File Title
1 NASA's CATS: A Launch of Exceptional Teamwork
2 NASA Analyzes California's Rainfall from Space
3 Dawn Spacecraft Begins Approach to Dwarf Planet Ceres
4 Risky Business
5 Asteroid 2014 UR116 Represents No Threat to the Earth
6 Solar Wind Workhorse Marks 20 Years of Science Discoveries
7 NASA uses powerful X-ray telescope to take vibrant photo of the sun
8 NASA Satellites Measure Increase of Sun's Energy Absorbed in the Arctic
9 Vostochny Space Center Construction Back on Track for 2015
10 Plans to Create Russian National Orbital Station Confirmed
11 US Senate May Ban Purchase of Russian Rocket Engines Next Week: McCain
12 US Bans Technology Export for Russian Spektr-UV Telescope Project
13 Russia studies construction of its own orbital station
14 Launched Russian satellites to reach 150 by 2025
15 Russia Ratifies Cuba Space Deal
16 Vostochny Cosmodrome Construction Safe for Environment
17 Russian 'Smart' Mini-Satellites to Go into Orbit in 2016
18 Catching ET on the move
19 Revisiting a 2009 Space Exploration Architecture Proposal
20 Challenges for Orion and SLS
21 FFD signs Space Act Agreement with NASA for Space Suit Development
22 NASA releases video of Orion spacecraft re-entry from astronaut's perspective
23 Delnet Philippines Selects Gilat to Provide Enterprise VSAT Solution
24 ISRO to study data in crew module's 'black box'
25 I, Tormentum
26 QinetiQ North America refurbishing, modernizing Talon robots used by the military
27 Robot named 'Athena' becomes first humanoid robot to pay for a seat on a flight
28 Early adoption of robotic surgery leads to organ preservation for kidney cancer patients
29 New 'electronic skin' for prosthetics, robotics detects pressure from different directions
30 Engineer Applies Robot Control Theory to Improve Prosthetic Legs
31 Artificial intelligence: Hawking's fears stir debate
32 Mini Rovers Hold Big Promise for Community College Students
33 Hawking warns AI 'could spell end of human race'
34 An eel-lectrifying future for autonomous underwater robots
35 Can robots help stop the Ebola outbreak?
36 Elon Musk thinks robots could turn on us in the next five years
37 DARPA-Funded Inflatable Robotics Helps Spark Idea for Silver Screen Star
38 Moving cameras talk to each other to identify, track pedestrians
39 Horsehead of a Different Color
40 Surprising Theorists, Stars Within Middle-Aged Clusters Are of Similar Age
41 Star-gazing tourists flock to Africa's darkest place
42 'Eye of Sauron' provides new way of measuring distances to galaxies
43 Polish astronomers spot young Stellar Bridge in the Magellanic Clouds
44 Jets, bubbles, and bursts of light in Taurus
45 UCLA astronomers solve puzzle about bizarre object at the center of our galaxy
46 Hubble Sees 'Ghost Light' from Dead Galaxies
47 Illusions in the Cosmic Clouds
48 Slow-Growing Galaxies Offer Window to Early Universe
49 Wild ducks take flight in open cluster
50 Gaia discovers its first supernova
51 Hawaii scientist maps, names Laniakea, our home supercluster of galaxies
52 Witnessing the early growth of a giant
53 Best View Yet of Merging Galaxies in Distant Universe
54 Gecko Grippers Get a Microgravity Test Flight
55 Atom-thick CCD could capture images
56 Canada court orders Apple to hand over iPhone documents
57 With new entrants, streaming TV sees watershed moment
58 New iPads aim to help Apple regain tablet momentum
59 Netflix hammered by weak subscriber growth
60 Reflected smartphone transmissions enable gesture control
61 PC market steadies in third quarter: survey
62 New algorithm a Christmas gift to 3D printing--and the environment
63 Earth's most abundant mineral finally has a name
64 Penn Research Outlines Basic Rules for Construction with a Type of Origami
65 Live images from inside materials
66 Squid supplies blueprint for printable thermoplastics
67 Bioplastic--greener than ever
68 MatSE researchers develop inexpensive hydrolyzable polymer
69 Penn Research Shows Way to Design 'Digital' Metamaterials
70 Graphene may be a the best material for body armor
71 Versatile bonding for lightweight components
72 Cloaking device hides across continuous range of angles
73 An efficient method to measure residual stress in 3D printed parts
74 New Process Isolates Promising Material
75 Drexel Engineers Improve Strength, Flexibility of Atom-Thick Films
76 ORNL thermomagnetic processing method provides path to new materials
77 E-waste inferno burning brighter in China's recycling capital
78 ORNL research reveals unique capabilities of 3-D printing
79 Unstoppable magnetoresistance
80 Eradicating harmful impacts of manufacturing
81 How to make stronger, 'greener' cement
82 Mussel-inspired MIT glue may have naval, medical applications
83 'Priceless' 600-ton jade deposit found in China
84 Researchers control surface tension to manipulate liquid metals
85 Scientists come closer to the industrial synthesis of a material harder than diamond
86 How salt causes buildings to crumble
87 Ceramics don't have to be brittle
88 Rethinking the basic science of graphene synthesis
89 A Metallic Alloy that is Tough and Ductile at Cryogenic Temperatures
90 Argonne scientists pioneer strategy for creating new materials
91 Yale's cool molecules
92 The power of salt
93 Paper offers insights into new class of semiconductors
94 Researchers prove stability of wonder material silicene
95 Octopus inspires new camouflage material
96 New material structures bend like microscopic hair
97 Hands on: Crafting ultrathin color coatings
98 Piezoelectricity in a 2-D semiconductor
99 Instant-start computers possible with new breakthrough
100 Organic electronics could lead to cheap, wearable medical sensors
101 Germanium comes home to Purdue for semiconductor milestone
102 Room temp quantum optics chip gene[r]ates tunable photon-pair spectrum
103 High photosensitivity 2-D-few-layered molybdenum diselenide phototransistors
104 Optogenetics captures neuronal transmission in live mammalian brain
105 Innovative use of Pressurant Extends Messenger's Mission
106 NASA is letting people name the craters of Mercury
107 MESSENGER Data Suggest Recurring Meteor Shower on Mercury
108 Third of Four Planned Maneuvers Extends Messenger Orbital Operations
109 Messenger Images Ice Near Mercury's North Pole
110 Planets with Oddball Orbits like Mercury Could Host Life