File Title
1 Tech that Checks Your Vital Signs Could Find What Docs Miss
2 California Drought Linked to Natural Causes, Not Climate Change
3 Reference: Cervical Cancer: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention
4 Reference: Appendicitis: Signs & Symptoms of Appendix Pain
5 Reference: Stegosaurus: Bony Plates & Tiny Brain
6 Eyetracking Technology Knows Your Subconscious Pizza Desires...or Not
7 Can Bodybuilding Hold a Key to Aging?
8 Engineering a Better Food Bank
9 Military Seeks Flying Aircraft Carriers to Launch Drones
10 Giant Crater on Mars Was Once a Vast Lake, Curiosity Rover Shows
11 North Pole's Reindeer Population Plummets
12 Critically Endangered Porpoise Could Be Extinct in Four Years
13 New 'Smart Skin' Could Make Prosthetics More like Real Limbs
14 Guiding African Wildlife Through Global Warming
15 Even Mismatched, Flu Shot is Protecting You Well (Op-Ed)
16 Drugs in Early Americas Included 'Magic' Mushrooms and Toad Skins
17 Plague in the US: Study Details 100 Years of Cases
18 Space Diamonds in Gold Country: California Meteorite's Secrets Revealed
19 New Food Compound Might Control Weight Gain
20 Reference: Human Brain: Facts, Anatomy & Mapping Project
21 New Dates Tie Volcanic Flood to Dinosaur Extinction
22 Futuristic Laser Weapon Ready for Action, US Navy Says
23 Short Talk Can Change People's Views on Marriage of Same-Sex Couples
24 Men Take More 'Idiotic Risks,' Study Finds
25 How the Future of Origami Engineering is Unfolding (Op-Ed)
26 To Cool a Warming Planet, Give Developing Countries a Voice (Op-Ed)
27 Reference: Coral Snakes: Colors, Bites, Farts & Facts
28 Lima Climate Agreement--Experts React
29 'Working out' PTSD: Exercise is a Vital Part of Treatment
30 Primary Care Doctors Shouldn't Be Training in Hospitals (Op-Ed)
31 Medieval City's Underground Ruins Discovered in England
32 Energy Drinks Plus Alcohol May Encourage Drunk Driving
33 Million-Mummy Cemetery Unearthed in Egypt
34 'Virtual Body Swapping' Could Change People's Biases
35 Greenland's Ice-Melt Models May Be Too Sunny
36 Deadly Cholera Outbreaks Could Increase with Climate Change
37 Strange Rock from Russia Contains 30,000 Diamonds
38 Blackouts Common Among Teen Drinkers, Study Finds
39 'Bad Carbs' May Not Be that Bad
40 Exhaled Pounds: How Fat Leaves the Body
41 Sorry, Mufasa: Cartoon Murders Outnumber Deaths in Adults Dramas
42 Can People Get Hurt Playing Wii Games?
43 Reference: Facts About Magnesium
44 Reference: Camel Spiders: Facts & Myths
45 Reference: Laryngitis: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
46 Reinventing How Chemicals are Made
47 Pot Smokers Show Less Inflammation
48 Ancient Farmhouse Found in Israel Reveals Agricultural Secrets
49 Reindeer Populations Are Disappearing Worldwide
50 10 Cutest Animals in Science in 2014
51 Low Oxygen Hobbled Recovery from History's Worst Extinction
52 Keeping Up with the Greens: Neighbors Can Spur Conservation (Op-Ed)
53 Why I Teach Poetry and Opera to Medical Students (Op-Ed)
54 Violent Volcanic Blasts Ripped Through Antarctic Ice Sheet Twice
55 LifeTrak Brite R450: Fitness Tracker Review
56 Life Under Ice: Robot Captures Views of Hidden Arctic Ecosystem
57 Strange Fossil Shows How Life Responded After Mass Extinction
58 Arctic Is Heating Up Twice as Quickly as Rest of World
59 Top 10 Cities that Will See More Storm Outages Revealed
60 Reference: Facts About Pangaea, Ancient Supercontinent
61 Reference: Strep Throat: Symptoms and Treatment
62 Reference: Effects of Global Warming
63 Why Video Games Deserve a Place in History
64 Why I'll Talk Politics with Climate Change Deniers--but Not Science
65 For Some, Less Radiation for Breast Cancer Makes Sense (Op-Ed)
66 Parents: How to Help a Shy Kid
67 Close Call! Accidental Pufferfish Diners All Recover
68 8,000-Year-Old Olive Oil Found in Ancient Clay Pots
69 What was the Worst #ScienceFail of 2014? (Op-Ed)
70 Most of Alaska's Permafrost Could Melt this Century
71 '4D Printing' Makes Shape-Shifting Structures
72 Will Reindeer Popularity Help Protect Their Wild Kin? (Op-Ed)
73 Is this 158-Year-Old Redwood the UK's Oldest Living Christmas Tree?
74 Pain Relievers May Offer Small Protection Against Skin Cancer
75 Carnivore Comeback: Bears and Wolves Are Thriving in Europe
76 Fool's Gold Preserves Some of Earth's Oldest Fossils
77 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Leonardo da Vinci
78 New Leonardo da Vinci Film Reveals the Man Behind the Genius
79 NASA Satellite's 1st CO2 Maps of Earth Revealed
80 Chimp 'Personhood' Advocates Seek New Appeal in NY
81 Reference: Facts About Mercury (Hg)
82 Reference: Ear Infections: Symptoms and Treatment
83 Reference: Prenatal Genetic Screening Tests: Benefits & Risks
84 Reference: Facts About Cobras
85 Crashing the Old Boys' Science Club (Op-Ed)
86 From Ecstasy to Molly, What's in a Name?
87 Super Typhoon Shoved Car-Size Boulders onto Philippine Beaches
88 Mmm! Unraveling the Chemistry of Christmas Cookies
89 Caramel Apples Linked with Listeria Outbreak in 10 States
90 Meteor Radar? Solar Wind Could Help Predict Impacts
91 Daring Philae Comet Landing Named Top Breakthrough of 2014
92 'Illusion Coatings' Are like Futuristic Camouflage
93 Deja Vu All Over Again: This Man Relived Every New Moment
94 Flying Machines? 5 Da Vinci Designs that Were Ahead of Their Time
95 Princess Di and the History of Mass Grieving
96 When Counseling After a Tragedy is a Mistake (Op-Ed)
97 Before It's Too Late: An 'Interstellar' Lesson for Humanity's Future (Op-Ed)
98 6 Times Holiday Decorations Turned into Disasters
99 How Wise is the Woolly Bear Caterpillar's Wintry Weather Prediction?
100 Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
101 Seals May Have 'Natural GPS'
102 Adorable Animal Holiday Stories that Will Make You Jolly
103 Starting Families 'Late' was Common a Century Ago
104 Greenland's Ice Loss Now Comes from Surface
105 'Atmospheric Rivers' to Soak California as Climate Warms
106 A Christmas Tale: How Much of the Nativity Story Is True?
107 Ebola Epidemic Continues in Africa, Despite Progress in Some Places
108 Hands and Fins Share Common Genetic Origin
109 Weight Training Helps Keep Men's Waistline from Expanding
110 Reference: Black Mamba Facts