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1 Pixar's Ed Catmull: It was the changed Steve Jobs that made Apple great
2 GT Advanced wants bankruptcy judge to approve millions in executive bonuses
3 Analyst: Apple may be too dependent on the iPhone
4 Why you should never throw away your old tech
5 NYC weighs Apple Pay, bitcoin for parking tickets
6 Wired's 2014 Tech Surprises: Apple unveils Swift
7 CBS News: Apple Pay in the driver's seat
8 Five smartphone wishes for 2015: Smartphones must do better in 5 key areas
9 In defense of the selfie stick
10 More evidence Apple's Christmas quarter will be monumental
11 CES crowds head to Vegas where hits run dry
12 VC Fred Wilson: Apple Watch will not be a home run
13 Apple stock rising today after price target increase
14 Should you be investing in Apple? A layman's guide
15 Currently, 5% of US iPhone users say they're very likely to buy an Apple Watch
16 FCC reveals Apple's unreleased iBeacon hardware
17 iCloud accounts at risk after hacker releases tool allowing access to any login
18 Apple silently pulls Photos app from
19 Stocks reverse lower; Apple plunges below support
20 Apple incompetence: The iTunes Store Family Sharing debacle
21 Apple's iPad shipments in 2014 could be 8% below 2013
22 IT Enquirer reviews Elgato Thunderbolt 2 Dock: 'All you could hope for'
23 Apple sued for 'deceiving' people about iPhone, iPad storage
24 How to run Windows 10 on your Mac for free
25 A day in Manhattan with Apple Pay
26 Apple would like to see you 'Start something new'
27 5 New Year resolutions for Apple CEO Tim Cook
28 2015 Predictions for Apple
29 U.S. FCC says it will vote on so-called 'net neutrality' in February
30 Analyst: Apple's iPhone 6 Plus is both a blessing and a curse for investors
31 Business Insider's World's Best Smartphones: Apple iPhone 6 No. 1, iPhone 6 Plus
32 How fast the brain processes healthiness of foods may affect dietary self-control
33 Wild blueberries may counteract adverse effects of high-fat diet
34 Average-looking faces appear more trustworthy, study finds
35 Could a hug a day keep infection at bay?
36 What are the health benefits of potassium?
37 Physical activity linked to lower death risk in men with localized prostate cancer
38 Type 2 diabetes risk may be influenced by blood type
39 Endometrial cancer: could bone loss drugs help?
40 Tooth loss in seniors linked to mental and physical decline
41 Diet may influence gut bacteria more than genes, say scientists
42 Surprise: study shows we are buying fewer cakes, cookies and pies
43 Scientists uncover potential to restore lost memories in patients with early Alzheimer's
44 What is an otolaryngologist? What do otolaryngologists do?
45 Mixing clarithromycin with statins could lead to hospitalization
46 Ebola: new study is first to report vaccine success in Africa
47 Antioxidant in broccoli 'shows promise' as treatment for progeria
48 Using e-readers, tablets in the evening could harm sleep quality
49 How can you improve your mental health and well-being in 2015?
50 Red wine compound activates stress response to promote health benefits
51 What are the health benefits of iron?
52 Increased risk of salmonella in young children from pet reptiles
53 Mouse study finds immune system could promote hair growth
54 Dengue 'serious threat' to large parts of Europe, South America, says UN report
55 CDC: indoor tanning among American youth is decreasing
56 Dengue 'serious threat' to large parts of Europe, South America, says UN report
57 Brain research to benefit from new cell-marking technique
58 Heatwaves linked to increased risk of renal failure, other diseases in seniors
59 Higher intake of yogurt linked to lower risk of type 2 diabetes
60 Hit the weights, not the treadmill, to reduce belly fat
61 Child abuse linked to increased risk of migraine in adulthood
62 Fast-food consumption in children linked to poorer academic outcomes
63 Echolocation: a 'sixth sense' for blind people
64 Twelve new genetic causes for rare developmental disorders discovered
65 Smartphone-related finger, thumb movements may influence sensory processing
66 Could HIV make hearing worse?
67 Scientists uncover potential to control the body's internal clock
68 What is stevia? What are the health benefits of stevia?
69 Scientists discover drug that benefits offspring of mice with Huntington's
70 Learning a musical instrument boosts kids' brains
71 Study shows how lung cancer cells 'come unstuck' and spread
72 Researchers 'read and write' brain signals using flashes of light
73 'Early to bed' may curb negative thoughts
74 Flu vaccination rates improved by text reminders
75 Researchers create egg and sperm precursors using human embryonic stem cells
76 Difficulty paying for food, medication linked to poor diabetes control
77 Animal-specific sugar may drive cancer risk in people who eat red meat
78 Virotherapy with immunotherapy shows promise against pancreatic cancer
79 Mapping chicken flu virus offers clues about deadly H7N9 bird flu
80 Year of birth has an influence on genetic risk for obesity, study finds
81 Scientists uncover molecular map of autism-related genes
82 Is estrogen to blame for more severe allergic reactions in women?
83 Bats are potential source of West Africa Ebola epidemic
84 Parental suicide attempt linked to increased suicidal behavior in offspring
85 Scientists use light to induce REM sleep
86 Living with pets linked to stronger social skills in children with autism
87 Stroke falls one place to fifth leading cause of death in US
88 Portion sizes, nutrient content of fast food remain 'relatively consistent' since 1996
89 Exercise may improve balance, mobility and quality of life in people with Parkinson's
90 Binge drinking 'impairs immune system' in young adults
91 Could fat cells help protect us against infection?
92 Atypical hyperplasia linked to high lifetime risk of breast cancer
93 CDC: current US flu season at threshold for 'epidemic' status
94 Death rates from cancer in the US continue to drop
95 Two thirds of cancer cases down to 'bad luck,' new study claims
96 Obesity 'not always linked with metabolic problems'
97 Private family letters may explain sudden death of Oscar Wilde's wife
98 Ability to culture 'organoids' set to transform pancreatic cancer research
99 High intelligence linked to reduced risk of schizophrenia
100 How can neuroscience benefit vehicle safety?
101 Better communication needed between breast cancer patients and professionals
102 Scientists identify 'killing device' in cholera bacterium that contributes to virulence
103 Can software predict the resistance of superbugs to new drugs?
104 Liver cirrhosis more prevalent than previously thought, finds new study
105 Monkey study may explain why HIV vaccines 'backfire'
106 Rotating night shift work linked to all-cause, CVD and lung cancer mortality
107 Female mice lifespan reduced by fructose-glucose mixture
108 Cardiorespiratory fitness improves memory among older adults
109 Fragile bones of modern humans result from reduced physical activity
110 Fear of terrorism increases resting heart rate and risk of death