File Title
1 Snapshot of cosmic burst of radio waves
2 Bed nets and vaccines: Some combinations may worsen malaria
3 Early parental program improves long-term childhood outcomes
4 To beet or not to beet? Researchers test theories of beet juice benefits
5 Study suggests increase in falls among the elderly
6 Insights into a rare genetic disease
7 Automated method beats critics in picking great movies
8 Caught in the act: Cosmic radio burst
9 Transgenic crops: Multiple toxins not a panacea for pest control
10 Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol is linked to reduced risk of heart failure
11 Walking groups come out trumps for boosting overall health without side effects
12 Common gut microbe might curb MS risk--at least in women
13 First successful organ donation from newborn carried out in UK
14 Researchers discover 'idiosyncratic' brain patterns in autism
15 UEA research shows group walking cuts risk of life-threatening conditions
16 Genetics underpinning antimalarial drug resistance revealed
17 Gut microbes trigger autoimmune disease later in life in mice
18 Study identifies geographic clusters of underimmunization in Northern California
19 New cellular pathway triggering allergic asthma response identified
20 Researchers identify rare shared genetic mutation for disease in Inuit
21 M6P deficiency leaves B cells out of sorts
22 What does davos really do? Analyzing the World Economic Forum
23 NSF Director to join international thought leaders at World Economic Forum
24 Tiny plant fossils offer window into Earth's landscape millions of years ago
25 New UF study reveals oldest primate lived in trees
26 TGen-led study of rare ovarian cancer featured in ASCO 'Cancer Advances' annual report
27 NIH researchers tackle thorny side of gene therapy
28 Simple soil mixture reverses toxic stormwater effects
29 New research reveals the power of hierarchy in high-pressure situations
30 Harnessing data from Nature's great evolutionary experiment
31 Organic and conventional milk--comparing apples to apples?
32 Education aids understanding, reduces stigma of facial paralysis, OSU study shows
33 Hearing-aid intervention helps individuals gradually adjust to devices
34 Evaluations that consider school resources could fairly assess teacher performance
35 ORNL model explores location of future US population growth
36 Greenland Ice: The warmer it gets the faster it melts
37 Iowa State professor says Facebook not to blame for negative impact on grades
38 One nanoparticle, 6 types of medical imaging
39 Staff at psychiatric hospitals often face threats of physical violence
40 How social processes interact to form a professional service market
41 Equation helps identify global disparities in cancer screening and treatment
42 Connection between childhood adversity and psychiatric disorders seen at cellular level
43 Scientists identify important mechanism involved in production of mosquito eggs
44 Regular exercise may boost brain health in adults
45 High-dose statin may protect heart surgery patients' kidney health
46 Technique reveals age of planetary materials
47 Warming climate likely will change the composition of northern forests, U of M study shows
48 Living longer, not healthier
49 This week from AGU: Mountain warming, Interior Dept. and Congress, Alabama air quality
50 Vegetation can help prevent soil erosion due to wind
51 Public attitude toward tiger farming and tiger conservation
52 Mapping the maize genome
53 Quantifying ethics in Toyota's 2008-2010 recall crisis
54 The once-powerful Tropical Cyclone Bansi stirred up ocean sediment
55 New cancer-fighting strategy would harden cells to prevent metastasis
56 Current nutrition labeling is hard to digest
57 ASCO names Cancer Advance of the Year
58 Bariatric surgery can benefit some obese children and teens, reports Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition
59 Does gestational diabetes affect the therapeutic potential of umbilical cord-derived stem cells?
60 Climate change does not bode well for picky eaters
61 Graphene enables all-electrical control of energy flow from light emitters
62 How do people post important life events on Facebook?
63 'Trustworthy' hedge fund execs generate more business but weaker returns
64 SLU researcher prevents type 1 diabetes in lab
65 Hydrogels deliver on blood-vessel growth
66 LSU Health NO contributes to work finding shared pathways for psychiatric disorders
67 Genetic changes in Ebola virus could impede potential treatments
68 Study challenges best way to position women during childbirth
69 Chemistry life hacks to help you survive winter (video)
70 Patients actively warmed during surgery still experience hypothermia, study finds
71 Muscle weakness studies suggest possible therapeutic strategies
72 Majority of young women and men prefer egalitarian relationships, study shows
73 Study calls for new global standard for safe drinking water and sanitation
74 Poor social integration = poor health
75 Wearable sensor clears path to long-term EKG, EMG monitoring
76 Crime Victims' Institute investigates human trafficking
77 Alcohol ads on TV associated with drinking behavior in young people
78 Men and women process emotions differently
79 Portable stimulator being tested on Parkinson's patients
80 A chemical modified version of the second messenger cAMP
81 Paleontologist names 9-foot-long 'predator croc' that preceded dinosaurs
82 Lung transplant patients do worse with lungs from heavy drinkers
83 Researchers open 'Pandora's box' of potential cancer biomarkers
84 China's aging population poses challenges, but policy changes can help
85 New signaling pathway provides clues to obesity
86 A voyage from the Earth's crust to its mantle and back again
87 Giant atmospheric rivers add mass to Antarctica's ice sheet
88 New research defines role of long noncoding RNAs in inflammation
89 Poorer parents are just as involved in their children's activities as better-off parents
90 Scientists find major limitations with carbon nanotubes in blood facing medical devices
91 Optic fiber for recording the temperature in extreme industrial environments
92 Cellulose with Braille for cells
93 New laser for computer chips
94 Early knee arthritis symptoms first felt when using stairs
95 Citrus scent inhibits liver cancer
96 Twist1: Complex regulator of cell shape and function
97 Major cause of blindness linked to calcium deposits in the eye
98 Hidden cell types revealed
99 Study: Melting glaciers have big carbon impact
100 New study: Common degenerative eye disease may be triggered by tiny mineral deposits
101 Waiting to be discovered for more than 100 years--new species of bush crickets
102 New laser could upgrade the images in tomorrow's technology
103 New high-speed 3-D microscope--SCAPE--gives deeper view of living things
104 Self-destructive effects of magnetically-doped ferromagnetic topological insulators
105 International Tree Nut Council finds tree nut consumption is associated with better diet
106 Predatory sea snails produce weaponized insulin
107 A new neural circuit controls fear in the brain
108 Fossil ankles indicate Earth's earliest primates lived in trees
109 Geophysicists find the crusty culprits behind sudden tectonic plate movements
110 Couples more likely to get healthy together