File Title
1 Researchers call for changes in 50 year-old drinking water standards
2 First contracting human muscle grown in laboratory
3 Study sheds light on chemicals that insects use to communicate and survive
4 Feeling cold is contagious, scientists find
5 Autonomous tots have higher cognitive skills
6 UCLA researchers develop new tool to predict postoperative liver cancer recurrence after transplant
7 BJOG analysis looks at risk factors for direct maternal deaths in the UK
8 The challenges of providing obstetric care during an Ebola epidemic
9 Study: Eat school lunch after recess
10 Bilingualism changes children's beliefs
11 Progress toward an HIV cure highlighted in special issue of AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses
12 This week from AGU: Thunderstorms and ozone, urban air pollution
13 Jewish Americans who attend synagogue enjoy better health, Baylor study finds
14 WCS radio collars iconic South American mammal
15 Panel cites need for individualized, patient-centered approach for chronic pain
16 Half of young victims of fatal crashes in 9 US states used alcohol or marijuana
17 Three new Begonia plant species from Brazil
18 Dinosaurs wiped out rapidly in Europe 66 million years ago
19 100 million Americans live with chronic pain, but treatment research is insufficient
20 The Lancet Psychiatry: Reducing fear avoidance beliefs key to improving symptoms and reducing disability in chronic fatigue syndrome
21 Women who are told that men desire larger-body women are happier with their weight
22 Do cytokines have a role in the initiation and progression of breast cancer?
23 Rescuing farmland after a flood
24 NASA releases images of first notable solar flare of 2015
25 Nothing to squirm about: Space station worms help battle muscle and bone loss
26 Not always cool to stay cool in negotiations, study finds
27 Meet the chemist that transformed medicine (and foiled the Nazis along the way)
28 Teams better than individuals at intelligence analysis, research finds
29 Stalking risk increases among college students
30 Trust through the olfactory fragrance of lavender
31 Brazilian scarab beetles found to be termitophiles
32 Good life satisfaction has beneficial effects on bone health
33 New target identified for potential brain cancer therapies
34 Researchers develop novel multiferroic materials and devices integrated with silicon chips
35 Crops can do their own weed control
36 Clinical trial shows benefits of animal-assisted therapy in adult cancer patients undergoing complex cancer treatment with chemotherapy and radiation therapy
37 Understanding the personalities of bacteria
38 GMOs with health benefits have a large market potential
39 Researchers from MIPT predict properties of surface
40 Development of psychosis: Gray matter loss and the inflamed brain
41 No gain if unfair
42 Decoding the gravitational evolution of dark matter halos
43 Glass for battery electrodes
44 The obese can teach us how to lose weight
45 Link between stress and infertility can be broken
46 New research reveals that a bird 'paints' its own eggs with bacteria which protect the embryo
47 Estimated social cost of climate change not accurate, Stanford scientists say
48 Napping helps infants' memory development
49 Stanford-led study says China's aquaculture sector can tip the balance in world fish supplies
50 Fast sorting of CD4+ T cells from whole blood using glass microbubbles
51 Sleeping after learning is important for infants' long-term memory
52 Men want commitment when women are scarce
53 Surprise discovery off California exposes loggerhead 'lost years'
54 A breakthrough approach to addressing the causes of biodiversity loss
55 New model predicts Ebola epidemic in Liberia could be ended by June 2015
56 The recess swap
57 Pivotal data for T2Candida and T2Dx published in Clinical Infectious Diseases
58 Bisexual women have worse mental health than lesbians in the UK
59 Blood test for brain injury may not be feasible
60 World's oldest butchering tools gave evolutionary edge to human communication
61 A novel inorganic material emitting laser light in solution is discovered
62 Danish researchers 1 step closer towards a cocaine antidote
63 'Gold rush' threatens tropical forests in South America
64 Sizing up giants under the sea
65 Use of surgical procedure to facilitate child birth declines
66 Clinical physiologists must be properly regulated to protect patients
67 Asthma associated with increased risk of obstructive sleep apnea
68 Widespread hepatitis C screening may result in more harms than benefits
69 Breast cancer diagnoses, survival varies by race, ethnicity
70 Rate of investment in medical research has declined in US, increased globally
71 Community-wide CVD prevention programs linked with improved health outcomes
72 Photonic crystal nanolaser biosensor simplifies DNA detection
73 Widespread hepatitis C screening--do benefits outweigh harms?
74 Pitcher plants 'switch off' traps to capture more ants
75 Long working hours linked to increased risky alcohol use
76 Zinc oxide materials tapped for tiny energy harvesting devices
77 Cold plasma treatment cuts norovirus germs
78 Can inhaled oxygen cause cancer?
79 Out of the pouch: Ancient DNA from extinct giant roos
80 Improved solar panels and printed electronics on the horizon with new material discovery
81 Scientists developing imaging test for autism spectrum disorder
82 Snapchat-style teacher-to-student feedback gets thumbs up
83 Up to 8 percent of South Asians carry gene mutation that causes heart attacks
84 New species discovered beneath ocean crust
85 How prepared is your pilot to deal with an emergency?
86 Carbon nanotube finding could lead to flexible electronics with longer battery life
87 MD Anderson study finds patients with metastatic colorectal cancer having less surgery
88 Debunking aging myths in financial decisions
89 One punch to knock out flu
90 Depression, behavioral changes may precede memory loss in Alzheimer's
91 Helicopter parenting better for pets than for kids
92 HIV/AIDS patients in Deep South have lower survival rates
93 Sexual objectification increases women's fear of crime
94 Paradox revealed: Cues associated with infant abuse may help reduce stress in adult brain
95 Endobronchial forceps effective in retrieval of tip-embedded inferior vena cava filters
96 Chemical dial controls attraction between water-repelling molecules
97 Platelet transfusions increase odds of death in some rare blood cell disorders
98 Love, marriage and town-gown relationships
99 Rapid journey through a crystal lattice
100 Coenzyme A plays leading role in nitric oxide function so essential to cell metabolism
101 IOM report proposes standards for sharing clinical trial data
102 Combat veterans' brains reveal hidden damage from IED blasts
103 State performance funding falling short in student retention and degree completion
104 Temporary tattoo offers needle-free way to monitor glucose levels
105 World leaders gathering at Davos face calls for bold action to turn the tide on cancer
106 Taking sightlessness for a spin can harm people's attitudes toward blindness
107 Are all rattlesnakes created equal? No, maybe not
108 Mutations linked to repair of chromosome ends may make emphysema more likely in smokers
109 Scientists develop novel platform for treatment of breast, pancreatic cancer
110 A twist on planetary origins