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1 First conversations may have been about tools
2 Pitcher plant's tricky trap pulls in the ants
3 Gene mutations key to heart muscle disease identified
4 Rate of recent sea level rise greater than previously thought
5 Ancient short-faced kangaroos not genetically linked to modern-day kangaroos and wallabies: scientist
6 Humans push planet beyond boundaries towards 'danger zone'
7 Sea turtles use magnetic fields to find their birth place, researcher believes
8 Mars methane discovery: What does it mean? (+video)
9 How's the water on Mars? Curiosity rover finds out. (+video)
10 Life on Mars? NASA rover spots ingredients.
11 What drones can teach us about tornadoes
12 Bizarre Russian rock contains 30,000 diamonds
13 Will Europe's comet lander ever wake up?
14 Archaeologists in Egypt excavating million-mummy cemetery
15 NASA's Curiosity Mars rover to star in Discovery Channel documentary
16 NASA's Kepler space telescope finds 'Super-Earth' after 19-month hiatus (+video)
17 NASA's Kepler finds 'Super-Earth' 180 light-years away (+video)
18 Science dubs Rosetta breakthrough of year: Space sweeps 2014 science stories
19 Wolves, bears, lynxes rebounding in Europe
20 Can NASA's Orion program reinvigorate human spaceflight? (+video)
21 Mars tech: from ion thrusters to laser communications
22 Orion returns to Florida: What's next for NASA space capsule?
23 How a manned mission to Venus could actually make sense (+video)
24 Winter solstice: Why isn't the shortest day also the coldest?
25 How massive galaxy cluster could upend theory of universe evolution
26 Sun fires off massive solar flare (+video)
27 NASA mulls plan to explore Venus with 'Cloud City' (+video)
28 What happens when you point a telescope for black holes at the sun? (+video)
29 NASA releases 'astronaut's-eye view' of Orion capsule's fiery reentry
30 Best place to watch the aurora borealis? The International Space Station
31 Orphan dwarf galaxy could shed light on history of galaxy formation
32 Did drought doom the Mayan Empire? New evidence from Belize's 'Blue Hole'
33 NASA developing cure for Mars rover 'amnesia'
34 Fanged frog doesn't lay eggs: 'She squirted tadpoles all over my hand'
35 Earthquake off coast shakes Northern California: Biggest 2015 quake (so far)
36 Scientists reveal disco clam's groovy secrets
37 Could a rocket land on the ocean?
38 Zero Gravity Day: Could a bizarre planetary alignment make you float?
39 Life on Mars? NASA's next rover aims to find out.
40 SpaceX: Back to the Space station, then ambitious landing (+video)
41 Bold SpaceX mission scrubbed at last minute
42 Are other planets better than us at having oceans?
43 Hunt for other Earths just got a bit more sophisticated
44 Planet hunters discover two new Earth-like planets (+video)
45 Astronomers reveal spectacular new Hubble image
46 Hope, in the form of a baby killer whale
47 Planet hunters spot eight potentially habitable worlds
48 SpaceX aborts Falcon 9 launch. What went wrong?
49 Fossils on Mars? Geologist unearths intriguing hypothesis.
50 NASA unravels mysteries of huge space explosion
51 NASA's Kepler Space Telescope finds 1,000th alien planet
52 Are there fossils on Mars?
53 How a computer program took the gambling out of poker
54 Astronomers find evidence of black holes merging in clash of cosmic titans
55 Attention-span-challenged Mars rover reaches summit, snaps photo
56 Could Earth's slowing rotation break the Internet?
57 SpaceX sets ambitious itinerary for 2015: Can it deliver? (+video)
58 How SpaceX Dragon capsule successfully docked at International Space Station (+video)
59 Chinese space program achieves lunar milestone
60 Experts surprised, delighted by baby California condor (+video)
61 Cardinal decries 'feminized' Catholic Church in backlash against pope's reforms
62 Je Suis Charlie? Many Russians say 'nyet.'
63 NASA's Mars orbiter spots lost Beagle rover, 11 years later (+video)
64 This tiny fish could be your ancestor, say scientists
65 Elon Musk talks Mars colonization, Kerbal Space Program
66 Disney Research team builds robot that draws in the sand
67 Does Facebook know you better than your own mother?
68 Rare shark birth photographed for the first time, accidentally
69 Rosetta's new to do: hunt for sugars in comet ice?
70 Toxic leak forces astronauts to evacuate space station module (+video)
71 Is this the world's smartest plant?
72 Chemical leak scare prompts astronauts to abandon part of space station
73 Are giant squids actually tiny?
74 Crew evacuates US segment of space station, but leak could be false alarm
75 Sea level rise rapidly accelerating, say scientists
76 Astronauts find no leak in US module of space station
77 Does the Pope believe in global warming?
78 Scientists discover that being a goose is actually kind of awesome
79 'Spark of brilliance' bias holding back women in science?
80 2014 hottest year on record according to NOAA, NASA
81 Scientists reveal bizarre method sea turtles use to find their way home
82 It's been 10 years since we landed on Titan. Will we go there again?
83 Oil Prices Plunged--Why Haven't Airfares and Some Home Energy Bills?
84 How Do Sea Turtles Find the Exact Beach Where They Were Born?
85 As Oceans Heat Up, a Race to Save World's Coral Reefs
86 The World's Hardest Free Climbs (4 Are in Yosemite)
87 So About That Hairy Guy on the Bus...True-Life Animal Commuters
88 After History-Making Ascent of Yosemite's El Capitan, Climber Asks 'Now What?'
89 Solar Panels Floating on Water Will Power Japan's Homes
90 What's a Black Panther, Really?
91 2014 Confirmed as Hottest Year on Record, with Spike in Ocean Temperatures
92 Missing Spacecraft Found on Mars After 11-Year Search
93 On Myanmar's Mystery Peak, Drama and a Challenge Like No Other
94 Keystone XL Veto Threat: Does 'No' Really Mean No?
95 Nebraska Ruling Throws Keystone XL Decision Back to State Department
96 A Caribbean Island Says Goodbye Diesel and Hello 100% Renewable Electricity
97 Costa Rica Eyes National Parks' Volcanoes for Energy
98 Winter Rations Prompt Coal Use in Hydropower-Rich Tajikistan
99 Monkeys seem to recognize their reflections
100 Blown-up brains reveal nanoscale details
101 Political appointments spur concerns for Amazon
102 First biosimilar drug set to enter US market
103 The woman who sees like a bat
104 'I can haz genomes': cats claw their way into genetics
105 Tropical paradise inspires virtual ecology lab
106 Microbiology: Here's looking at you, squid
107 Agriculture: State-of-the-art soil
108 Al Gore's dream spacecraft gears up for launch
109 Ocean 'calamities' oversold, say researchers
110 Nature owner merges with publishing giant
111 A case for a university happiness ranking
112 Hidden hurdle for women in science
113 Looking for the roots of terrorism
114 British Mars lander find is bittersweet victory
115 Three 'super-Earth' exoplanets seen orbiting nearby star