File Title
1 Televised medical talk shows: Health education or entertainment?
2 Concerns raised about variable performance of some UK personal use breathalyzers
3 Europe shows that humans and large predators can share the same landscape
4 Parents' BMI decreases with child involved in school-based, community obesity intervention
5 High socioeconomic status increases discrimination, depression risk in black young adults
6 Nano Filter cleans dirty industry
7 How information moves between cultures
8 Introverts could shape extroverted co-workers' career success, study shows
9 Fraud-proof credit cards possible with quantum physics
10 Many U.S. workers are sacrificing sleep for work
11 Limiting internet congestion a key factor in net neutrality debate
12 Wealth, power or lack thereof at heart of many mental disorders
13 Maintaining a reliable value of the cost of climate change
14 Occupational sitting among women linked to obesity
15 Bitcoin, virtual money: User's identity can be revealed much easier than thought
16 Early caregiving experiences have long-term effects on social relationships, achievement
17 Why are UK teenagers skipping school?
18 Personality outsmarts intelligence at school: Conscientiousness and openness key to learning
19 Current practices in reporting on behavioural genetics can mislead the public
20 Cognitive training can improve brain performance of students in poverty
21 Distraction, if consistent, does not hinder learning
22 Ideals may play role in knowledge formation, professor's research says
23 Heavier newborns show academic edge in school
24 It's mean boys, not mean girls, who rule at school, study shows
25 Education is key to climate adaptation
26 Blue-eyed humans have a single, common ancestor
27 Could hemp nanosheets topple graphene for making the ideal supercapacitor?
28 Fasting triggers stem cell regeneration of damaged, old immune system
29 Ibuprofen use leads to extended lifespan in several species, study shows
30 Looking forward to the 24th century: Cardiac arrest remains a deadly problem--but for different reasons from today
31 Startling benefit of cardiology meetings: Outcomes better when cardiologists away?
32 Hands on: Crafting ultrathin color coatings
33 Newly discovered assassin bug was incognito, but now it's incognita
34 Indonesian frog is one of a kind--and not because of its fangs
35 Monarch butterfly eyed for possible U.S. endangered species protection
36 Europe recommends approval for first stem-cell therapy
37 Disgraced Japan researcher fails to replicate 'game changing' stem cell results
38 Songbirds fly coop long before tornadoes arrive in Tennessee
39 Winter weather alerts may signal greater fall risk for elderly
40 Sierra Leone's president calls for week of fasting, prayer over Ebola
41 Pharma and biotech on a roll as drug approvals hit 18-year high
42 Suspicious breast mass may pose greater risk than previously thought
43 U.S. cancer deaths fell 22 percent since 1991
44 Magnitude 5.1 quake hits in waters off Northern California coast
45 Flash floods, mudslides kill at least 39 in Sri Lanka
46 Deadly winter storms batter California, chill New Year's Eve
47 Two dead, many drivers trapped as western U.S. storms chill New Year's Eve
48 Effort to kill California's ban on plastic grocery bags moves forward
49 Samsung Electronics says new smart TVs in 2015 to run Tizen platform
50 China's Huawei 2014 smartphone sales rise by a third
51 Analytics-based U.S. tech firm Inovalon files for IPO
52 India's capital sets new rules for Uber, other taxi operators
53 Taiwan clears Xiaomi, other smartphone brands of breaching data privacy
54 Tsunami Science: Advances Since the 2004 Indian Ocean Tragedy
55 Biggest Cloud-Seeding Experiment Yet Only Sparks More Debate
56 Aging Marathoner: Still Running, but at a Much Slower Pace
57 Nix that: 5 Top Retracted Science Papers of 2014
58 Atom Smasher Will Renew Hunt for Strange Particles in 2015
59 Cyber Wars and the Legal Lessons from the Sony Hack (Op-Ed)
60 Is Ebola Diverting Resources from Other Neglected Diseases?
61 Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
62 Ancient Middle East Shipwrecks Shed Light on Shipbuilding History
63 Ten Years After Indonesian Tsunami, Are Coasts Any Safer?
64 Five Reasons Smoking Rules are Lax
65 Spaceflight's Great Leaps Come with Risks (and Tragedies)
66 Does the Whole30 Diet Really Work?
67 'Jurassic World' Guesses on Dinosaur Sounds, Experts Say
68 3D Printing Molecules Can Reveal New Insights
69 Fate of Earth's Ice Comes Further into Focus
70 Missing AirAsia Jet and Malaysia Flight 370: How They Differ
71 Scottish Health Care Worker Diagnosed with Ebola
72 'Star Trek' Called on to Study 24th Century Heart Health
73 Craze Over Greek Tomb Spawns Virtual Worlds Online
74 Workers' Tech Needs Are More Old-School than You Think
75 Bat-Filled Tree May Have Been Source of Current Ebola Outbreak
76 California Droughts Could Have Dangerous Ripple Effects
77 Grand Canyon Gray Wolf May Have Been Shot in Utah
78 Ocean Warming: Probing a Blue Abyss
79 Did a Volcano Wipe Out the Neanderthals?
80 Record Cold May Greet New Year's Revelers
81 Lindsay Lohan Catches Painful Virus, Actress Tweets
82 What Black Box Data Will Tell Us About the AirAsia Crash
83 Hottest Year Ever: 5 Places Where 2014 Temps Really Cooked
84 Are Ocean Asteroid Impacts Really a Serious Threat?
85 Giant Fossils Get Renewed Life with 3D Scans
86 Fanged Frog Species Gives Birth to Live Young
87 Ancient Coyotes Had Larger Jaws, Sharper Teeth
88 5 Ways Your Tech Will Go Green in 2015
89 US Cancer Death Rates Fall, Saving 1.5 Million Lives
90 Ancient Amulet Discovered with Curious Palindrome Inscription
91 Scientists take step toward usable fusion energy
92 Smarter mice with a "humanized" gene?
93 New dino described as largest weighable specimen ever
94 Deadly sophistication seen in trout-eel hunting partnership
95 Study suggests delaying aging may be easier than thought
96 Parrot found to "teach" tool use to others
97 Not our fault chimps kill each other, study concludes
98 Study: population won't stabilize this century
99 Scientists report first "semiaquatic" dino, larger than T. rex
100 Earth's water is older than the Sun, scientists claim
101 An image, or its interpretation? Newfound brain cells show surprising role
102 Anomaly in spacecraft flybys puzzles scientists
103 Out in space, the most complex organic molecule yet
104 In a first, "cousin" planets reported
105 Mystery fossils seem to represent tiny balls of cells
106 Feeling down? Head to Facebook, find someone worse off
107 Hungry black hole found to eat faster than thought possible
108 Trying to share our "epic" moments may cost us
109 Dark matter may be half what was thought--at least locally
110 Birds beat turbulence by folding wings, study finds