File Title
1 Adding leap second this year expected to cause Internet problems
2 Thermal memory thrives at extremely high temperatures
3 SHELXT: Integrated space-group and crystal-structure determination
4 Why mechanical tension causes some crystals to jump, while others crumble
5 Manipulating the "spin" of electrons on nanomagnets to create faster, more energy-efficient computers
6 Magic numbers of quantum matter revealed by cold atoms
7 Scientists find unsuspected spectroscopy rules for rattling hydrogen
8 Quantum hard drive breakthrough
9 Hubble discovers that Milky Way core drives wind at 2 million miles per hour
10 Eight new planets found in 'Goldilocks' zone
11 Potential signs of ancient life in Mars rover photos
12 SEED has won the international Mars One University Competition
13 Image: First Mars orbital photo of 2015
14 Princeton satellite successfully heads to the 'edge of space' to study the early universe
15 Japan's Akatsuki spacecraft to make second attempt to enter orbit of Venus in December 2015
16 Volunteer 'disk detectives' top 1 million classifications of possible planetary habitats
17 Where did all the stars go? Dark cloud obscures hundreds of background stars
18 No signals from newest Kepler planet
19 NOAA's DSCOVR to provide 'EPIC' views of Earth
20 Second launch try for space station delivery set for Saturday
21 A new, public view of the sky
22 Opportunity rover takes in view from top of Martian hill
23 NASA observatories take an unprecedented look into superstar Eta Carinae
24 Unusual light signal yields clues about elusive black hole merger
25 Helping rhinos from space
26 Novel vision of the death of massive stars
27 Researchers succeed in measuring the temperature at the heart of stars
28 NASA's Juno spacecraft on its way to unveil Jupiter's mysteries
29 SpaceX to attempt rocket, cargo launch Saturday
30 'Assassin' targets supernovae in our neighborhood of the universe
31 Astronomers use vanishing neutron star to measure space-time warp
32 Cities join forces to retrofit districts
33 New study from Harvard compares design of fuel systems for soft robots
34 Sporty tech gadgets put data in users' hands
35 Do sports cars have a future in a driverless world?
36 Chinese city spends $24,000 on phone hacking software
37 China smartphone maker Xiaomi wants a bite of Apple
38 Tech enthusiasts turn up at Las Vegas gadget show
39 Simulations aimed at safer transport of explosives
40 Study examines effectiveness of regulation in electricity markets
41 Sony to delay China launch of PlayStation game console
42 Now with more materials and more color, 2015 is the year to try 3D printing at home
43 Some "next big things" in teaching technology never quite were
44 Students test sanitation system in India using breathable fabric technology
45 We can build homes to survive bushfires, so why don't we?
46 Selfie sticks: Tourist convenience or purely narcissi-stick?
47 Smart money is on storing energy, not carbon, says economist
48 Intel to launch compute-on-a-stick device this year
49 'Zelda,' 'Batman' among anticipated games due in 2015
50 Apple's App Store hits some records in January
51 Team works to counter a new class of coffee shop hackers
52 Dyson gets rid of filter in its newest vacuum
53 Perovskite solar cell reaches record efficiency
54 #JeSuisCharlie figures in more than 3.5 million tweets
55 EU risks China solar power row flare-up
56 Know when to fold 'em: Researchers solve heads-up limit hold 'em poker
57 Recovering high value metals for industries while protecting the environment
58 Scientists identify new encapsulation agents for delivery of nitric oxide, potent antibacterial agent and vasodilator
59 More efficient, sensitive estrogen detection developed
60 Sensor demonstrates lack of space in living cells
61 New tests count total phenolics in fruits and veggies
62 Technology to recycle all type of plastics without using water
63 Researchers find hidden details and objects in eighteenth century altarpiece
64 Scientists discover new information about how enzymes from white blood cells function
65 Tightly packed in its shell: Even minimal mutations stop viruses from packing RNA into capsids
66 Ductile materials for Arctic conditions
67 Transformations of diazo compounds catalyzed by environmentally benign iron complexes
68 Microfluidics to accelerate cell membrane research
69 Protein channelrhodopsin-2 findings facilitate manufacture of bespoke optogenetic tools
70 Selective functionalization synthesizes chemotherapeutic natural products
71 Tracing tainted food back to its source within an hour
72 Responsive material could be the 'golden ticket' of sensing
73 Researchers create successful predictions of combustion reaction rates
74 Cheap asphalt provides 'green' carbon capture
75 'Cellular backpacks' attached to white blood cells that target inflammation can provide therapy
76 Video: Chemists work up new formulas for greener plastic
77 'Seeing' hydrogen atoms to unveil enzyme catalysis
78 Snail venom sting in tail of cancer and addiction
79 Moving origami techniques forward for self-folding 3-D structures
80 Emissions-free cars: Study characterizes essential reaction for renewable energy fuel cells
81 Team uses lasers to spatially and temporally control the release of a tagged protein inside a cell
82 Are human behaviors affecting bird communities in residential areas?
83 Field study suggests brain size in ants adheres to specialization hypothesis
84 Study of ancient dogs in the Americas yields insights into human, dog migration
85 Oregon's wandering wolf, OR-7, gets official pack status (Update)
86 Never mind the selfish gene--ribosomes are the missing link
87 Sun may determine lifespan at birth, study finds
88 Could gut bacteria that help us digest beer and bread fight disease, too?
89 Japan whaling ships set out for Antarctic--to count, not hunt
90 Pathogen strains competing for the same host plant change disease dynamics
91 Algae blooms create their own favorable conditions, study finds
92 Characterizing baobab, the nutritious African 'Tree of Life'
93 Mapping snake venom variety reveals unexpected evolutionary pattern
94 Sophisticated system prevents self-fertilization in petunias
95 Some creatures use electricity and vibrations in sex (and this can be dangerous)
96 An ecological rule for animals applies to flowers
97 Algae use same molecular machinery as land plants to respond to a plant hormone
98 Ancient maize followed two paths into the Southwest
99 New insight on skull development in study of frogs
100 Research finds salt tolerance gene in soybean
101 Neurons that detect disease: Study reveals how mice avoid their sick peers
102 Scientists document longest-ever case of sperm storage in sharks
103 Monkeys can learn to see themselves in the mirror
104 Hunting bats rely on 'bag of chips effect'
105 Deworming programs in animal, human populations may have unwanted impacts
106 Scientists illuminate mysterious molecular mechanism powering cells in most forms of life
107 Fossil collecting should be for everyone--not just academics
108 Grain market mystery solved
109 Corporate philanthropy increases workers' productivity
110 Uncovering twenty-five century-old mystery behind ancient Greek coins