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1 Breast cancer diagnoses, survival varies by race, ethnicity
2 Rate of investment in medical research has declined in US, increased globally
3 Community-wide CVD prevention programs linked with improved health outcomes
4 Photonic crystal nanolaser biosensor simplifies DNA detection
5 Zinc oxide materials tapped for tiny energy harvesting devices
6 Cold plasma treatment cuts norovirus germs
7 Can inhaled oxygen cause cancer?
8 Measles Hits Disneyland: 9 Cases Linked to Theme Park
9 Bluetooth Pacifiers and Smart Armchairs: CES' Best Health Tech
10 Reference: What is a Normal Heart Rate?
11 Reference: Human Heart: Anatomy, Function & Facts
12 Reference: Derecho Facts, Formation and Forecasting
13 Reference: Mesozoic Era: Age of the Dinosaurs
14 Reference: Allosaurus: Facts About the 'Different Lizard'
15 Wine Grapes Get New Genes to Fight Blight
16 Magnetic Pulses May Reboot Stroke Recovery (Op-Ed)
17 When You Stray from a Trail, Invasive Species Follow
18 Lizard Penises Evolve at Super-Speed
19 Rare Butterfly Is Half Male, Half Female
20 How Greenland Got Its Glaciers
21 Easter Island's Demise May Have Surprising New Explanation
22 Can Microbes in the Gut Influence the Brain?
23 Can Monkeys Learn to Recognize Themselves in the Mirror?
24 New Implant Lets Paralyzed Rats Walk Again
25 This Computer Program Can Beat Anyone at Poker
26 'Pop-Up' 3D Structures Can Mimic Brain Circuits
27 So Long, Ugly Fitness Trackers: Fashionable Devices Debut
28 10,000 Steps? New Trackers Go Beyond the Data Dump
29 Coolest Eco-Friendly Technologies at CES 2015
30 Exoskeleton Helps Spinal Cord Injury Patient Walk
31 Ebola Vaccines: Here's a Look at the 3 Front-Runners
32 Reference: What is Groundwater?
33 Drugs are Frequently Running Out--Now What? (Op-Ed)
34 'Invisibilia' Podcast Explores Bizarre Workings of the Human Mind
35 New Wearables Track Your Stats on the Field
36 2015's 'Leap Second' Could Scramble Computers
37 Drought-Tracking Satellite to Blast Off this Month
38 Hubble Telescope Captures Best View Ever of the Andromeda Galaxy
39 Best Fitness Tracker Bands
40 Following Tesla's Lead, Toyota Makes Fuel Cell Patents Free
41 Anti-Flu Meds Are Especially Important this Flu Season, CDC Says
42 Photos: Nobel Prize Winners Draw Their Discoveries in Crayon
43 Nobel Prize Winners Show Playful Side in Crayon Drawings
44 Did Meteorite Carve Icy Antarctic Crater?
45 How Dwelling on a Breakup Might Help You Get Over It
46 It's a Girl! Newborn Killer Whale Identified in Endangered Pod
47 Fitness Trackers and Smartwatches Attract Totally Different Groups
48 Best Pregnancy Apps
49 Viagra Is a Miracle Drug, for Premature Babies (Op-Ed)
50 Wow! The Most Amazing Images in Science this Week
51 Eye-Swallowing and Mouth Birth: Freaky Facts About Frogs
52 Smart Defense: NFL Fans Will Help Test Earthquake Warning System
53 The Story Behind the Leap Second
54 Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
55 In Bloom! Plankton Swirl Spotted from Space
56 What Beagles Reveal about Alzheimer's in Humans
57 170-Million-Year-Old 'Fish Lizard' Fossil Unearthed in Scotland
58 Animating a Cell's Inner Life
59 220-Year-Old Time Capsule Buried by Sam Adams & Paul Revere Opened
60 Birth of Jaws: Tiny Fish May Be Ancient Ancestor
61 Don't Let Artificial Intelligence Take Over, Top Scientists Warn
62 Sound Mind and Sound Body? This Protein Helps Both
63 Seismic Roundup: 2014 Saw Fewer Big Earthquakes than 2013
64 Dogs Arrived Late to the Americas
65 Are Computers Better Judges of Personality than Friends?
66 Jimmy Carter's Work to Defeat Guinea Worm Highlighted in New Exhibit
67 Reference: Melanoma: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention
68 Reference: Bulimia Nervosa: Symptoms and Treatment
69 Reference: Seasonal Affective Disorder: SAD Symptoms and Therapy
70 Will Warming Surge as Arctic Microbes Feast on Defrosting Carbon?
71 Can 'Good' Bacteria Save Bats from Killer Fungus?
72 Why People Love the Phygital World (Op-Ed)
73 Jeepers! New Look at 'Creeping' San Andreas Fault
74 Half of Teen, Young Adult Car Crash Deaths Involve Pot or Alcohol
75 Bladder Drug May Help Body Burn More Calories
76 Steam Machine Turns Poop into Clean Drinking Water
77 Giant Squid and Whale Sharks Aren't as Big as People Think
78 Treasure Hunters Find Mysterious Shipwreck in Lake Michigan
79 Underwater Drones Map Algae Beneath Antarctic Ice
80 Milky Way's Monster Black Hole Unleashes Record-Breaking X-ray Flare
81 Vaginal Cutting During Childbirth Is on the Decline
82 How Congress is Cutting Science Out of Science Policy (Op-Ed)
83 2015 Begins with CO2 Above 400 PPM Mark
84 Reference: Frostbite: Symptoms & Treatment
85 Reference: Vostok: Lake Under Antarctic Ice
86 Reference: Marijuana: Facts About Cannabis
87 Four Tech Breakthroughs at the Cutting Edge of Light
88 Can Medical Marijuana Curb the Heroin Epidemic?
89 New Trackers Claim to Measure Your Stress, but Do They Work?
90 How to Recreate a Sloppy Ancient Greek Drinking Game
91 Why Do Zebras Have Stripes? It's Not for Camouflage
92 Ancient Scorpion Had Feet, May Have Walked Out of Ocean
93 Treasured 16th-Century 'Lenox Globe' Gets a Digital Makeover
94 Smithsonian App Brings Fossils to Life
95 A Bit of Walking Takes Strain Out of Running a Marathon
96 Ever Wake Up and Think You See a Ghost? Here's What's Happening
97 Understanding Earth by Eavesdropping on Urban Noise
98 Music Festival Linked to Party Drugs in Waterways
99 Your Blood Type May Put You at Risk for Heart Disease
100 'Smart Shoe' Devices Could Charge Up as You Walk
101 Reference: Aquifers: Underground Stores of Freshwater
102 Reference: Facts About Beryllium
103 Reference: Heart Disease: Types, Prevention & Treatments
104 Reference: Medical Marijuana: Benefits, Risks & State Laws
105 11 Odd Facts About Marijuana
106 Reference: Depression: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments
107 Will Legalized Marijuana Lead to More Addicts? (Op-Ed)
108 Is 'Nano' Living Up to the Hype? (Kavli Roundtable)
109 Deadly MERS Virus Spreads from Camels to People Only Rarely
110 Bye, Bye Baubles: New 3D Printers Could Build Implants, Electronics
111 Stressed Out? Social Media May Help Women Cope
112 'Stranger Danger' Makes People Less Empathetic
113 Sea Turtles Use Earth's Magnetic Field to Find Home
114 Sweet! Deep-Space Sugars May Reveal Clues About Origins of Life
115 Flu Shot this Year Provides Weak Protection
116 Roller-Coaster Flight: How Geese Save Energy While Migrating