File Title
1 Facebook may know you better than your friends
2 Loch Ness monster ancestor? Scottish scientists identify prehistoric reptile Dearcmhara shawcrossi
3 New study challenges link between HLA class I hyperexpression in pancreas and type 1 diabetes
4 12-year study confirms overall safety of measles vaccines
5 Liver cirrhosis more common than previously thought, study finds
6 Why do only some people with hereditary heart disease experience symptoms?
7 Unveiling how the children's tummy bug, rotavirus, causes infection
8 Hubble's high-definition panoramic view of the Andromeda galaxy
9 Hubble discovers that Milky Way Core drives wind at 2 million miles per hour
10 Planet-hunting satellite observes supermassive black hole
11 Hubble goes high-definition to revisit iconic 'Pillars of Creation'
12 Andromeda in HD
13 Revisiting an icon
14 UT Arlington study researches AT&T Stadium's impact on nearby businesses
15 Adelaide Hills bushfire in Australia
16 Nutrition education may help prevent breast cancer reoccurrence
17 Humans, sparrows make sense of sounds in similar ways
18 Men's diets are related to local offerings, unlike women's
19 Skin microbes trigger specific immune responses
20 How bacteria control their size
21 A novel biomarker for mutant p53 could help pathologists assessing tumors during surgery
22 Scientists discover new information about how enzymes from white blood cells function
23 Nitrogen in reclaimed water can benefit turfgrass
24 Fertilizer placement affects nutrient leaching patterns
25 'CRISPR' science: Newer genome editing tool shows promise in engineering human stem cells
26 Model helps size boulders to protect buildings from vehicle impacts
27 Cation exchange capacity analyzed for nursery pine bark substrates
28 Mom's exercise habits good for blood pressure in kids
29 Study reveals causes of apple skin spot
30 Diabetes debate: Triglycerides form in liver despite insulin resistance
31 Human speech's surprising influence on young infants
32 Alcohol taxes protective against binge drinking, study shows
33 Imaging linking cell activity and behavior shows what it means for mice to have sex in mind
34 Vitamin B may counter negative effect of pesticide on fertility
35 Current Biology reviews the biology of fun
36 Hold your breath to protect your heart
37 'Glowing' new nanotechnology guides cancer surgery, also kills remaining malignant cells
38 Green walls, effective acoustic insulation
39 Electromagnetic waves linked to particle fallout in Earth's atmosphere, new study finds
40 Selling extended warranties via independent companies lowers price but hurts consumers: INFORMS
41 Freshmen-level chemistry solves the solubility mystery of graphene oxide films
42 Exposure to cold reveals the 'switch' that controls the formation of brown and white fat
43 Infection control preparedness measures control avian flu in Hong Kong hospital
44 Melanoma: Scientists find new link between pigment production and mitochondrial function
45 Animal study points to a treatment for Huntington's disease
46 Ouch! When teeth and hands connect, bites may be beastly
47 Epigenomics analysis reveals surprising new clues to insulin resistance
48 Seeds out of season
49 EARTH Magazine: A dry and ravaged land: Investigating water resources in Afghanistan
50 Why is Greenland covered in ice?
51 A human enzyme (CD 39) targets the Achilles heel of sepsis
52 [Gamma][delta] T cells may play a role in insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes
53 CWRU researchers discover byproducts from bacteria awaken dormant T-cells and HIV viruses
54 University of Tennessee professor researches rare rock with 30,000 diamonds
55 Study: Disparities seen in immigrant application results
56 Vanderbilt-led team studies blood test for prostate cancer
57 Cancer prevention guidelines may lower risk of obesity-linked cancers
58 Twin study suggests genetic factors contribute to insomnia in children, teens
59 Acoustic levitation made simple
60 New findings show chronic high blood pressure increases risk of glaucoma
61 Endangered Madagascar lemurs illegally kept as pets may threaten species conservation and survival
62 New technology focuses diffuse light inside living tissue
63 Whole plant therapy shows promise to beat malaria parasites' drug resistance
64 Study IDs risk factors linking low birthweight to diabetes
65 DNA origami could lead to nano 'transformers' for biomedical applications
66 New research dishes the dirt on the demise of a civilization
67 Underwater drones map ice algae in Antarctica
68 Sensor demonstrates lack of space in living cells
69 Global bird conservation could be 4 times more cost-effective
70 Atoms queue up for quantum computer networks
71 Study makes case for wider gene testing in bowel cancer
72 New concept of fuel cell for efficiency and environment
73 Scientists sequence genome of longest-lived mammal
74 Health-promoting Nordic diet reduces inflammatory gene activity in adipose tissue
75 How vitamin C helps plants beat the sun
76 Crowd science provides major boost for certain research projects
77 Overly conservative FDA label likely prevents use of metformin in many type 2 diabetics
78 How does white-nose syndrome kill bats?
79 'Imaginary meal' tricks the body into losing weight
80 New instrument reveals recipe for other Earths
81 Super-Earths have long-lasting oceans
82 Stars' spins reveal their ages
83 Rotating night shift work can be hazardous to your health
84 Cold virus replicates better at cooler temperatures
85 Infections increase death risk by 35 percent for ICU patients, study finds
86 Study puts new perspective on snake evolution
87 Public reporting on quality slows price increases for bypass surgery and other hospital procedures
88 Exercise allows you to age optimally
89 Radiation plus hormone therapy prolongs survival for older men with prostate cancer
90 The bowhead whale lives over 200 years. Can its genes tell us why?
91 Study examines criminal behavior in patients with neurodegenerative diseases
92 More whole grains associated with lower mortality, especially cardiovascular
93 Fracking confirmed as cause of rare 'felt' earthquake in Ohio
94 For most 'healthy' obese, health declines over time
95 A healthy lifestyle may prevent heart disease in nearly 3 out of 4 women
96 New research shows snacking on almonds instead of a high-carb snack reduced belly fat and other heart disease risk factors
97 Study suggests that dopamine is a safe anti-angiogenic drug in cancer treatment
98 Volunteer 'Disk Detectives' top 1 million classifications of possible planetary habitats
99 Children's vulnerability reflected in genes
100 Targeting fatty acids may be treatment strategy for arthritis, leukemia
101 An old genetic tool in plant biology still has value
102 Study pinpoints autism-linked protein for sculpting brain connections
103 Drug overdose epidemic to recede soon
104 Primary care physicians more likely to recommend careers as nurse practitioners
105 Ben-Gurion University researchers discover that AAT drug may prevent deadly infections
106 New model identifies eastern stream sections holding wild brook trout
107 Circadian rhythms regulate skin stem cell metabolism and expansion, UCI study finds
108 Nearly one in five women who undergo hysterectomy may not need the procedure
109 Almost three-quarters of parents turn car seats to face forward too early
110 Mounting evidence demonstrates improved cognitive function from cocoa flavanol consumption