File Title
1 Study suggests history of Rapa Nui on Easter Island far more complex than thought
2 Study casts doubt on mammoth-killing cosmic impact
3 Scientist tackles mystery of ancient astronomical device
4 Scientist calculates economic impact of gas tax increase for Iowans
5 The world's poorest regions 'in countries you wouldn't expect'
6 Research advocates urge congress to advance top 5 science priorities in first 100 days
7 Professor shows reputation is a measure of your mystique
8 Origami--mathematics in creasing
9 Fast bowlers who bowl no-balls in cricket need to do the maths
10 Study finds partisanship most fierce among highly educated Americans
11 Muslims and Latinos much more prominent in TV crime news than in real-life crime
12 Science at risk as young researchers increasingly denied research grants
13 Requirements of implementing next generation science standards
14 Political scientist says natives are worried more about identity than jobs
15 How do men and women respond to gender bias in STEM?
16 What workplace emails reveal about culture
17 Best job performance comes from match between first and later work experiences
18 Research finds mandatory meat labels economically not worth the fight
19 Indian scientists debate claims Hindu sages pioneered aviation
20 Short words predict academic success
21 Fear of terror may lead to job burnout over time
22 Scientists train immune system to spot and destroy cure-defying mutant HIV
23 Team finds new genetic and epigenetic contributors to diabetes
24 Scientists identify first nutrient sensor in key growth-regulating metabolic pathway
25 Two brain regions join forces for absolute pitch
26 Too much gas, too little food appear major factors in injury, disease-related memory loss
27 Brain scientists figure out how a protein crucial to learning and memory works
28 Schizophrenia onset linked to elevated neural links
29 New approach sees breakthrough in antibiotics research
30 Scientific team sounds the alarm on sugar as a source of disease
31 FDA panel endorses first lower-cost biotech drug
32 Misfit or Miss Goody Two Shoes? Adolescent misperceptions abound
33 Couples' conflicts: Withdrawal or expecting your partner to mind-read hurts relationships, but in different ways
34 Type 2 diabetes risk varies with magnesium intake, genes and ethnicity
35 Strategy might thwart resistance to a common prostate cancer treatment
36 Blueberries: Small fruit delivers big reward
37 Power of speech could improve dementia diagnosis
38 Majority of public unaware of alcohol's link with cancer
39 Heart patients urged to exercise their calf muscles
40 'Unfussy' brain finds ways of coping with loss of a hand
41 Insulin nasal spray shows promise as treatment for adults with dementia and Alzheimer's
42 Study links common human protein to adverse parasitic worm infections
43 Hacking fat cells' metabolism does not affect insulin resistance
44 Scientists explain spread of chikungunya vector
45 Malassezia yeasts--everywhere and sometimes dangerous
46 Researchers grow functional tissue-engineered intestine from human cells
47 Breathing in diesel exhaust leads to changes "deep under the hood"
48 Neuroprosthetics for paralysis: Biocompatible, flexible implant slips into the spinal cord
49 Facial motion activates a dedicated network within the brain, research shows
50 To trigger energy-burning brown fat, just chill
51 Practice really does make perfect
52 Juno on its way to unveil Jupiter's mysteries
53 JUICE mission gets green light for next stage of development
54 NASA Issues 'Remastered' View of Jupiter's Moon Europa
55 Jupiter's Red Spot is Likely a Sunburn, Not a Blush
56 Here's Looking at You: Spooky Shadow Gives Jupiter a Giant Eye
57 Swarm of Tiny Spacecraft to Explore Europa's Surface with Rapid Response
58 NASA EPSCoR to fund planetary seismology research at NMSU
59 Evidence of 'Diving' Tectonic Plates on Jupiter's Moon Europa
60 Extreme Volcanism On Io
61 Jupiter's moon Io may feature more volcanoes than previously thought
62 NASA Seeks Proposals for Europa Mission Science Instruments
63 Looking Back at the Jupiter Crash 20 Years Later
64 Models suggest stretching forces shaped Ganymede's surface
65 Sun may determine lifespan at birth: study
66 Humans, sparrows make sense of sounds in similar ways
67 Scientists discover oldest stone tool ever found in Turkey
68 Commensal bacteria were critical shapers of early human populations
69 Echolocation acts as supplemental sense for the blind
70 How information moves between cultures
71 Reshaping the horse through millennia
72 Ancient engravings rewrite human history
73 Commentary calls for new 'science of climate diversity'
74 Living African group most populous humans over past 150,000 years
75 NTU team uncover one of mankind's most ancient lineages
76 Localized climate change contributed to ancient southwest depopulation
77 Computer equal to or better than humans at cataloging science
78 Primates have been drinking alcohol for 10 million years, according to a new study
79 Prehistoric conflict hastened human brain's capacity for collaboration
80 Swiss to vote on immigration cut 'to save environment'
81 Scientists rediscover long-lost region of the brain
82 Were Neanderthals a sub-species of modern humans?
83 Did men evolve navigation skills to find mates?
84 Researchers explain high school cliques, how to prevent them
85 Sustainability and astrobiology combine to illuminate future Earth
86 Brazil Indians in race to save ancestral lands
87 UW study shows direct brain interface between humans
88 Tell-tales of war: Traditional stories highlight how ancient women survived
89 Patents for humanity: Special edition of Technology and Innovation
90 Urban seismic network detects human sounds
91 Reducing population is no environmental quick fix
92 Where Did All the Stars Go
93 'Iron Sun' is not a rock band, but a key to how stars transmit energy
94 Smashing Results About Our Nearby Galactic Neighbors
95 Stars' Spins Reveal Their Ages
96 A simulation of the universe with realistic galaxies
97 NASA's Chandra Weighs Most Massive Galaxy Cluster in Distant Universe
98 The hot blue stars of Messier 47
99 Interstellar Mystery Solved by Supercomputer Simulations
100 Galactic Get-Together Has Impressive Light Display
101 Warm Gas Pours 'Cold Water' on Galaxy's Star-Making
102 Atomic hydrogen emissions seen at record breaking distances
103 A colorful gathering of middle-aged stars
104 Subaru detects sudden appearance of galaxies in early universe
105 The riddle of the missing stars
106 Scientists get to the heart of fool's gold as a solar material
107 The Answer Is Blowing in the Intergalactic Wind
108 Drones swoop into electronics show as interest surges
109 U.S. military seeks new UAV perception technology
110 Speedy, Agile UAVs Envisioned for Troops in Urban Missions