Matricellular proteins are promising new therapeutic targets for ocular diseases
96 Radio telescopes could spot stars hidden in the galactic center
97 Feeling anxious? Check your orbitofrontal cortex and cultivate your optimism
98 Molecular diagnostics at home: Chemists design rapid, simple, inexpensive tests using DNA
99 New method for testing iPSC differentiation potential could lead to safer and more potent treatments
100 Report on bioenergy and sustainability to be launched at World Bank
101 Is obesity 'all in your head'? (video)
102 New study maps the progression of Parkinson's disease within the brain
103 Changes in dairy industry benefit dairy cattle health and welfare and consumers
104 Do women experience negative emotions differently than men?
105 New graphene oxide biosensors may accelerate research of HIV and cancer drugs
106 CPAP therapy reduces symptoms of depression in adults with sleep apnea
107 Love's labors: Study shows male lizards risk becoming lunch for a bird to attract a mate
108 Overweight firefighters more likely to attempt weight loss if advised by doctor
109 Researchers try to halt march of destructive pest preying on tomatoes
110 Two-drug combination shows promise against one type of pancreatic cancer