File Title
1 Grain market mystery solved
2 Earthquakes, landslides, and tsunamis, plus other new Geology Online postings
3 Gemini Planet Imager produces stunning observations in its first year
4 Novel imaging technique improves prostate cancer detection
5 Unraveling controls for plant root growth
6 Study casts doubt on mammoth-killing cosmic impact
7 New whole blood assay may help overcome roadblocks to TB eradication
8 Study finds certification may impact surgical patients
9 What motivates males who commit sexual assault on campus?
10 'Iron Sun' is not a rock band, but a key to how stars transmit energy
11 Study rules out spiders as common cause of bacterial infections in humans
12 More choice may lead to higher costs in ACA marketplaces, study finds
13 Potential option for treating chronic kidney disease
14 Hey, guys: Posting a lot of selfies doesn't send a good message
15 Peat fires--a legacy of carbon up in smoke
16 Smokers, the obese, have markedly higher health-care costs than peers
17 An unexpected way to recover from a breakup
18 How to sell the drugs of the future
19 A toast to old age?
20 The 'Berlin patient,' first and only person cured of HIV, speaks out
21 Pharmaceuticals, personal care products could taint swimming pools
22 Positive personality traits may protect police at high risk for PTSD
23 Researchers map direct gut-brain connection
24 When DNA gets sent to time-out
25 Pneumonia risk far higher for HIV-positive children, study shows
26 International research effort gives neuroscientists better feeling about sense of touch
27 Has car manufacturer taken the corner too fast with the boxfish design?
28 New hope for Borneo's orangutans despite climate change and deforestation threats
29 New technology enables ultra-fast steering and shaping of light beams
30 New treatment offers hope for headshaking in horses
31 'Flying carpet' technique uses graphene to deliver one-two punch of anticancer drugs
32 Marine litter education boosts children's understanding and actions
33 More than a third of people with abnormal results drop out of bowel cancer screening
34 Small change in blood acidity could prove detrimental to kidney disease patients
35 Transformations of diazo compounds catalyzed by environmentally benign iron complexes
36 Major depression in the National Comorbidity Survey
37 Seed beetle diversity in Xinjiang, China
38 Of flies and ants: New ant decapitation behavior of Dohrniphora flies
39 Fractional quantum Hall effect: Experimental progress and quantum computing applications
40 Study quantifies the effect of depressive thoughts on memory
41 Despite resolutions, people buy more food after New Year
42 New year's res-illusions
43 Drought led to massive 'dead zone' in Lake Erie
44 Research paper says women in prison need and want treatment for physical and sexual abuse
45 New picture, new insight
46 Researchers uncover key cancer-promoting gene
47 New drug design enhances brain signaling by a factor of 1,000
48 Alcohol sales linked with alcohol deaths across GB regions
49 Corporate philanthropy increases workers' productivity
50 Blood sugar levels in heart failure patients predict risk of early death
51 Computer model explains how animals select actions with rewarding outcomes
52 Remapping the damaged brain
53 Poor vitamin D status linked to longer respiratory support in ICU patients, study finds
54 Eight new planets found in 'Goldilocks' zone
55 Researchers identify new genetic and epigenetic contributors to diabetes
56 Study finds low rate of complications with assisted reproductive technology procedures
57 HPV vaccination not associated with increased risk of multiple sclerosis
58 Study finds substantially shorter life expectancy for patients with type 1 diabetes
59 Bariatric surgery associated with improved long-term survival
60 Intensive treatment for type 1 diabetes associated with decreased risk of death
61 Landmark trial: Early blood glucose control extends life in people with type 1 diabetes
62 Early blood glucose control lengthens life in people with type 1 diabetes
63 Surgery for obesity is linked to longer survival
64 Drug stimulates brown fat and boosts metabolism
65 RSV infection may be associated with higher risk for bacterial pneumonia
66 Ischemic micro-lesions associated with flow-diverting stents for aneurysms
67 Tightly packed in its shell
68 Breathing in diesel exhaust leads to changes 'deep under the hood'
69 Surprise: High-dose testosterone therapy helps some men with advanced prostate cancer
70 Withdrawal or expecting your lover to mind-read hurts relationships, but in different ways
71 Science at risk as young researchers increasingly denied research grants
72 Why some geckos lose their ability to stick to surfaces
73 Could gut bacteria that help us digest beer & bread fight disease, too?
74 Satellite shows the snow-covered US deep freeze
75 Better dam planning strategies
76 NOAA's DSCOVR to provide 'EPIC' views of earth
77 NASA observatories take an unprecedented look into superstar Eta Carinae
78 Physician survey indicates positive experience, desire for formal guidelines to improve peer review
79 An avocado a day keeps the cardiologist away
80 How does salt melt ice? (video)
81 Restoring vision to the blind
82 Study finds partisanship most fierce among highly educated Americans
83 Muslims and Latinos much more prominent in TV crime news than in real-life crime
84 Misfit or Miss Goody Two Shoes? Adolescent misperceptions abound
85 Chapman University publishes research on jealousy
86 Special delivery
87 Synthetic oil drug may bring promise for Huntington's disease
88 Researchers make new discoveries in key pathway for neurological diseases
89 Major study sends clear safety message to prevent brain injury in children
90 Are human behaviors affecting bird communities in residential areas?
91 Type 2 diabetes risk varies with magnesium intake, genes and ethnicity
92 CU School of Medicine's April Armstrong estimates cost of psoriasis in the US
93 Wave energy integration costs should compare favorably to other energy sources
94 UH study links TV use and unhealthy eating
95 Social equity in urban transportation planning
96 Dartmouth develops prognostic test for E2F4 in breast cancer
97 Shedding light on why blue LEDS are so tricky to make
98 Caregiver and families with mentally ill members all need help, CWRU researchers find
99 Levitation recreates nature's dumbbells
100 Study: Campus debit cards let students buy cigarettes with parents' money
101 Genetics in depression: What's known, what's next
102 Study of ancient dogs in the Americas yields insights into human, dog migration
103 Physical recovery in critically ill patients can predict remission of anxiety and PTSD symptoms
104 Tracking subtle brain mutations, systematically
105 Mainz scientists participating in both the Rosetta mission and the Borexino experiment
106 Cheap asphalt provides 'green' carbon capture
107 Sticking to lifestyle guidelines may reduce risk for certain cancers and for overall mortality
108 Broad immune response may be needed to destroy latent HIV
109 Coral reefs threatened by a deadly combination of changing ocean conditions
110 Ohio's diversion program helps juvenile offenders with behavioral health issues