File Title
1 Hostile boss? Study finds advantages to giving it right back
2 On the ups and downs of the seemingly idle brain
3 New laser-patterning technique turns metals into supermaterials
4 New 'microcapsules' have potential to repair damage caused by osteoarthritis
5 Time to rethink the inner-city asthma epidemic?
6 BPA exposure during pregnancy causes oxidative stress in child, mother
7 Are Asian citrus psyllids afraid of heights? New study may provide clues for stopping them
8 Dartmouth study sheds light on genetic mutations in autism disorders
9 New signal amplification process set to transform communications, imaging, computing
10 Hunger hormone in infancy may link to lifelong obesity risk
11 Coffee may be associated with a lower risk of malignant melanoma
12 Scientists slow down the speed of light travelling in free space
13 Telomere extension turns back aging clock in cultured human cells, study finds
14 New research re-creates planet formation, super-Earths and giant planets in the laboratory
15 Early human ancestors used their hands like modern humans
16 Rosetta Comet 'pouring' more water into space
17 Why all-nighters don't work: How sleep, memory go hand-in-hand
18 Climate affects development of human speech
19 Arctic ice cap slides into the ocean
20 Revolutionary device found to lower blood pressure
21 Scientists 'bend' elastic waves with new metamaterials that could have commercial applications
22 Found: 'Fight or flight' response control center for the heart
23 Treatment restores sociability in autism mouse model
24 First major analysis of Human Protein Atlas is published
25 Watching the birth of a comet magnetosphere
26 Reducing Myc gene activity extends healthy lifespan in mice
27 Live broadcast from inside the nerve cell
28 New breast exam nearly quadruples detection of invasive breast cancers in women with dense breast tissue
29 What to do in a flu epidemic? Stay at home and watch TV
30 New brain pathway offers hope for treating hypogylcemia
31 Effect of thyroid disorders on reproductive health
32 Hidden infection shortens life in birds
33 The language of T lymphocytes deciphered, the 'Rosetta Stone' of the immune system
34 The brain's electrical alphabet: Timing, rate underlie neural information, study shows
35 Sexually-transmitted diseases: Do multiple partners mean more immunity?
36 Scientists map brains of the blind to solve mysteries of human brain specialization
37 Lucid dreams and metacognition: Awareness of thinking; awareness of dreaming
38 Stalking versus cyberstalking: Effects on victims, their responses compared
39 Lucky charms: When are superstitions used most?
40 Mothers don't speak so clearly to their babies
41 New 'systems genetics' study identifies possible target for epilepsy treatment
42 Infants can learn to communicate from videos, study shows
43 Blame it on your brain: Salt and hypertension
44 Trust your gut: E. coli may hold one of the keys to treating Parkinson's
45 Head and neck cancers in young adults are more likely to be a result of inherited factors
46 American liberals and conservatives think as if from different cultures
47 Strong association between menopausal symptoms, bone health
48 New research could give alternatives for children's eye exams
49 Computers: Visually pleasing graphics enhance user performance
50 Trying to project an image of success? It could make you dwell on your failures
51 Sleep tight and stay bright? Invest now, researcher says
52 Fatty acids in fish may shield brain from mercury damage
53 Only about half of teenage girls receive HPV vaccine at CDC's recommended age
54 Link found between pain during or after sexual intercourse and mode of delivery
55 Largest study of babies born after infertility treatment shows significant improvements in health over past 20 years
56 Can coffee protect against malignant melanoma? Study looks at trends
57 The latest fashion: Graphene edges can be tailor-made
58 Silver nanowires demonstrate unexpected self-healing mechanism: Potential for flexible electronics
59 Calculating the future of solar-fuel refineries
60 New technique helps probe performance of organic solar cell materials
61 New technique for producing cheaper solar energy suggested by research
62 Scientists search for new ways to deal with U.S. uranium ore processing legacy
63 Scientists set quantum speed limit
64 Exotic, gigantic molecules fit inside each other like Russian nesting dolls
65 Is glass a true solid? New research suggests it is
66 Gold 'nano-drills' help with DNA analysis
67 Alamo impact crater: New study could double its size
68 Yes, black holes exist in gravitational theories with unbounded speeds of propagation
69 H.E.S.S. finds three extremely luminous gamma-ray sources
70 Rosetta data reveals more surprises about comet 67P
71 Rosetta data give closest-ever look at a comet
72 Gas variations are suggestive of seasons on comet Chury
73 Black hole on a diet creates a 'changing look' quasar
74 Telescope to seek dust where other Earths may lie
75 Gullies on protoplanet Vesta suggest past water-mobilized flows
76 NASA, Microsoft collaboration will allow scientists to 'work on Mars'
77 Massive chip design savings to be realized
78 Improvements in transistors will make flexible plastic computers a reality
79 Falls in blood pressure, cholesterol have saved 20,000+ lives in England
80 Major breakthrough in reading ancient scrolls
81 Computer scientists improve privacy of Internet currency Bitcoin
82 Self-powered intelligent keyboard could provide a new layer of security
83 Optimizing optimization algorithms: Getting best results when approximating solutions to complex engineering problems
84 Graphene brings quantum effects to electronic circuits
85 Twitter can predict rates of coronary heart disease, according to research
86 Electroluminescent light sheets: Printable luminous particles enable cost-effective, large and curved luminous surfaces
87 Warming seas decrease sea turtle basking
88 Bad reputation of crows demystified
89 Sisters act together: Cichlid sisters swim together in order to reach the goal
90 Brazil's soy moratorium still needed to preserve Amazon
91 When it comes to variations in crop yield, climate has a big say
92 Antibiotics, bacteria, resistance genes found in dust from feedlots
93 Study projects unprecedented loss of corals in Great Barrier Reef due to warming
94 Small drop in sea level had big impact on southern Great Barrier Reef
95 Snack attack: Bears munch on ants and help plants grow
96 New forensic entomology observations expand knowledge of decomposition ecology
97 Ocean could hold key to predicting recurring extreme winters
98 Soils could keep contaminants in wastewater from reaching groundwater, streams
99 Doubt cast on global firestorm generated by dino-killing asteroid
100 Fossils survive volcanic eruption to tell us about the origin of the Canary Islands
101 Zolushka, (the Russian translation for Cinderella), the tiger, rescued and released back into the wild
102 Drillers help make new Antarctic discoveries
103 Synthetic amino acid enables safe, new biotechnology solutions to global problems
104 N/A
105 Animal-to-human transmission of Ebola virus appears tied to increasing human population density in forested regions
106 Two lakes beneath the ice in Greenland, gone within weeks
107 Next-generation sequencing offers insight into how species adapt to climate change
108 Paleontologist names a carnivorous reptile that preceded dinosaurs
109 Fossil ankles indicate Earth's earliest primates lived in trees
110 Preserved fossil represents oldest record of parental care in group of prehistoric reptiles