File Title
1 New study reports worsening health conditions increase risk of mortgage default and disclosure
2 Experts explore the medical safety needs of civilian space travel
3 Potassium salts aid bone health and limit osteoporosis risk, new research finds
4 US needs harm-reduction approach to drug use, Baker Institute researcher says
5 Advanced 3-D facial imaging may aid in early detection of autism
6 People conform to the norm--even if the norm is a computer
7 Health outcomes improve in states where nurse practitioners independently provide care
8 Rainfall can release aerosols, study finds
9 Atomic placement of elements counts for strong concrete
10 New non-destructive device measures root growth in smaller plants
11 Laser-induced graphene 'super' for electronics
12 CNIO associates rare gene variants with side effects from chemotherapy with paclitaxel
13 How to predict responses to disease
14 Shoulder to the wheel: Parental intervention improves teen driving
15 Video series explores the state and future of technological convergence
16 Abscisic acid treatments can prevent tomato blossom-end rot
17 DNA 'glue' could someday be used to build tissues, organs
18 Early protection, fungicide effectively reduce downy mildew in basil
19 Levels of 'Molly,' aka ecstasy, spike in rivers near music festival
20 Yabba dabba d'oh! Stone Age man wasn't necessarily more advanced than the Neanderthals
21 Race of the electrons
22 Native grasses identified for use in western US urban landscapes
23 Tattoo-like sensor can detect glucose levels without a painful finger prick
24 Better data needed to make good immigration policy
25 The anatomy of petal drop in sunflowers
26 Sweet potato leaves a good source of vitamins
27 Root hydraulic conductance linked to trees' post-transplant recovery
28 Long duration weightlessness in space induces a blood shift
29 How cells communicate
30 Professional development programs improve pre-K teacher-child interactions
31 The sound of chirping birds in the control center
32 A new step towards using graphene in electronic applications
33 Dehydration common among patients admitted to hospital from care homes
34 New restoration focus for western dry forests
35 Severe asthma: Diagnosis and treatment are inadequate
36 Testing for Bovine Tuberculosis is more effective than badger culls
37 Jaw mechanics of a shell-crushing Jurassic fish revealed
38 Predicting coral reef futures under climate change
39 Cone snail venom holds promise for medical treatments for cancer and addiction
40 Total milk intake dropped by nearly half when chocolate milk removed from school program
41 Scientists look to heart disease and strokes for clues to treating Alzheimer's
42 Designing effective health messages
43 Meteorite material born in molten spray as embryo planets collided
44 Sustainability challenged as many renewable resources max out
45 Researchers discover new 'trick' steroids use to suppress inflammation
46 Pitt study links biomarkers to long-term kidney damage and death in critically ill
47 Does screening asymptomatic adults for disease save lives?
48 'Titin' gene mutations will help identify patients at risk of heart failure
49 Lack of exercise responsible for twice as many deaths as obesity
50 Correcting estimates of sea level rise
51 New contaminants found in oil and gas wastewater
52 Clinical trial examines safety, effectiveness of drug to treat binge eating disorder
53 Patients with advanced colon cancer having less surgery, better survival
54 Iron overload disease causes rapid growth of potentially deadly bacteria, UCLA study finds
55 Depression, behavior changes may start in Alzheimer's even before memory changes
56 Breakthrough lights up metamaterials
57 Scientists discover gene tied to profound vision loss
58 UF/IFAS study: Wheat yield to decline as temperatures increase
59 Humanity has exceeded 4 of 9 'planetary boundaries,' according to researchers
60 Perovskites provide big boost to silicon solar cells, Stanford study finds
61 When used effectively, discharge summaries reduce hospital readmissions
62 Shining a light on quantum dots measurement
63 Bone stem cells shown to regenerate bone and cartilage in adult mice
64 Century-old drug reverses autism-like symptoms in fragile X mouse model
65 Nearly half the systems crucial to stability of planet compromised
66 Training the next generation of power engineers
67 Planets outside our solar system more hospitable to life than thought
68 Study reveals lack of data on opioid drugs for chronic pain
69 RDA/US and CENDI announce partnership to promote innovations in data sharing and exchange
70 Women who experience postpartum depression before giving birth may face greater risk
71 MIT team enlarges brain samples, making them easier to image
72 Experts recommend weight loss drugs, surgery as supplement to lifestyle interventions
73 Rice-sized laser, powered one electron at a time, bodes well for quantum computing
74 New planetary dashboard shows 'Great Acceleration' in human activity since 1950
75 Tumor suppressor protein plays key role in maintaining immune balance
76 Liquids and glasses relax, too. But not like you thought.
77 Eczema woes not just skin deep
78 Good cosmetic results and safety with liposculpture of the hips, flanks and thighs, reports PRS Global Open
79 Gold nanoparticles show promise for early detection of heart attacks
80 Doctors who use health information technology are 'slightly' more likely to get patient data, reports Medical Care
81 Long-acting drug effectively prevents HIV-like infection in monkeys
82 Facebook sharing can boost involvement with news and information
83 New report says no technological replacement exists for bulk data collection
84 CNIO scientists discover a novel molecular mechanism involved in the formation of the skin
85 York U researchers discover how midbrain map continuously updates visuospatial memory
86 Discovery of new signaling intermediates provides clues to novel therapies in pancreatitis
87 Study finds that opioids administered in the ER don't influence patient satisfaction
88 Research offers novel insight into Hirschsprung's disease
89 Yak dung burning pollutes indoor air of Tibetan households
90 Undercover researchers expose new species of lizard for sale on Philippine black market
91 Broadly neutralizing cross-reactive antibody targets 5 Staphylococcus aureus cytotoxins
92 What drives killers like the Ottawa or Paris attackers?
93 What causes brain problems after traumatic brain injury? Studies have a surprising answer
94 New approach to preventing fibrosing strictures in IBD
95 What makes pancreatic cancer so aggressive? New study sheds light
96 People can be convinced they committed a crime that never happened
97 Lassa fever controls need to consider human-human transmission and role of super spreaders
98 Damaged DNA amplified
99 Extra-short nanowires best for brain
100 Did the Anthropocene begin with the nuclear age?
101 Huge 3-D displays without 3-D glasses
102 Hope for muscular dystrophy patients: Harnessing gene helps repair muscle damage
103 Academies call for long-term investments in the education and care of small children
104 Going with the flow
105 Two or one splashing? It's different!
106 IPT for children with anaemia
107 Trans-Neptunian objects suggest that there are more planets in the solar system
108 Humans at risk from planetary-scale activities
109 Improved interface for a quantum internet
110 Folic acid saves 1,300 babies each year from serious birth defects of brain and spine