File Title
1 Patients rarely learn of at-home provider quality data
2 Beyond the bandages: Study finds pediatric trauma nurses know about trauma-informed care
3 Patch or pills? How quickly smokers break down nicotine may point to best ways to quit
4 From sexual dysfunction to anxiety, many cancer survivors struggle with post treatment
5 Researchers identify new gene mutations linked to colorectal cancer in African-Americans
6 'Survival' protein a target in drug-resistant non-Hodgkin lymphomas
7 Little or no benefit from nutrient additions to vitamin waters and energy drinks
8 Blocking hormone could eliminate stress-induced infertility
9 Researchers find BPA and BPS affect embryonic brain development in zebrafish
10 One-size-fits-all approach can lead to over-treatment in older diabetes patients
11 UTHealth research: Mental health care lacking in state and federal prisons
12 Portly pastors make up more than a third of American clergy, Baylor study finds
13 Children eligible for expanded Medicaid contribute more in taxes as adults
14 Social cost of climate change too low, Stanford scientists say
15 They see flow signals: Researchers identify nature of fish's 'sixth sense'
16 TSRI scientists discover possible new target for treating brain inflammation
17 Tufts University researchers identify mechanism involved in causing cataracts in mice
18 China's water stress set to worsen with transfer initiatives
19 Two-faced fish clue that our ancestors 'weren't shark-like'
20 Penn Medicine study: Web-based TAVR marketing found to overstate benefits, understate risks
21 Solar cell polymers with multiplied electrical output
22 New superconducting hybrid crystals developed at University of Copenhagen
23 Revealing the inner workings of a molecular motor
24 From the bottom up: Manipulating nanoribbons at the molecular level
25 Mortality risks after carotid artery stenting in Medicare beneficiaries
26 Shorter combination treatment as effective as monotherapy for TB prevention in kids
27 Study suggests some older adults potentially overtreated for diabetes
28 Attitudes, practices surrounding end of life care in ICUs vary among Asian physicians
29 Ten percent of heart patients may be inappropriately prescribed aspirin
30 Imaging study finds first evidence of neuroinflammation in brains of chronic pain patients
31 Sound mind, strong heart: Same protein sustains both
32 Study reveals potential of ultrasound for detecting potential heart attacks and stroke before symptoms arise in both developed and developing countries
33 FDA approved drug extends survival for patients with rare cancer
34 Many cancer survivors have unmet physical and mental needs related to their disease and its treatment
35 Potentially targetable signaling pathway generates slowly proliferating, chemo-resistant cancer cells
36 Few UK family doctors seem to be treating obesity/overweight appropriately
37 UK trainee doctors still in the dark about potentially fatal allergic reaction
38 WSU scientists find brain protein aids influenza recovery
39 Environmental health benefits inspire people to cut back on electricity
40 New research on what the nose 'knows' reveals an unexpected simplicity
41 UCLA-led study shows how meltwater on Greenland's ice sheet contribute to rising sea levels
42 Positive factors in youth linked to better heart health later in life
43 Computers using digital footprints are better judge of personality than friends and family
44 People watching: Different brain pathways responsible for person, movement recognition
45 Community-wide CVD prevention programs associated with reductions in hospitalizations
46 New model predicts Ebola epidemic in Liberia could be ended by June
47 Influenza and sepsis: Mayo expert describes warning signs of severe sepsis, septic shock
48 Endangered monkeys in the Amazon are more diverse than previously thought, study finds
49 New test helps guide treatment for bone marrow transplant patients with graft vs. host disease
50 Tumor micro-environment is a rough neighborhood for nanoparticle cancer drugs
51 Crush those clinkers while they're hot
52 New device allows for manipulation of differentiating stem cells
53 Researchers call for changes in 50 year-old drinking water standards
54 First contracting human muscle grown in laboratory
55 Study sheds light on chemicals that insects use to communicate and survive
56 Feeling cold is contagious, scientists find
57 First Northwestern Pacific tropical depression has moderate rainfall
58 UCLA researchers develop new tool to predict postoperative liver cancer recurrence after transplant
59 BJOG analysis looks at risk factors for direct maternal deaths in the UK
60 Study: Eat school lunch after recess
61 Bilingualism changes children's beliefs
62 Progress toward an HIV cure highlighted in special issue of AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses
63 Jewish Americans who attend synagogue enjoy better health, Baylor study finds
64 WCS radio collars iconic South American mammal
65 Panel cites need for individualized, patient-centered approach for chronic pain
66 Half of young victims of fatal crashes in 9 US states used alcohol or marijuana
67 Three new Begonia plant species from Brazil
68 Dinosaurs wiped out rapidly in Europe 66 million years ago
69 100 million Americans live with chronic pain, but treatment research is insufficient
70 Women who are told that men desire larger-body women are happier with their weight
71 Do cytokines have a role in the initiation and progression of breast cancer?
72 Rescuing farmland after a flood
73 Nothing to squirm about: Space station worms help battle muscle and bone loss
74 Not always cool to stay cool in negotiations, study finds
75 Meet the chemist that transformed medicine (and foiled the Nazis along the way)
76 Teams better than individuals at intelligence analysis, research finds
77 Stalking risk increases among college students
78 Trust through the olfactory fragrance of lavender
79 Brazilian scarab beetles found to be termitophiles
80 Good life satisfaction has beneficial effects on bone health
81 New target identified for potential brain cancer therapies
82 Researchers develop novel multiferroic materials and devices integrated with silicon chips
83 Crops can do their own weed control
84 Clinical trial shows benefits of animal-assisted therapy in adult cancer patients undergoing complex cancer treatment with chemotherapy and radiation therapy
85 GMOs with health benefits have a large market potential
86 Researchers from MIPT predict properties of surface
87 Development of psychosis: Gray matter loss and the inflamed brain
88 No gain if unfair
89 Decoding the gravitational evolution of dark matter halos
90 Glass for battery electrodes
91 The obese can teach us how to lose weight
92 Link between stress and infertility can be broken
93 New research reveals that a bird 'paints' its own eggs with bacteria which protect the embryo
94 Estimated social cost of climate change not accurate, Stanford scientists say
95 Napping helps infants' memory development
96 Stanford-led study says China's aquaculture sector can tip the balance in world fish supplies
97 Fast sorting of CD4+ T cells from whole blood using glass microbubbles
98 Sleeping after learning is important for infants' long-term memory
99 Surprise discovery off California exposes loggerhead 'lost years'
100 A breakthrough approach to addressing the causes of biodiversity loss
101 New model predicts Ebola epidemic in Liberia could be ended by June 2015
102 The recess swap
103 Pivotal data for T2Candida and T2Dx published in Clinical Infectious Diseases
104 Blood test for brain injury may not be feasible
105 World's oldest butchering tools gave evolutionary edge to human communication
106 A novel inorganic material emitting laser light in solution is discovered
107 Danish researchers 1 step closer towards a cocaine antidote
108 Sizing up giants under the sea
109 Use of surgical procedure to facilitate child birth declines
110 Asthma associated with increased risk of obstructive sleep apnea