File Title
1 New laser technology investigates bones of sailors who perished on Henry VIII's ship
2 Remains of 8,000-year-old olive oil found in Lower Galilee
3 MSU department announces major archaeological find
4 Indonesian Cave Art Among Science's Top 10 Breakthroughs of 2014
5 Mystery of the grave by the Mazury lake solved
6 Scientists Find Evidence of Viking Presence in Arctic Canada
7 Million Mummy Discovery Disputed in Egypt
8 Stonehenge dig finds 6,000-year-old encampment
9 Coins at Kastellet: Archaeologist strikes silver
10 Millennia-old village unearthed in northern Vietnam
11 Pompeii restored with help of artifact thieves
12 Archaeologists from Krakow discovered Hellenistic agora in Nea Paphos
13 Arrow Heads and Other Artifacts Stolen from Lake Oroville State Recreation Area Recovered
14 Hunter-gatherer past shows our fragile bones result from physical inactivity since invention of farming
15 Glass fragment from late Roman and early Byzantine periods found during Hanukka in Mt. Carmel National Park.
16 Archaeologists Investigate Early Modern Human Adaptability in South African Rock Shelters
17 Researchers try to answer mystery of saintly skull
18 Synagogue from Roman Empire unearthed
19 The Controversial Afterlife of King Tut
20 Exotic hoard artifacts found in field hint at long-distance Bronze Age sea travel, say archaeologists in Wales
21 Hittite rock inscription in Bolkar Mountain to be taken under protection
22 Archaeologists Investigate Early Urban Center Near Sea of Galilee
23 Excavation suggests human presence at Old Vero Man site in Florida
24 Belize's Famous 'Blue Hole' Reveals Clues to the Maya's Demise
25 Evidence of sacrificial practices found at 6,000 year old temple in Ukraine
26 Temple culture on Malta
27 Massive ancient underground city discovered in Turkey's Nevsehir
28 Ancient Buddhist stupa and Kushan-era coins discovered in Pakistan
29 Human bones discovered on Gaspe peninsula 'witnesses to a tragic event'
30 Coolest Archaeological Discoveries of 2014
31 Eggs of intestinal parasites identified in Late Iron Age site
32 Birds slur their words when they're drunk
33 FWS to review status of monarch butterfly
34 Rhesus monkeys in Puerto Rico remain vital to research
35 Russia to build world's largest DNA databank
36 Genomes of healthy newborns to be sequenced as part of new study
37 U.K. researchers plan to grow lettuce on Mars
38 Venus once featured oceans of carbon dioxide
39 Mars rover Opportunity suffering from 'amnesia' says NASA
40 Archeologists in Turkey excavate 8 shipwrecks from the Byzantine Empire
41 Elk herd dies after falling through ice in Colorado
42 NASA satellite captures images of isolated forest in Malawi
43 Researchers find protein capable of editing other proteins
44 Newly discovered fanged frog gives birth to tadpoles
45 EPA wants cleaner wood-burning fires, new rules expected by February
46 Group challenges 'green' certification for Plum Creek, 1 of nation's biggest timber producers
47 Efforts to continue to save the critically endangered northern white rhinos from extinction
48 Unseasonably warm weather lingers in Alaska's largest city with solstice, Christmas days away
49 Early Flu Season Hitting South and Midwest Hard
50 First federal standards on power plant coal ash treat it like garbage; avoid 'hazardous' label
51 Chevron: Flames, white clouds of steam from California refinery part of routine process
52 Wind farm operator PacifiCorp. Energy pleads guilty in bird deaths at wind farms in Wyoming
53 Federal court finds protesters in contempt for ignoring order to halt anti-whaling campaign
54 Bear running wild in Phoenix suburb eludes capture; authorities say animal isn't aggressive
55 Arizona to change its execution drugs after investigation of inmate's lengthy July death
56 Bear that eluded capture in eastern Phoenix suburb is spotted again, triggering new search
57 Hawaii lava flow stalls just short of shopping center, but lava upslope is active
58 Authorities: Elusive black bear is finally wrangled in backyard of empty suburban Phoenix home
59 Conservationists, loggers in Oregon town team up on thinning forests to prevent big wildfires
60 Java Sea searchers looking for signs of missing AirAsia plane face monsoons, murkiness, trash
61 Coyote bites man, 5-year-old child in separate Northern California on Christmas Day
62 Fungus lovers rejoice as rains fuel mushroom boom in drought-stricken California
63 Illinois law extends medical marijuana to children, but experts question effectiveness
64 Invoking California's drought, oceanside town quickly builds long-desired desalination plant
65 What Pairs Well with a Finger Lakes White? Not Propane, Vintners Say
66 E.P.A. Wrestles with Role of Nuclear Plants in Carbon Emission Rules
67 Colleges Reinvent Classes to Keep More Students in Science
68 Race to Build on River Could Block Pacific Oil Route
69 Per-Ingvar Branemark, Dental Innovator, Dies at 85
70 Water Source for Almonds in California May Run Dry
71 A Former Ground Zero Goes to Court Against the World's Nuclear Arsenals
72 In Haiti, Battling Disease with Open-Air Clinics
73 Out of Tragedy, a Protective Glass for Schools
74 In a New Approach to Fighting Disease, Helpful Genetic Mutations Are Sought
75 Norwegians Turn Ambivalent on Statoil, Their Economic Bedrock
76 A Veteran's Chemical Burns Expanded Military Doctors' Knowledge, but His Care Faltered
77 Pollution Around the World: A Matter of Choices
78 Fines Total $26 Million for Polluters in China
79 Hong Kong Slaughters Chickens After an Outbreak of Bird Flu
80 Gene Linked to Obesity Hasn't Always Been a Problem, Study Finds
81 Ebola Patient Is Moved to London, and 2 Others Are Tested in Britain
82 Source of Ebola Outbreak in West Africa Might Be Bats, Study Says
83 Ebola Doctors Are Divided on IV Therapy in Africa
84 By 'Editing' Plant Genes, Companies Avoid Regulation
85 Big Bang to Be Investigated from Balloon in Antarctica
86 Curiosity Rover's Quest for Clues on Mars
87 Mars Rover Finds Stronger Potential for Life
88 A One-Way Trip to Mars? Many Would Sign Up
89 Crows' Bad Reputation Is Put to the Test
90 The Great Carnivores of Europe
91 The Danger of Going Off Course
92 Will space colonisation cripple our astronauts?
93 Can lizards teach us how to regrow lost limbs?
94 Introducing the knitted circuit board
95 Lab Talk: Lung cancer and burning fat
96 Another quasar mystery solved
97 The little mammal that emerged after the dinosaurs
98 Tropical lizards might be able to adapt to climate change
99 NASA to test 3D printer on space station
100 Astronomers define our place in the cosmos
101 How gibbons became lords of the treetops
102 Divining earthquakes with water
103 Ebola: No quick solutions
104 Computing the connection between carbon and temperature rise
105 Are we destined to be the apes of war?
106 A blue light that might save the world
107 Lab Talk: heavy metal and bionic plants
108 Is Lockheed's fusion project breaking new ground?
109 Tracking melanoma's deadly path
110 The ancient fish that first had sex