File Title
1 Antiquity of dairying on Emerald Isle revealed
2 Human mode of responding to HIV vaccine is conserved from monkeys
3 Tiny plant fossils a window into Earth's landscape millions of years ago
4 New planetary dashboard shows 'great acceleration' in human activity since 1950
5 Out of the pouch: Ancient DNA extracted from extinct giant kangaroos
6 Did the Anthropocene begin with the nuclear age?
7 Chemical analysis of ancient rocks reveals earliest record yet of Earth's atmosphere: Isotopic memory of atmospheric persistence
8 Celiac disease rate among young children has almost tripled in past 20 years
9 Antibiotic Use by Travelers May Add to Global Spread of Superbugs
10 Biological safety lock for genetically modified organisms
11 Study maps travel of H7 influenza genes
12 Editing the brain: How new epigenetic tools could rewrite our understanding of memory and more
13 Biggest fish in the ocean receives international protection
14 Study calls for new global standard for safe drinking water and sanitation
15 Alcohol ads on TV associated with drinking behavior in young people
16 Breakthrough may impact flu vaccination
17 Current nutrition labeling is hard to digest
18 Hostile boss? Study finds advantages to giving it right back
19 Inventors choose to reveal their secret sauce before patent approval
20 In the mood to trade? Weather may influence institutional investors' stock decisions
21 Huge 3-D displays without 3-D glasses
22 Global warming reduces wheat production markedly if no adaptation takes place
23 Black women working night shifts have an increased risk of developing diabetes
24 Fear of terror may lead to job burnout over time
25 Quantum optical hard drive breakthrough
26 Burnt-out workers more likely to make irrational decisions
27 University or University of Life? Neither provides workers with necessary people skills
28 Facebook not to blame for negative impact on grades, professor says
29 Practice really does make perfect
30 All in a good night's sleep: How quality of sleep impacts academic performance in children
31 Marine litter education boosts children's understanding, actions
32 Human speech's surprising influence on young infants
33 Fast-food consumption linked to lower test score gains in 8th graders
34 Early caregiving experiences have long-term effects on social relationships, achievement
35 Why are UK teenagers skipping school?
36 Personality outsmarts intelligence at school: Conscientiousness and openness key to learning
37 Current practices in reporting on behavioural genetics can mislead the public
38 Are the effects of pornography negligible?
39 Closing your eyes boosts memory recall, new study finds
40 Sitting for long periods increases risk of disease and early death, regardless of exercise
41 Century-old drug reverses autism-like symptoms in fragile X mouse model
42 Connection between childhood adversity, psychiatric disorders seen at cellular level
43 Extremely short, sharp flash of radio waves from unknown source in the universe, caught as it was happening
44 In theory, the Milky Way could be a 'galactic transport system'
45 Three nearly Earth-size planets found orbiting nearby star: One in 'Goldilocks' zone
46 Planets outside our solar system may be more hospitable to life than thought, research suggests
47 Geophysicists find the crusty culprits behind sudden tectonic plate movements
48 Ocean floor dust gives new insight into supernovae
49 Blue-eyed humans have a single, common ancestor
50 Is cheating on the field worse than cheating on a spouse? Some fans think so
51 How does the universe creates reason, morality?
52 Fine motor skills for robotic hands
53 The upper hand: study points to early tool use by human ancestors
54 Rosetta spacecraft raises new questions about comet's origin
55 Countdown to catastrophe: Doomsday Clock moved closer to midnight
56 Lake Tahoe's tiny creatures dying off at dramatic rate: scientist
57 Scientists create 'genetic firewall' for new forms of life
58 Liberia Ebola vaccine trial 'challenging' as cases tumble
59 Gates sees 'miracle' tools for AIDS by 2030 in vaccine and drugs
60 Doctors group urges measles shots as Disneyland outbreak spreads
61 FDA approves NPS drug, in move validating Shire takeover deal
62 Fewer celiac diagnoses among poor UK children
63 Winter storm hits Northeast
64 Businesses plan to reopen as Hawaii lava flow stalls
65 Some homes near Montana oil spill report dark ooze after flushing taps
66 At least 200 Yellowstone bison have been sent to slaughter: conservation group
67 In a first, sea otter pup conceived in wild born in California lab
68 SAP sees high cloud profit potential in long term
69 Online data storage provider Box's shares soar in debut
70 Exclusive: Samsung talks to BlackBerry about $7.5 billion buyout--source
71 Uber restarts service in Delhi; government says company still banned
72 Who's afraid of China's economy slowing? Not Alibaba's Jack Ma
73 Four Tech Breakthroughs at the Cutting Edge of Light
74 Can Medical Marijuana Curb the Heroin Epidemic?
75 New Trackers Claim to Measure Your Stress, but Do They Work?
76 How to Recreate a Sloppy Ancient Greek Drinking Game
77 Why Do Zebras Have Stripes? It's Not for Camouflage
78 Ancient Scorpion Had Feet, May Have Walked Out of Ocean
79 Treasured 16th-Century 'Lenox Globe' Gets a Digital Makeover
80 Smithsonian App Brings Fossils to Life
81 A Bit of Walking Takes Strain Out of Running a Marathon
82 Ever Wake Up and Think You See a Ghost? Here's What's Happening
83 Understanding Earth by Eavesdropping on Urban Noise
84 Music Festival Linked to Party Drugs in Waterways
85 Your Blood Type May Put You at Risk for Heart Disease
86 'Smart Shoe' Devices Could Charge Up as You Walk
87 Reference: Aquifers: Underground Stores of Freshwater
88 Reference: Facts About Beryllium
89 Reference: Heart Disease: Types, Prevention & Treatments
90 Reference: Medical Marijuana: Benefits, Risks & State Laws
91 Reference: Depression: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments
92 Will Legalized Marijuana Lead to More Addicts? (Op-Ed)
93 Is 'Nano' Living Up to the Hype? (Kavli Roundtable)
94 Deadly MERS Virus Spreads from Camels to People Only Rarely
95 Bye, Bye Baubles: New 3D Printers Could Build Implants, Electronics
96 Stressed Out? Social Media May Help Women Cope
97 'Stranger Danger' Makes People Less Empathetic
98 Sea Turtles Use Earth's Magnetic Field to Find Home
99 Sweet! Deep-Space Sugars May Reveal Clues About Origins of Life
100 Flu Shot this Year Provides Weak Protection
101 Roller-Coaster Flight: How Geese Save Energy While Migrating
102 Women Can't Be Geniuses? Stereotypes May Explain Gender Gap
103 The Best Heart Rate Monitor Watches
104 3,000-Mile Run Across US Has Scientists Following Marathoners
105 Reference: Hantavirus: Symptoms & Treatment of Infection
106 Reference: Atrial Fibrillation & Arrhythmia: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
107 Reference: Urinary System: Facts, Functions & Diseases
108 Reference: American Culture: Traditions and Customs of the United States
109 Reference: Bipolar Disorder: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
110 2014 Hottest Year Ever? Scientists Unveil Data Today