File Title
1 Mapping Snake Venom Variety Reveals Unexpected Evolutionary Pattern
2 Blueberries: Small Fruit Delivers Big Reward
3 Emissions-Free Cars Get Closer
4 Could Gut Microbes Help Us Treat Brain Disorders? Mounting Research Tightens Their Connection with the Brain
5 Assassin Targets Supernovae in Our Neighborhood of the Universe
6 Stony Brook Receives $2 Million DOE Grant to Create a New Super Energy-Saving Air Conditioning Vent
7 TSRI Scientists Illuminate Mysterious Molecular Mechanism Powering Cells in Most Forms of Life
8 Compact Batteries Enhanced by Spontaneous Silver Matrix Formations
9 Mapping of Silver Matrix Formation in Batteries Will Enhance Efficiency
10 Flashes from Faster-Than-Light Spots May Help Illuminate Astronomical Secrets
11 GreenIndonesia and Six Indigenous Partners, Safeguarding Land Rights and Landscapes, Open the Wealth of Their Culture and their Territories for Tourists
12 Flame Protection for the Jet Set
13 Map of Mysterious Molecules in Our Galaxy Sheds New Light on Century-Old Puzzle
14 Research Finds Salt Tolerance Gene in Soybean
15 World's Most Powerful Camera Receives Funding Approval
16 Infamous Study of Humanity's 'Dark Side' May Actually Show How to Keep It at Bay
17 Salvaging the Ecosystem after Salvage Logging
18 Fermilab Scientists Selected as 2014 APS Fellows
19 Eastern North Atlantic Site Expands Data Capabilities
20 WVU, USGS Collaboration Sheds New Light on Coal-Cleaning Chemicals Found in the 2014 Elk River Spill
21 ASU, Santa Fe Institute Launch Center for Biosocial Complex Systems
22 They See Flow Signals: Researchers Identify Nature of Fish's "Sixth Sense"
23 Curcumin's Ability to Fight Alzheimer's Studied
24 Water, Water, Everywhere--Controlling the Properties of Nanomaterials
25 From the Bottom Up: Manipulating Nanoribbons at the Molecular Level
26 Solar Cell Polymers with Multiplied Electrical Output
27 TSRI Scientists Discover Possible New Target for Treating Brain Inflammation
28 3-D Printed Shelby Cobra Highlights ORNL R&D at Detroit Auto Show
29 New Strains of Parasites Identified
30 Luis J. Montaner Named Herbert Kean, M.D., Family Professor at the Wistar Institute to Foster HIV Cure Research
31 Get Your Hands on Research with a Fellowship in the MBL Logan Science Journalism Program
32 Crown Family Professorship to Support Molecular Engineering for Clean Water
33 Researchers Call for Changes in 50 Year-Old Drinking Water Standards
34 Iowa State Nuclear Physicist Makes the Case for Studying the Strong Nuclear Force
35 Tufts University Researchers Identify Mechanism Involved in Causing Cataracts in Mice
36 TSRI Scientists Design Nicotine Vaccine that Provokes Robust Immune Response
37 Slick and Slender Snake Beats Short and Stubby Lizard in Sand Swimming
38 Breast Cancer: Anthropometric and Metabolic Dowels Integrate Metabolic Details and Contribute to an Increasingly Complex Puzzle
39 WCS Radio Collars Iconic South American Mammal
40 Zinc Oxide Materials Tapped for Tiny Energy Harvesting Devices
41 Photonic Crystal Nanolaser Biosensor Simplifies DNA Detection
42 WCS Launches New Partnership with the Governments of Tanzania and the US to Save East Africa's Largest Elephant Population in 2015
43 Expert and Inventor of the Lithium-Ion Battery Predicts that Within 10 Years, Every Vehicle Will Be Hybrid or Electric
44 Physicist to Give "State of the Universe Address" in Live Webcast
45 Electrical Stimulation 'Tunes' Visual Attention
46 UF/IFAS Study: Wheat Yield to Decline as Temperatures Increase
47 Two-Dimensional Metamaterial Surface Manipulates Light
48 Isotopic Memory of Atmospheric Persistence
49 Scripps Florida Scientists Develop Novel Platform for Treatment of Breast, Pancreatic Cancer
50 Are All Rattlesnakes Created Equal? No, Maybe Not
51 Berkeley Lab's List of Top 50 Game-Changing Technologies for Defeating Global Poverty
52 A Paradox Revealed: Cues Associated with Infant Abuse May Help Reduce Stress in the Adult Brain
53 Chemical Dial Controls Attraction Between Water-Repelling Molecules
54 International Effort Probes Strong Gravity in a Binary Neutron Star System
55 Carbon Nanotube Finding Could Lead to Flexible Electronics with Longer Battery Life
56 Out of the Pouch: Ancient DNA from Extinct Giant Roos
57 RHIC Physics Feeds Future High-Tech Workforce: Agnes Mocsy
58 Center for Advanced Power Systems Unveils World's Most Powerful Electrical Testing System
59 The Secret of Empathy
60 Tumor Suppressor Protein Plays Key Role in Maintaining Immune Balance
61 Vaccine-Induced CD4 T Cells Lead to Adverse Effect in a Mouse Model of Infection
62 Nearly Half the Systems Crucial to Stability of Planet Compromised
63 Developing Vaccines for Insect-Borne Viruses
64 Wheat Yield to Decline as Temperatures Increase
65 Humanity Has Exceeded 4 of 9 'Planetary Boundaries,' According to Researchers
66 Bicyclists Willing to Ride Up to 3 Miles to Catch Bus, Train
67 New Trick Found for How Cells Stay Organized
68 Unlocking the Mysteries of the Real Paddington Bear
69 Peat Fire Emissions May Shed Light on Climate Change
70 New Research Project Funded by Department of Defense Will Enable Faster, Better Coding
71 Texas Tech Researcher Discovers New Salmonella Serotype
72 Atmospheric Rivers, Cloud-Creating Aerosol Particles, and California Reservoirs
73 Watching Their Every Step
74 Private Rocket Fails to Stick the Landing
75 Warning: That Tan Could Be Hazardous
76 The Skinny on Moving Under Sand
77 West Virginia Revisits Science Standards
78 Senate to Debate Keystone XL, Setting Stage for More Energy Battles
79 Nerds in Love, Rewriting Destinies
80 Obama Is Planning New Rules on Oil and Gas Industry's Methane Emissions
81 F.D.A. Approves Surgical Implant to Treat Obesity
82 West Virginia Withdraws Altered Climate Curriculum
83 Space Station Crew Temporarily Moves to Russian Side Over Fears of Ammonia Leak
84 Researchers Propose Earth's 'Anthropocene' Age of Humans Began with Fallout and Plastics
85 New Research May Solve Puzzle in Sea Level's Rise
86 In Brooklyn, Fertile Ground for a Wind Turbine
87 Technology Has Made Life Different, but Not Necessarily More Stressful
88 F.D.A. Begins Inquiry After Death and Illnesses from Saline Bags Meant for Training
89 Judge's Ruling on Gulf Oil Spill Lowers Ceiling on the Fine BP Is Facing
90 Repsol Abandons Oil and Gas Exploration Off Canary Islands
91 Ocean Life Faces Mass Extinction, Broad Study Says
92 Mars Orbiter Spots Beagle 2, European Lander Missing Since 2003
93 SpaceX Founder Releases Photos of Rocket's Crash Landing
94 Dorothy Thomas, the 'Mother' of Bone Marrow Transplants, Dies at 92
95 Vernon B. Mountcastle, Brain Explorer, Dies at 96
96 A Nurse Decides to Get Hands-On in the Ebola Zone
97 Curiosity Rover's Quest for Clues on Mars
98 Mars Rover Finds Stronger Potential for Life
99 A One-Way Trip to Mars? Many Would Sign Up
100 Sebastian Seung's Quest to Map the Human Brain
101 Storm Warnings for Pope's Climate Stop in the Philippines
102 Thermal Imaging Allows for Picturing the Invisible
103 After Enterovirus 68 Outbreak, a Paralysis Mystery
104 No Smoke, but Haze Around E-Joint
105 An Ambassador for Physics Is Shifting His Mission
106 No Time for Bats to Rest Easy
107 Is warfare linked to evolution?
108 Scientists study whale that lives 200 years for clues
109 Part of our reactions to music may be "universal"
110 Study links lifespan, solar activity
111 A computer can figure you out as well as your spouse, study finds
112 Ocean wildlife may collapse soon, study warns
113 Brain wiring may reflect gender identity
114 Lawsuit accuses top U.S. research institute of coverup