File Title
1 Ibuprofen Use Leads to Extended Lifespan in Several Species, Study Shows
2 RNA Measurements May Yield Less Insight About Gene Expression than Assumed
3 Machine Learning Reveals Unexpected Genetic Roots of Cancers, Autism and Other Disorders
4 Impact of New Cuba Policy on Scientific Collaboration and Exchange Between U.S. and Cuban Researchers
5 The Dust Devil and the Details: Spinning Up a Storm on Mars
6 Instant-Start Computers Possible with New Breakthrough
7 Neal First, Whose Work Led to Cattle Cloning, Dies at 84
8 Research Aims to Improve Rechargeable Batteries by Focusing on Graphene Oxide Paper
9 Cells Identified that Enhance Tumor Growth and Suppress Anti-Cancer Immune Attack
10 Improving Forecasts for Rain-on-Snow Flooding
11 Epithelial Tube Contraction
12 IU Researchers to Study Balance Between Privacy and Public Use of Wearable Cameras
13 Yellowstone's Thermal Springs--Their Colors Unveiled
14 First Direct Evidence that a Mysterious Phase of Matter Competes with High-Temperature Superconductivity
15 Early Exposure to Antidepressants Affects Adult Anxiety and Serotonin Transmission
16 One Common Genetic Variant and the Bacteria Inside of Us Help Dictate Inflammation, Antitumor Activity, and Outcome in Cancer Patients
17 New Research Suggests an Existing Drug, Riluzole, May Prevent Foggy 'Old Age' Brain
18 Coral Reveals Long-Term Link Between Pacific Winds, Global Climate
19 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Uncover New, Fundamental Mechanism for How Resveratrol Provides Health Benefits
20 Piezoelectricity in a 2D Semiconductor
21 A Particle Physics App for Your Phone
22 TSRI Scientists Find Drug that Helps Huntington's Disease-Afflicted Mice--and Their Offspring
23 Scientists Discover Blocking Notch Inhibition Pathway Provides a New Route to Hair Cell Regeneration for Hearing Restoration
24 Modern Genetics Confirm Ancient Relationship Between Fins and Hands
25 Lightweight Skeletons of Modern Humans Have Recent Origin
26 Muddy Forests, Shorter Winters Present Challenges for Loggers
27 PPPL's Popular Science Lecture Series Debuts January 10 with New Name Honoring Long-Time Organizer
28 NUS Researchers Develop New-Generation 'Thinking' Biomimetic Robots as Ocean Engineering Solutions
29 Breakthrough in Predictions of Pressure-Dependent Combustion Chemical Reactions
30 PPPL, Princeton Launch Hunt for Big Bang Particles Offering Clues to the Origin of the Universe
31 Argonne/EPA System Captures Mercury from Air in Gold Shops
32 The Business-Minded Veterinarian
33 Making the Most of a Shitty Situation
34 A Standard for Neuroscience Data
35 Research Opens Opportunities to Develop Targeted Drug Therapy for Cardiac Arrhythmia
36 Radiochemistry Annex: It's Getting Hot in There
37 Locking Mechanism Found for 'Scissors' that Cut DNA
38 In a First, Weizmann Institute and Cambridge University Scientists Create Human Primordial Germ Cells
39 Enzyme's Alter Ego Helps Activate the Immune System
40 Film "Particle Fever" Wins Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award in Journalism
41 A Qubit Candidate Shines Brighter
42 Microscopy Reveals how Atom-High Steps Impede Oxidation of Metal Surfaces
43 Atom-High Steps Halt Oxidation of Metal Surfaces
44 Tracing Evolution of Chicken Flu Virus Yields Insight into Origins of Deadly H7N9 Strain
45 Gift-Wrapped Gas Molecules
46 Researchers Show Neutrinos Can Deliver Not Only Full-on Hits but also "Glancing Blows"
47 WCS Releases Top Ten Camera Trap Pics from 2014
48 Media Memo: Bioethics in 2014
49 Top Ten Radio Hits of 2014: NRAO Astronomers Select Most Interesting News Stories of the Year
50 Cow Pastures and Oil Rigs
51 Mind Over Matter: Can You Think Your Way to Strength?
52 Defying Textbook Science, Study Finds New Role for Proteins
53 Being a Couch Potato Could Have Led to Marital Bliss in Mantis Shrimps
54 Mystery of Funky 'Disco' Clam's Flashing Revealed
55 Baleen Hormones Increase Understanding of Bowhead Whale Reproduction
56 Samsung shutters flagship retail 'Experience Store' in London
57 Sony renting 'The Interview' for $6 on YouTube, Google Play, Xbox & Crackle, but not iTunes
58 How to listen to your favorite podcasts over the holidays
59 iCloud Photo Library, Photo Stream & how to make sense of your photos
60 Apple Japan announces annual 'Lucky Bag' promotion for January 2
61 'The Interview' lands on iTunes as Sony's best-selling online movie ever
62 Apple in talks with UK banks to launch Apple Pay in early 2015
63 Jimmy Iovine spearheading talks to lock up exclusive releases for Apple's Beats Music
64 Apple codifies 14-day refund policy for iTunes purchases in the EU
65 Apple dominated mobile devices activated this Christmas with 51% share
66 Disney CEO Bob Iger recalls close working relationship with Steve Jobs
67 Chevron to support Apple Pay at the pump in early 2015
68 Apple to keep century-old historic barn on Campus 2 grounds
69 Apple patents smart pen for capturing digital copies of handwritten notes
70 Editorial: the world revolved around Apple, Inc. in 2014
71 Apple's latest Mac Pro continues to cause problems for professional users
72 VLC video player expected to return to iOS App Store as soon as next week
73 Conflicting reports claim TSMC, Samsung each have upper hand for building Apple's 'A9' chip
74 T-Mobile CEO predicts Apple Watch will be tipping point for wearables, 'phablet' sales to grow
75 Judge dismisses Apple Store employee 'bag check' lawsuits following Supreme Court ruling
76 GT Advanced seeks approval for executive bonuses amid bankruptcy
77 New York City mulling Apple Pay option for parking ticket payments
78 Organize your holiday iPhone pictures into a photo book with these apps
79 Class-action lawsuit accuses Apple of misrepresenting iPhone storage with iOS 8
80 Apple's 'Start something new' campaign curates art created on iOS and Mac devices
81 Taiwanese regulators clear Apple, other smartphone makers of violating data privacy laws
82 Review: iOgrapher iPhone and iPad camera platform
83 Apple hands out MacBook Airs, iPads, Beats headphones in 2015 "Lucky Bag" promotion
84 AppleInsider's updated iOS app features faster image loading, improved font options
85 Photos beta disappears as users continue to await OS X iPhoto replacement
86 Retro is the iPad app Instagram users need
87 New Apple Store displays show off art created with Apple products
88 Digital music sales dropped 9% in 2014 while streaming surged 54%
89 US government sanctions North Korea for Sony hack as 'The Interview' reigns atop iTunes charts
90 Review: Adobe Ink and Slide
91 Bank of America promotes iPhone 6 in new TV ads for Apple Pay
92 Purported 'iPad Pro' render hints at additional speakers on Apple's rumored 12" tablet
93 Tuesday, December 30, 2014, 10:56 am
94 The world revolved around Apple, Inc. in 2014
95 Apple predictions for 2015
96 Apple totally destroys Google, Samsung, Microsoft to rule Christmas 2014
97 5 reasons why the Apple Watch will fail
98 That was fast: Apple is doomed again
99 How Apple can maintain its omnipotence
100 Annual iPad sales expected to fall for first time
101 Apple iOS users spend vastly more money and time online than Android users
102 Obama: U.S. will easily defeat Putin's Russia because of smarter leadership and Apple iPads
103 Even thieves don't want Android devices
104 T-Mobile US CEO John Legere: Apple Watch will be the tipping point for wearables
105 Apple's latest Mac Pro continues to cause problems for professional users
106 The 10 top-searched stocks of 2014: Apple
107 Apple hit with class action lawsuit over storage consumed by iOS 8
108 Judge dismisses Apple Store employee 'bag check' lawsuits following Supreme Court ruling
109 Apple expected to reverse iPad decline in 2015
110 How Steve Jobs bailed out Restoration Hardware