File Title
1 Egg and sperm race: Scientists create precursors to human egg and sperm
2 Modern genetics confirm ancient relationship between fins and hands
3 Tales from a Martian rock: New chemical analysis of ancient Martian meteorite provides clues to planet's history of habitability
4 Hunter-gatherer past shows our fragile bones result from inactivity since invention of farming
5 New non-invasive method can detect Alzheimer's disease early
6 Year of birth significantly changes impact of obesity-associated gene variant
7 Putting bedbugs to bed forever
8 Could playing Tchaikovsky's 'Nutcracker' and other music improve kids' brains?
9 Molecular mechanism behind health benefits of dietary restriction identified
10 That smartphone is giving your thumbs superpowers
11 Oldest stone tool ever found in Turkey discovered
12 Trial confirms Ebola vaccine candidate safe, equally immunogenic in Africa
13 Ultrasounds dance the 'moonwalk' in new metamaterial
14 Cells 'feel' their surroundings using finger-like structures
15 Coral reveals long-term link between Pacific winds, global climate
16 Make a New Year's resolution to manage your diabetes
17 Discovery of mutated gene in dogs could help treat blindness
18 Significant link between daily physical activity, vascular health
19 Parental history of suicide attempt associated with increased risk in kids
20 Molecules seen binding to HIV-1's protective capsule, blocking infection
21 Cancer treatment potential discovered in gene repair mechanism
22 Malaria combination drug therapy for children
23 Neonatal HBV vaccine reduces liver cancer risk
24 Nanotechnology used to engineer ACL replacements
25 Children with autism who live with pets are more assertive
26 Molecular network identified underlying autism spectrum disorders
27 Report on remission in patients with MS three years after stem cell transplant
28 Binge drinking disrupts immune system in young adults, study finds
29 Optogenetics captures neuronal transmission in live mammalian brain
30 Twelve new genetic causes of developmental disorders
31 First scientific report shows police body-cameras can prevent unacceptable use-of-force
32 Identifying brain variations to predict patient response to surgery for OCD
33 Activating hair growth by modifying immune cells
34 'July effect' does not impact stroke outcomes, according to new study
35 Echolocation acts as substitute sense for blind people
36 High-fat diet, obesity during pregnancy harms stem cells in developing fetus
37 Maternal supplementation with multiple micronutrients compared with iron-folic acid
38 Overweight teens lose weight for the right reasons, study shows
39 Stress may increase desire for reward but not pleasure, research finds
40 Weight training appears key to controlling belly fat
41 Decision 'cascades' in social networks
42 Cardiorespiratory fitness improves memory among older adults, study shows
43 Light-emitting e-readers before bedtime can adversely impact sleep
44 Fast-food consumption linked to lower test score gains in 8th graders
45 Bone loss drugs may help prevent endometrial cancer
46 Gift-wrapped gas molecules
47 Neutrinos can deliver not only full-on hits but also 'glancing blows'
48 A repulsive material: New hydrogel dominated by electrostatic repulsion
49 Microscopy reveals how atom-high steps impede oxidation of metal surfaces
50 New half-light half-matter quantum particles created
51 A qubit candidate shines brighter
52 American cities are many times brighter at night than German counterparts
53 Live adaptation of organ models in the OR
54 Young entrepreneurs innovate in green energy with an in situ organic waste digester
55 How electrons split: New evidence of exotic behaviors
56 Dawn spacecraft begins approach to dwarf planet Ceres
57 Simulation of universe with realistic galaxies
58 Detecting extraterrestrial life through motion
59 Hunt for Big Bang particles offering clues to the origin of the universe
60 Gecko grippers get a microgravity test flight
61 Sun sizzles in high-energy X-rays
62 Scientists 'map' water vapor in Martian atmosphere
63 The Milky Way's new neighbor: Tiny and isolated dwarf galaxy discovered
64 Signs of Europa plumes remain elusive in search of Cassini data
65 NASA's Kepler reborn, makes first exoplanet find of new mission
66 What you tweet when you go party can be useful for improving urban planning
67 Text messaging reminders increase second dose influenza vaccinations in children
68 Taking the grunt work out of web development
69 Dirty pool: Soil's large carbon stores could be freed by increased CO2, plant growth
70 Mechanics of cells' long-range communication modeled by researchers
71 New-generation 'thinking' biomimetic robots developed as ocean engineering solutions
72 New distance rehabilitation system developed for patients with heart pathologies
73 Ecosystems need math not random nature to survive
74 Atom-thick CCD could capture images
75 Cheaper 3-D virtual reality system: Powerful enough for a gamer, made for an engineer
76 New study links neurological disorders in captive felids to improper diet
77 Bats are a possible source of Ebola epidemic in West Africa
78 Tracing evolution of chicken flu virus yields insight into origins of deadly H7N9 strain
79 Sugar molecule links red meat consumption and elevated cancer risk in mice
80 What are mechanisms of zooxanthella expulsion from coral?
81 Parasite eggs from the Celtic period found in Basel
82 Study sheds light on what causes cells to divide
83 Christmas colors disguise gliding lizards in the rainforest
84 Ants show left bias when exploring new spaces
85 European fire ant impacts forest ecosystems by helping alien plants spread
86 The ants that conquered the world
87 What 'fecal prints' of microbes can tell us about Earth's evolution
88 Muddy forests, shorter winters present challenges for loggers
89 Study pumps up the volume on understanding of marine invertebrate hearing
90 Distribution of fish on northeast US shelf influenced by both fishing, climate
91 Shape-shifting may help some species cope with climate change
92 Methane is leaking from permafrost offshore Siberia
93 Alaska fish adjust to climate change by following the food
94 Trade winds ventilate the tropical oceans: Explanation for increasing oxygen deficiency
95 Microplastics in the ocean: Biologists study effects on marine animals
96 Shedding new light on diet of extinct animals
97 A clear, molecular view of how human color vision evolved
98 New, tighter timeline confirms ancient volcanism aligned with dinosaurs' extinction
99 550-million-year-old fossils provide new clues about fossil formation
100 Archaeologists unearth royal entry complex at Herodian Hilltop Palace
101 Using power of computers to harness human genome may provide clues into Ebola virus
102 Short-necked Triassic marine reptile discovered in China
103 Ancient, hydrogen-rich waters deep underground around the world: Waters could support isolated life
104 Asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs may have nearly knocked off mammals, too
105 Ancient Earth may have made its own water: Rock circulating in mantle feeds world's oceans even today, evidence suggests
106 How economic insecurity impacts diabetes control among patients
107 Greater risk of premature deaths in neighborhoods with high concentrations of check-cashing places
108 Fear of terrorism increases resting heart rate, risk of death
109 New concussion laws result in big jump in concussion treatment
110 Disadvantaged men more likely to do 'women's work' reveals new study