File Title
1 Astronomers use vanishing neutron star to measure space-time warp
2 GraphExeter defies the Achilles heel of 'wonder material' graphene
3 Pathogen strains competing for the same host plant change disease dynamics
4 Practice really does make perfect
5 'Assassin' targets supernovae in our neighborhood of the universe
6 Study links common human protein to adverse parasitic worm infections
7 Malassezia yeasts--everywhere and sometimes dangerous
8 Nutrition intervention leads to dietary behavior changes in Latina breast cancer survivors
9 'Pop-up' fabrication technique trumps 3-D printing on many levels
10 Smithsonian scientists explain spread of chikungunya vector
11 How do men and women respond to gender bias in STEM?
12 Study of Andromeda's stellar disk indicates more violent history than Milky Way
13 WHO grants approval for safe, effective meningitis A vaccine for infants
14 To trigger energy-burning brown fat, just chill
15 Deworming programs in animal, human populations may have unwanted impacts
16 Know when to fold 'em
17 Hacking fat cells' metabolism does not affect insulin resistance
18 BIDMC study suggests worsening trends in headache management
19 Facial motion activates a dedicated network within the brain, research shows
20 Algae blooms create their own favorable conditions, new study finds
21 Study provides insights into the role of genetic variants in kidney disease
22 Neuroprosthetics for paralysis: Biocompatible, flexible implant slips into the spinal cord
23 Neurons that detect disease
24 Hunting bats rely on 'bag of chips effect'
25 Monkeys can learn to see themselves in the mirror
26 Salvaging the ecosystem after salvage logging
27 Infamous study of humanity's 'dark side' may actually show how to keep it at bay
28 Photonic booms may help illuminate astronomical secrets
29 Secondary analysis of RTOG 0247 demonstrates favorable OS rates for rectal cancer patients
30 Playing catch can improve balance, prevent falls in seniors
31 Small volcanic eruptions partly explain 'warming hiatus'
32 Researchers uncover cellular mechanism that protects lungs during severe infections
33 Optimistic people have healthier hearts, study finds
34 After 8 years, similar outcomes with surgical or non-surgical treatment for spinal stenosis
35 Agent Orange-contaminated airplanes could have affected health of air force reservists
36 Research finds salt tolerance gene in soybean
37 Toward quantum chips
38 Lifting the fog of health delivery and costs
39 Map of mysterious molecules in our galaxy sheds new light on century-old puzzle
40 Interferon-free combination therapy prevents recurrence of HCV after liver transplantation
41 Recreational fishing in the Mediterranean is more harmful than previously thought
42 Karyomapping offers new way of detecting genetic conditions in IVF embryos
43 Tumor-blocking role found for cell regulation molecule
44 Chitosan, a sustainable alternative for food packaging
45 Leopoldina publishes recommendations on handling changes in the life sciences
46 Dolutegravir/abacavir/lamivudine: Considerable added benefit for some adults with HIV
47 More sun means fewer children and grandchildren
48 Mayo researchers find cancer biopsies do not promote cancer spread
49 Bacteria could contribute to development of wound-induced skin cancer
50 Novel breast cancer gene found
51 UCLA study IDs two genes that boost risk for post-traumatic stress disorder
52 What can your online avatar say about your personality?
53 Coupling head and neck cancer screening and lung cancer scans could improve survival
54 Summer no sweat for Aussies but winter freeze fatal
55 May contain nuts. But how much is too much?
56 The Lancet Respiratory Medicine: Study reveals rate at which smokers metabolize nicotine could predict the best way to quit smoking
57 eLearning as good as traditional training for health professionals
58 Black women working night shifts have an increased risk of developing diabetes
59 Can racial injustice be settled out of court?
60 Software created to help find a cure for a 'great neglected disease'
61 Greenland meltwater contributes to rising sea levels
62 Can your smartphone help you exercise?
63 Robots learn to use kitchen tools by watching YouTube videos
64 Ancient fossils reveal rise in parasitic infections due to climate change
65 Slick and slender snake beats short and stubby lizard in sand swimming
66 Mechanistic insights into spinal muscular atrophy suggest new paths for treatment
67 New catalyst process uses light, not metal, for rapid polymerization
68 Rise in mass die-offs seen among birds, fish and marine invertebrates
69 Up in smoke or bottoms up: How policy could affect substance abuse
70 A honey bee hive tells all
71 World first at the Montreal Heart Institute--personalized therapy for cardiovascular disease
72 Family income, child behavior factors in legal disputes about kids with autism
73 Genetic discovery about childhood blindness paves the way for new treatments
74 Researchers identify key substance that protects against pre-term birth
75 Sex and the single evening primrose
76 TSRI scientists design nicotine vaccine that provokes robust immune response
77 Mountain system artificially inflates temperature increases at higher elevations
78 Hybrid 'super mosquito' resistant to insecticide-treated bed nets
79 Curbing growth of physician self-referrals requires Congress
80 As many as two-fifths of never-smoking teens are exposed to secondhand smoke worldwide
81 Evolution: Rock sponges split up
82 One pipeline that combines many gene-finding tools
83 Beyond prevention: Sulforaphane may find possible use for cancer therapy
84 Pediatricians miss autism symptoms in brief checkups
85 Researchers dispute warning that drugs for high cholesterol could impair memory, cognitive function
86 Study finds experience of pain relies on multiple brain pathways, not just one
87 Is stem cell therapy less effective in older patients with chronic diseases?
88 Researchers uncover more clues to how drug reverses obesity, diabetes, fatty liver disease
89 New strains of parasites identified
90 High hepatitis C cure rate seen in NIH-led trial of 6-week oral drug regimens
91 $375 billion wasted on billing and health insurance-related paperwork annually: Study
92 Waterloo chemist one step closer to a new generation of electric car battery
93 Moffitt researchers discover mechanism leading to drug resistance, metastasis in melanoma
94 Epigenetics: The epigenetic switchboard
95 Interrupting cycle of violence before young perpetrators and their victims reach adulthood
96 Disruptive children benefit from tailored classroom intervention
97 Findings from the Women of Color HIV Initiative published in AIDS Patient Care and STDs journal
98 A virtual reality brain training game can detect mild cognitive impairment
99 The mystery of the Alpine long-eared bat
100 Vision system for household robots
101 Chemists show proof of concept for new method of accelerating drug discovery research
102 Tired of London? Maybe you're living in the wrong place
103 Graffiti: Art or eyesore?
104 Overweight, obese kids achieved healthier weights after participating in Head Start
105 Do viruses make us smarter?
106 Graphene plasmons go ballistic
107 Fish peptide could help in battle against cardiovascular disease
108 CNIO researchers discover 1 of the genetic pieces of bladder cancer
109 Social media could impact on quality of conference presentations
110 Researchers discover new therapeutic target for treatment of acute myeloid leukemia